Manse on Marsh Gets Prestigious Honor

The Manse on Marsh is the name of an independent assisted living facility that serves the Arroyo Grande community. This community is in the San Luis Obispo area of California.

Manse on Marsh recently got some very welcome attention from the press, and moreso some good recognition for their work in assisted living. This recognition coming in the form of being a recipient for the Caring Star award. This award is given to those living and special care communities that performed very well, at least according to’s ratings from guests.

In order to even be considered for this award, communities on the website need to have earned at least one 5-star review within the last year’s time, an overall average rating of more than four stars and no negative reviews that were left unchecked. Manse on Marsh more than qualified for the award, with multiple 5-star reviews and even having an all-time rating for 5 stars. In fact, this is the second year in a row that the assisted living community campus has received the honor.

Research that was recently done in the Arroyo Grande community and care centers online have shown that more consumers relied on internet-based reviews before making a final decision, as opposed to word of mouth, particularly by medical professionals and other personnel in the health care business.

Some of the services that are provided at the Manse on Marsh include, but are not limited to proper medication management, bathing and grooming treatments, spacious flats, private homes, open dining at locations that are on par with restaurants and special social activities to keep guests on their feet and away from boredom. Moreover, what makes Manse a unique facility is the fact that residents who live their get the medication that only they pay for and are catered towards their specific situation. It is widely regarded as the only facility that offers this kind of treatment to guests and residents.