Make Your Hair Shine From Root to Tip

The man behind Hollywood’s perfectly coiffed, shiny hair is Chaz Dean. Working under the tutelage of the Beverly Hills salon elite, Dean honed his skills and discovered his talent to fully understand what makes hair shine. After working as a consultant for high-end salon product makers, Dean decided to fully come into his own and open his own studio and release his 5-in-1 formula.
Wen Hair by Chaz Dean ( is a latherless formula that cleanses hair without stripping it of its oils. The hair’s natural oils provide the nutrients needs to grow strong locks. When the hair is strong and healthy, it will naturally shine.

To put it to the test, Bustle sent one of their own home with a bottle and the trust to report back honestly. Emily McClure did just that. Following the bottle’s instructions to the crossed T’s and dotted I’s, McClure used WEN on her fine hair for one week.

McClure experienced ups and downs with WEN. She loved the process of using the product in the shower. Used to pulling hairs out of the drain, she was pleased to not find even a single strand for once. The full ten pumps suggested by the bottle fully covered her strands from root to tip.

Once dried and style, McClure’s hair was light, bouncy, and downright shiny. In the morning, the downside of keeping her hair oil showed. McClure’s hair was a bit greasier than it usually is. As a nighttime showerer, she found it difficult to manage the oils while styling.

Using a dry shampoo in the morning will help contain your strands in the morning if you are unable to do a full wash. This is a trick I learn from allure beauty blog, I use for my fully, wild curls that prefer not to be washed daily. A few sprinkles of talcum powder (baby powder) should do. Separate your hair into sections and apply until your matches a post-shower texture. WEN Hair is available on ebay: