Media Mogul Duda Melzer Thinks Brazil Is One Of The Most Entrepreneurial Countries In The World

In 2012, published an article about Brazil’s economic strength during the global recession. The largest country in South America growth rate was the envy of other emerging markets. Brazil’s media ran similar stories, about the workforce in Brazil and the amount of small business startups. More than 25 percent of Brazil’s workforce was self-employed in 2012, and small businesses accounted for two-third of private sector jobs. Brazil was the poster boy for emerging markets, but a recession hit the country hard a few months later, and the country has been struggling since then.

Duda Melzer, the grandson of RBS founder, Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho, is one of the people who believes his country is still one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world. Melzer runs the RBS Media Group these days. He is well-respected in Brazil’s media industry. Melzer has a Harvard MBA, and he picked up some U.S. media tricks while he was president of Box Top Media in New York. Duda also worked for Delphi Communications before he returned to the South of Brazil to work in the family media business.

One secret of Duda Melzer’s success is, he surrounds himself with knowledgeable people. Jim Collins, the student, and teacher of leadership talks about the ingredients that make great companies tick. He has been interacting with RBS since 1999. Melzer also has great respect for Harvard professor, John Davis and Indian businessman and actor, Ram Charan. But Melzer is the driving force behind the growth and profitability of the RBS group. According to, the RBS Group owns the media market in the South and Melzer has expanded the reach of the group by adding e. Bricks Digital in Sao Paulo. The company has an impressive online presence, thanks to Duda. If there is breaking news in Brazil, Melzer is one of the people who report it first.