Dr. Avi Solving Sleep Apnea

Sleep is something that all humans need to be able to operate and feel proper. It is a necessity of our body so that our brain has the time to relax and process the day that we have just been through. If you have ever been sleep deprived or just had a poor night of sleep you understand that the next day you don’t feel a hundred percent because your body is not yet fully charged. If this happens constantly to people, like those with sleep apnea, it can lead to further issues because it adds stress to the brain and body. This accumulated stress has been shown to increase the chance of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and stroke showing that this is a serious problem.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel understands the dangers of sleep apnea and has been using his dental knowledge to try and find a solution to the medical issue. He has been able to develop a new type of treatment for patients that makes it so bulky masks are no longer required, essentially making treatment much less complicated for the patient. The new device is called THN Sleep Therapy and is an implant that is placed to help with the airflow issues that sleep apnea patients have issues with when sleeping. The product was recently approved for clinical testing by the Food and Drug Administration and will hopefully come back with positive results. Dr. Avi wishes to aim the new treatment at both primary and secondary care physicians so that sleep apnea patients can get the treatment they need at all levels.


Dr. Avi is well versed in the dental world having started his first practice in 1999. Along with this, he founded Dental Sleep Masters, which is the company developing this new sleep apnea product. This amount of experience in these somewhat different parts of the dental field has given him the skills that he uses today to press forward with his new product and hopefully find a better treatment for sleep apnea.