Venezuela Agricultural Entrepreneur José Manuel González Thinks Pets Aren’t Safe In His Country Anymore

José Manuel González is more than an agricultural entrepreneur. González is the former president of Venezuela’s Chamber of Commerce, and he is one of the current deputies of the National Assembly in the state of Guárico. Venezuela has turned into a killing field thanks to the lame and corrupt government policies that President Nicolas Maduro has put in place. Even household pets are feeling the impact of Maduro’s leadership. Domestic dogs are now running wild in the streets of Caracas and other cities because their owners don’t have enough food to feed them. Stray animals have always run through the streets of Venezuelan cities, but they were usually mixed breeds that were abandoned, according to González. But now pedigree dogs are searching food in the trash that covers the streets in some cities.

is collapsing, and González wants to do something about that fact. But getting Maduro out of office isn’t easy. The hand-picked predecessor of Hugo Chavez is not going away without a fight, and while that fight is going on the country is falling apart. The country’s infrastructure is breaking down, and there is a shortage of essential medical supplies, food, clean water and money. Maduro blames the oil crisis for the country’s shortages, but González knows better. Other countries rich in oil reserves are not suffering like Venezuela. González blames Maduro’s shortsighted decisions on the dilemma that is turning Venezuela into a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.

When the Maduro government decided to confiscate farms and businesses, society began to crumble. Those businesses and farms stopped producing goods and food, and the economy went to hell. The decline in oil prices hurt the country’s export business, but according to González, the government could have enacted different policies to avoid the current free-for-all.

González likes to say that government is too important to be left to people like Maduro. Maduro is a former bus driver turned politician, and his bus driving skills are much better than his political problem-solving skills. González said there is an active petition in Venezuela that could remove Maduro from office if enough signatures are accumulated.