Jason Hope Explains why the Modern Society will soon embrace the Internet of Things

Jason Hope is a renowned entrepreneur, futurist, investor, and philanthropist. He grew up in Temple, Arizona. He completed his college education at Arizona State University with a degree in finance. Jason is also the holder of an MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University, and read full article.

Jason Hope is outstanding because of his ability to keenly watch and then predict the possible future trends and market behavior change. Jason is specifically interested in Technology, an industry he has been in for over a decade. He believes the Internet of Things (IoT), holds the future in the technology sector. Jason holds that the future of the modern society lies in the power of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Jason is popular and respected in the industry going by the success he has managed to achieve as an entrepreneur and a writer majoring in the latest technological trend, IoT. IoT enables connectivity that allows many devices to link with each other. These may be items used in homes like kitchen appliances, electric gadgets, cars and street lights. The IoT will alter the way businesses operate with a focus on efficiency and waste reduction. Jason predicts that very soon, people will not only be using their computer and smartphones to get online, they will also be using fascinating mobile apps to help them with their daily routines like coffee making and switching on/off lights at your house or playing music.

The Internet of Things has indeed revolutionized the transport industry by enabling proper monitoring of train maintenance issues and mapping of routes taken by public buses to ensure a reduction in accidents and warning drivers when the road or weather condition is too risky. Rural setups also stand to benefit from IoT shortly as IoT will enable easy GPS tracking when accidents occur wherever.

Jason recently wrote an article discussing the aging concept. He relayed his belief that scientists could soon reach a breakthrough in the research to develop new drugs to inhibit aging. Jason has donated to the SENS Research Foundation, a research firm that has done extensive research work on the aging matter and proposed the use of stem cells. Jason believes that the option is viable. As an experienced futurist, Jason has it all figured out.

Mr. Hope also has interest in the business politics in the state of Arizona and the country at large. According to him, hard work is the key to success, and to be successful, one must stop dreaming and start doing, and Twitter.com.

The Internet of Things as told by Jason Hope.

You don’t need a time machine to know that the future is going to be ruled by automation. If you look back at the great science fiction authors and philosophers you can see that they’ve always dreamed of a world where the environment worked for you. Jason Hope, an entrepreneur and tech business guru, has leaped fully on board with the concept of an automated life. He calls this automated life: “The Internet of Things”. Hope, a self described futurist, believes that the Internet of Things is our future. What do you think? and more information click here.

Jason Hope can sum up his thoughts on the Internet of Things in a single word: influential. However, before we can expound on that word you might need to know a little more about the topic at hand. The Internet of Things is a term used to refer to the networking of technology in your every day life. Look at automated cars, streamlined public transport, and even analytics being uploaded from your own kitchen to your computer. This networking is the next step in the evolution of how we interface with technology and his Facebook.

Right now the Internet of Things is considered a fringe subject, but not for long — at least not according to Jason Hope. Right now Hope believes that the Internet of Things is at its infancy. He believes that we are going to see it grow in real time to become a powerhouse in the tech world, and large corporations should definitely be paying attention.