Siteline Cabinetry Offers Full Customization

Siteline Cabinetry offer consumers something other cabinet lines cannot, full customization. The line is the newest innovation from Corsi Group, which has been manufacturing cabinetry since 1973. The difference between Siteline and other cabinet lines is that the models are designer driven. Emphasis is focused primarily on the art of the design, with durability and quality coming in a very close second. Cabinets are made to order, with clients able to customize several aspects of their overall design. They can choose the type of wood used, drawer type, the stain, the color, even add flourishes like storage compartments for the drawers. In the end each set of cabinets becomes an expression of personality rather than just a kitchen feature.

Each part of the cabinets is made separately by numerous manufacturers. Various materials make up the finished products, ranging from solid wood to veneers. Cabinets have ranging styles that track from the traditional look to the more modern. Whatever taste the consumer has the cabinets can accentuate it. The customization occurs before shipping, with the different factories adding flourishes to the base models selected. Siteline deals in full-access cabinets, which means by design they are frameless, but in the spirit of full choice frames can be added if requested. In total there are 289 different finishes that can be produced. Such finishes can include a combination of multiple aspects. Aspect like: paints, glazes, wraps, laminates, and stains. According to founder and owner Pat Corsi, paints are the popular guest at the table. Seven out of ten clients request paint in their finish. This wide selection is where Siteline sets itself apart. According to Corsi, no other manufacturer can offer such variety.

Cabinet doors come in 45 different styles. Drawer size and quantity vary. Consumers can even add specialized accessories to drawers. Custom designs that provide optimized storage. Clients can make a specialized drawer to sort and hold seasonings, pans, utensils, even food products. Great if a renovated kitchen has limited space. The quality of the work is top notch, and each set comes with a warranty making Siteline a logical choice.