Corporate Structures Need Compliance Officers Such as Helane Morrison

Ask any engineer and they will tell you that any type of infrastructure needs a support system in order to be successful. In a way, it is the same concept in the corporate world. Corporate structures need a number of things in order to keep them strong. They need highly competent executives, good liaisons, and good leadership. One oft-overlooked area that the corporate structure needs would be that of a compliance officer. Highly competent compliance officers such as Helane Morrison are extremely dedicated to their job even though they are not the highest paid member of the team. The reason is because they realize that they are every bit as important a piece of the structure as the CEO or the Vice President. They are the glue that holds everything together and holds all of the pieces accountable. 

Helane Morrison is one such compliance officer and is highly qualified for her current position. She has a B.S. in Journalism from Northwestern and a J.D. from UC-Berkeley. Before her current position as the chief compliance officer of Hall Capital Partners she was head of the San Francisco Branch of U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. 

Morrison understands the unique issues that can arise as a result of her job. One such issue would be that of the glass ceiling that exists in the corporate world. Morrison knows that she needs to be dedicated to the cause and to be as assertive as possible and those are qualities that we can admire. She realizes that she needs to be the watchdog in order to ensure that ethical behavior continues even in the toughest of times. Throughout her career, she has helped women everywhere by “shattering the glass ceiling” that all career-driven woman will unfortunately encounter.

Like you and me and everyone else in the corporate world, Helane Morrison realizes that accountability is of the utmost importance in the corporate world. That is why her collaboration role with Hall Capital is so important. Day in and day out she serves an integral part of this world. Her main role is ensuring that each and every investment made on behalf of clients is as solid and ethical as possible. 

Morrison has developed a two-pronged approach to compliance issues. First of all, she has put together an “examination staff” that painstakingly studies all of the investment records of the entities associated with her firm.

Helane Morrison is truly leading the way in shattering the glass ceiling in the corporate world and ensuring that honesty, integrity and ethical practices rule the day. 

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