The Key To Success: Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is a prolific man. He has had quite a career that most CEOs would envy. He worked for years with General Motors and then went on to Pratt and Whitney. After six years he became President of the Canadian division. After that, he went on to become President and CEO of United Technology Corporation. In right short years he became the face of the company and then he stepped down from that position in 2014. He most recent position was with Goldman Sachs company working as a member of the Merchant Banking Division. He is an exclusive advisor to the company. He looks for the latest technology in the industrial and aerospace fields. He has proved to be a success wherever he goes but his influence is best remembered with United Technology Corporation.

In eight short years with the company, Louis Chenevert took United Technology Corporation from a little-known company to leading the pack in the industrial and aerospace sectors. One of the major contributions to his legacy there was being able to but Goodrich after a year of negotiations for just over eighteen billion dollars. This went a long way in proving that United Technology Corporation was up to the task of competing on a global level.

The biggest influence that Chenevert thinks he has had over these eight years was the building and design of a new highly technological airplane engine. The challenge for him was making a sleeker and more efficient jet engine and he pulled it off with flying colors. The engine was chosen as a new option for the company Airbus. This was a major coup for Chenevert and UTC.

Louis Chenevert was not just thinking about the present of UTC. He had to make sure that he was thinking of the future of the company as well. He was able to invest in the latest in technology as well as the people who were working for him. This has made Louis Chenevert’s career not only a career to admire but also one to aspire to as well. Chenevert’s is a great story.

How Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere Became Queen of the Unicorns

In a recent interview with Guest of a Guest, Lime Crime founder Doe Deere gave advice to the next generation of entrepreneurs. Her advice was stunningly poignant and highly applicable in any industry. She encouraged people to follow what is in their heart and to live as their truest self. It is her firm belief that we all have a unique gift we are meant to share with the world. She says that in most cases we believe we should follow a certain path and that leads us to shy away from following that dream. She uses herself as an example, stating that she never imagined Lime Crime would take off the way it did. It was a business she built for herself because she was truly passionate about bringing her beauty line to market. The success followed simply because she was true to herself. Learn more:


Doe has lived a fascinating life. She came to the U.S. from Russia to live in New York City when she was in her teens. She has always had an entrepreneurial drive, starting her first business selling temporary tattoos when she was just thirteen years old. She was in a band where she met her husband. She also worked in the world of high fashion prior to founding Lime Crime.


Lime Crime has been a disruptor in the beauty industry from its inception. The company is best known for shaking up the way people shop for lipstick by showcasing the shade on a real set of lips, rather than a simple swatch of color. This helped people find the color they were really looking for.


Lime Crime has also put a huge focus on utilizing content from real people in its marketing and social media campaigns. In fact, if you go on the Lime Crime website right now you will find a large panel devoted to pictures that real Lime Crime users shared of themselves in the various makeup shades. The section is called #HowYouWearIt. The company’s social media strategy also focuses heavily on showcasing real people wearing the various shades and styles of Lime Crime. In doing this, Lime Crime has built up an incredibly loyal fan base of repeat customers.


Lime Crime fans fondly call themselves unicorns because of their shared desire to stand out as something special in a world full of plain horses. They fondly call Doe Deere the Queen of the Unicorns.


Don Deere: A Great Businesswoman in Cosmetics

Don Deere is a renowned businesswoman who has been successful over the years now. Don Deere was born in Russia but raised in New York City. She has great passion and enthusiasm when it comes to making up and beauty. Don Deere has converted her great passion and enthusiasm for makeup into a cosmetic line. She has over the past few years gained popularity in her line of work. The cosmetic brand she started is Lime Crime Cosmetics. This brand is quickly gaining popularity and subsequently bringing her to the lime light. Lime Crime cosmetics offers brands of bright hues and cruelty-free products. She offers a wide variety of services and products such as nail polishes, lipsticks, eye shadows, among many others. Her products are known to be bright and colorful needless to mention; they are impressive. Learn more:


Don Deere started her business back in the year 2004 and has since grown exponentially to become a great brand. She had registered a fresh account on eBay for a new cloth line and modeled everything herself just without knowing that the company would grow into a renowned cosmetics and cloth line. Learn more:


Deere is a motivation to many people who are wishing to grow businesses. She has a great combination of passion strategy hard work and determination all channeled to her business. Passion is a great source for business ideas which eventually become successful in the future. Therefore, if there are is passion and a subsequent business idea, the next step is actualizing the idea.


The strategy is one of the most important pillars in the business making. Thus, a plan including every detail of the business should be hatched. A plan is vital for keeping things orderly, and it also aids you to get through financial technicalities. Since most funding institutions which include banks and loan issuers normally scrutinize the plan to see if the business is worth investing in. However, before completing your business plan, there are a few things to consider about commencing the business. The first start step may be hectic and at times disappointing and above all time consuming; therefore, determination and resilience is a key discipline that should be practiced. Learn more:


Also starting a business may require a mentor to guide you. Don Deere is one of those who may help you with inspiration. Don Deere’s Lime Crime is one of the native beauty brands digitally today. Learn more: