The Cumulative Growth Effect Credited for the Numerous Edits on Wikipedia Articles

The many editors, who volunteer a considerable amount of their talent and time on Wikipedia, have elicited debate from various parties over the years. This is because the volunteer editors and writers work without payment in an environment that lacks a clear channel of authority. Recently, two researchers namely Stephen Seiler and Aleksi Aaltonen, who are both associate professors at Stanford Graduate School of Business and Warwick Business School respectively, undertook research in a bid to quantify Wikipedia’s effect on productivity.

Results of their Research

Both researchers found that edits to Wikipedia articles served as magnets that attracted other edits. They also discovered that those Wikipedia revisions done by new editors lured additional edits. This was upon evaluating 1,310 articles on Wikipedia that were edited about 63,000 times in more than eight years. They acknowledged this “cumulative growth effect” for about half of the content added to a typical article between 2002 and 2010.

Benefits of Having a Wikipedia Page

When you make a Wikipedia page it helps to boost the online presence of your brand or image. This is enhanced by the visibility Wikipedia enjoys on Google’s search results. Further, your business will likely get a sense of prestige and credibility, which makes potential clients trust its services or products

Get Your Wiki

Wikipedia serves as one of the ideal platforms of marketing your business or image to a multitude of people. This is because the open-source community appears in one out of five top search results on Google. Nevertheless, learning to create a Wiki page can be a grueling and cumbersome task even though various guidelines exist. To avoid all the hassles that come with such a task, consider hiring the services or expertise of Get Your Wiki’s editors. The professionals are skilled in creating and editing Wikipedia articles or pages, as they are well-versed with the manual of style, formatting techniques as well as how to cite reliable sources.

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Wiki Writing, Editing, Monitoring, and Leonardo DiCaprio

Wikipedia is a popular online encyclopedia that virtually everyone uses to look up information on given topics. Scores of people research Wikipedia for the express purpose of learning about various people or businesses. Entrepreneurs who are interested in effectively branding themselves in the eyes of the public would benefit immensely from Wikipedia business page creation.

A Wikipedia page that chronicles various aspects of a particular business could prove to be enormously helpful as a promotional tool. The business might not be allowed to make direct pitches when they create a Wikipedia page, but the informational content is going to have marketing value for sure.

Individuals have much to gain from the publishing of a Wikipedia entry. A page designed to tell the biography of a person does help with establishing (or fixing) a reputation. By creating an online presence, it becomes much easier to shape public perceptions. Shaping impressions for the better is always a process sure to be helpful to any person in the public eye. Or, for that matter, taking such steps are advisable for someone who wants to be in the public eye. A Wikipedia page indexed by the search engines definitely is going to garner attention. 

All of these positive outcomes are predicated around the quality of the page. The page does have to be reasonably well written and interesting. Simply creating a lot of filler content won’t deliver desirable results. Those who have never written a Wikipedia page before are likely to struggle a bit when attempting to come up with content. Rather than suffer and struggle, hire a writing service. In particular, hire Wiki experts with a significant amount of experience creating material for Wikipedia.

Get Your Wiki is one of the top resources for having original, made-to-order Wikipedia content produced. This Wikipedia editing service is not only able to write and edit content, the company is also available for monitoring work thanks to their Wiki writers for hire. Essentially, monitoring entails checking up on the page to make sure no spamming or unwanted additions have been made. Most definitely, if a third-party has done damage to the page, it is wise to have the page fixed. A solid writing service would be up to this task.

Even the great actor Leonardo DiCaprio had to suffer the indignation of his Wikipedia page being spammed. An overzealous fan choose to add a lot of embarrassing content to his page.