Naomi Campbell Takes On Many Roles, Including The Role Of Actress

Of all the supermodels that were ever famous, Naomi Campbell is one that can never be forgotten. Besides the fact that she is still doing modeling to this day as well as other projects, she continues to have her face shown everywhere, including on very popular television shows. In the past, Naomi flexed her acting muscles and was on the show “New York Undercover,” which was a hot TV show that also made Naomi’s career hotter too.

After being on the show for some time, she left the show and continued working as a model, but she has now returned to the small screen again for the hit Fox show “Empire.” New York Undercover was also on the Fox network too, so it looks as if Naomi has sealed her relationship with the Fox Corporation. Empire is the second highest rated show in the United States, and Naomi has had a recurring role on the show. It’s even been proven that Naomi Campbell has helped the ratings on the show to soar, which proves just how much she is still beloved.

Even though Naomi has moved on from Empire and is doing other projects, she still continues to stay busy. Writing a book, working with current supermodels, working with fashion designers and more is keeping Naomi busy all the time. Although Naomi has a wonderful English accent, she has a Jamaican heritage, which many people did not know about. With her beautiful eyes and gorgeous face, she is a head turner anywhere she goes, not just because of the fact that she’s famous.

Naomi is helping to mold the next generation of supermodels, including GiGi and Bella Hadid, who are now known as two of the biggest supermodels in the world. Naomi passes on her talents to those who are willing to follow her, and she can be accredited as the reason why GiGi Hadid has become so popular and has become a supermodel. Naomi continues her legacy and still does modeling gigs once in a while, but she still likes to help others with modeling when she can.