How Is Sergio Cortes

Extra has made a report on how Sergio Cortes has made strides in helping people after the Xerem flood. He is going to the area to make sure that people are safe, and he is working with local authorities to give people more options for medical care and water.

There is a water shortage in the area that has been made worse by the flood, and Sergio Cortes made sure that the country is offering the resources that people need/ People need to have clean water that they can drink, and they need health screens when they are met by the crews that bring the water. Cortes is helping with all of that from his offices in the capitol, but he also wants to be sure that he can keep people healthy.

He knows that there are a lot of airborne and waterborne diseases that he needs to fight, and he will keep sending people to the state to be sure they can help the people who were hit the worst. There are some people who are going to have a chance to get their lives back together with the resources that are offered, and they will be able to ask for more health services if they need them.

The people who are coming out to help every day to make sure that there is a recovery worth having in the Xerem state, and Sergio Cortes is making sure that the federal government is paying for it. Anyone who was hit by the floods wants to be sure that they will be able to get government services, and they can trust that Cortes will keep supplying these things to the people of the Xerem state.

The flood that hit Brazil in Xerem has been one of the worst things that has happened to the people in the state. Sergio Cortes is trying to make sure that everyone in Brazil is healthier, and he even has water resources for people that do not have clean water. He believes that everyone can life a good life with health services his division provides.

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Talk Fusion Can Change Your Marketing Forever

Bob Reina, the CEO and founder of the marketing company Talk Fusion, has come a long way since his company was first started but the path that got him here is one that most entrepreneurs need to hear. Reina stumbled upon an idea that nobody had implemented yet and it was one that ended up changing everything for himself and the folks that would soon follow his way. What was that idea? Well, glad you asked.

Reina first leaped into the world of marketing in order to try and establish himself with the burgeoning internet as his tool. Reina wanted a way to mass market himself via email while utilizing high speed video. Research had shown that videos were a much more instrumental tool in converting sales than simple text, and being able to implement a video into an email was supposed to be a way to really start to convert more sales. However, when Reina began to research he found out that no current clients had email-video embedding technology. This, of course, lead to Talk Fusion as we know it today.

Nowadays marketers need to do everything to get ahead of the game and Talk Fusion is the place where they can go to make it happen. Talk Fusion requires only a simple purchase and then a monthly fee afterwards to begin using it. Once you have possession of a Talk Fusion account you can log in and immediately begin getting your message out to the masses.

In order to utilize the Talk Fusion portal to its best extent you need to be ready to really put together some solid video. Once you have a video recorded that embodies your message you can literally drag and drop it into your Talk Fusion account. From there you can follow the various documents and tools provided by Reina in order to maximize the email you are about to send out. Once the email is completely laid out you can then send it to your complete mailing list or to individual people, depending on how your company is set up to do business.





Keith and Keely Mann Join to Support Uncommon Schools

As a high school guidance counselor I see lots of students come in and out of my office. I hear students tell stories of how they have to work numerous jobs outside of school to make ends meet for their families and I also hear stories of teens having to work in high school so they can attend college in four years. It breaks my heart because it often seems like the only thing separating opportunity amongst students is not academic accolades, it isn’t education, it isn’t after school activities or electives but in fact the one thing separates students from great opportunities is money.

Each year I spend quite a large sum of my time reaching out to former alum asking them if they would be willing to donate money to Uncommon Schools. Sometimes I am successful while other times getting alum to endow a scholarship fund is like pulling teeth. They do acknowledge that these students need help but no one is interested in committing into a scholarship full time which is what most endowments require. It is frustrating to hear so many nos but it is also refreshing every time I get a yes. Recently, I received an unexpected yes from Keith and Keely Mann. This husband and wife team decided to create a scholarship specifically for students who aspire to be great business men or women in the future. In order o eligible all you have to do is write an essay about how you would use the scholarship money to help you further your career.

Keith Mann is no stranger to philanthropy. They have helped impact the lives of many in the search executive world.

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