Getting to Know Julia Jackson

Julie Jackson was born in San Francisco, California, in 1988. Her father, Jess Jackson, introduced her into the world of winemaking at a tender age, and thus she natured the art of winemaking to this day. During summer holidays, Julie loved working in many of the Jackson Family wineries. During one of her work duties, she formed a long-standing friendship with the French-speaking daughter of one of his father’s French Employees.

Her passion for winemaking and understanding of the French wine appellations went a notch higher when she traveled to Bordeaux in one of her summer holidays. She learned more about the language and the deep secrets of winemaking from the world’s top connoisseurs in Bordeaux, a region that is known for producing some of the world’s top grapes for wine making. Her fluency in French landed her an opportunity to teach French up to the level of sixth-graders while in college.

Currently, Julia Jackson is dedicating her time towards streamlining the international sales team at the Jackson Family Wines into embracing the modern technology in reaching out to the new generation of wine lovers from various parts of the world. According to Julia, working hand in hand with the community helps a business create a win-win space for all parties. In order to value the individual causes that her employees are passionate about, she encourages businesses to give employees paid leave to go volunteering.


Studies have shown that younger employees willingly accept a pay cut to work in a socially responsible firm. She also believes that donating money to causes that align with a particular business’ primary or secondary objectives can boost sales for the family brands such as the Harford family winery and Anakota. Julia Jackson believes wholly in giving back to the society as a way of enticing customers who appreciate socially responsible businesses.