How Eucatex is Thriving Under Flavio Maluf’s Leadership

Eucatex is a Brazilian manufacturing firm established in 1951. The company uses eucalyptus products to manufacture wooden soft boards, which are supplied to construction firms and furniture manufacturers. The Sao Paolo based company exports its products to most South American countries. It has made a name for itself for producing high quality and low cost tiles and panels. Over the past two decades, Eucatex has experienced fast growth. This is attributed to Flavio Maluf’s leadership.

Maluf’s Expansion Policies

Under his leadership, the company has focused on upgrading its saw mills throughout Brazil. This expansion has been led by an industrial division that was formed by Mr. Maluf. Recently, the company begun manufacturing metal products at its factory in Barueri. This is part of its long-term strategy. Plans are underway to venture into the mining business.

Mr. Maluf has a solid background in business management and mechanical engineering. He has continually used his expertise in both areas to build strong structures that have enabled Eucatex to thrive. The family-owned company is slowly establishing a global footprint that will last for years to come. Flavio uses his social media accounts to outline the firm’s expansion strategies. This has endeared him to employees and suppliers alike.

Community Initiatives and Environmental Conservation

Maluf has led Eucatex in various initiatives aimed at promoting sustainability. Besides ensuring that all its operations are eco-friendly and sustainable, the company has been supporting various local initiatives. Maluf has been leading Eucatex employees in efforts to raise awareness about environmental protection. Within its organization there is a wood buying and environmental policy meant to safeguard clients against poor quality products.

In a bid to ensure that local communities benefit maximally from the firm’s operations, Maluf and his team have initiated a project that allows it to lease land for growing trees from farmers at competitive rates. This way, the company is guaranteed of a sustainable supply of raw materials. Besides this, Eucatex has developed numerous social actions aimed at integrating and supporting the learning activities of students in Sao Paolo. It has partnered with local NGOs to ensure that school going children in low income suburbs have access to facilities such as books.