Whitney Wolfe Gives Women a Key in Changing their Dating Game

Relationships have been tough on women in the 21st century. Nowadays, women are busy working to provide for their families, or themselves, and rarely have time to build meaningful relationships. There just isn’t enough time to socialize physically and make something good out of it. The improvement in technology has shifted socialization to social media platforms and social apps.

The dating game has been revitalized by the Bumble BFF app created by Whitney Wolfe in the year 2014. The app has gained ground over the years with women finding the app insightful. Women have recorded an astonishing fan base as they cover more than half the total number of users of the app.

How it Works

Whitney Wolfe has designed the app in such a way that one can find desired qualities from potential partners before physically meeting. Profile information is derived by the app, from members’ Facebook pages and after that giving geographical location of potential partners. In order to connect, one has to swipe the screen to the right or to the left to reject a connection. The men request and the women approve hence having an upper hand in decision-making.

Benefits of the Bumble App

Not only is the app convenient to use but also effective in that you only date people with the package you want, all at the click of a button. Whitney Wolfe has a history of an abusive relationship with husband. She, therefore, designed this app to enable women to analyze the partners before commencing any serious relationship. This is in a bid to ensure safety and preserve self-esteem from potential freaks. Women tend to be shy most of the times, so this app has a solution for it. Well, let’s face it, many women nowadays want a variety of men to spice up their lives. It can be for fun or if all goes well, a long lasting relationship that leads to marriage.


Technology is a double sword; proper use leads to good results whereas abuse brings destruction. Whitney Wolfe strives to bring a secure dating platform that is user-friendly to the modern working woman.

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How Bumble Founder Whitney Wolfe is Improving Dating for Women

Whitney Wolfe has been named in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, featured in Business Insider’s 30 Most Important Women Under 30 in Technology and named as one of Elle Magazine’s Women in Tech.

The Salt Lake City native and International Studies major is the creator of the Bumble dating application, an innovative approach that shifts the role of being the initiator in making online dating connections to the woman.

Unlike traditional dating settings where women feel obligated to passively wait for a male, hopefully the right one, to approach them and start a conversation, Bumble bff’s design requires that the the first expression of interest is sent by the female.

The application is changing the way that traditional gender roles are viewed and what the definition of acceptable dating behavior is. Women are reporting higher levels of satisfaction from the experience provided by Bumble. The setting spares women the unpleasant experiences of unwelcome pickup lines and the hostility that can come from certain men who feel that they have been rejected.

In fact, Whitney Wolfe states that in the Bumble community that there is absolutely no tolerance for any type of rancorous conduct. Fat-shaming and misogynistic comments can result in the offender’s being permanently barred.

Earlier this month, Bumble announced its opening of a success physical dating app location in New York city. The temporary “pop up” venue, which Wolfe is calling the “Hive,” will serve as a place for couples and friends to meet up. The Hive will feature a full bar, coffee and offer Bumble-themed merchandise with a portion of each sale benefiting charities. The opening will be a month-long installment that is the initial phase of Wolfe’s much larger “BumbleBizz” professional and social networking vision.

About Whitney Wolfe

Founder and CEO of Austin, TX-based Bumble, Whitney Wolfe has also served as the VP of Marketing and co-founder of Tinder. Additionally, Wolfe holds a bachelor’s degree in International Studies from Southern Baptist University.

Whitney Wolfe and Bumble were featured in the New York Times in March of this year. In the article, she disclosed that her Bumble bff application had logged 800 million matches and 10 billion swipes per month.