Billionaire George Soros Re-emerge to Fund Political Causes

During the 2016 the highly contested presidential election between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and the current U.S. President Donald Trump, billions of dollars were donated to fund their campaign. One of the notable donors of Democratic candidates, and in particular Hillary Clinton’s bid for the most powerful seat in the world was George Soros. According to information found on Politico, the billionaire investor committed over $25 million to support Clinton’s campaign process. The businessman last donated towards political causes in 2004 when he spent close to $30 million to fund campaign against George W. Bush. The 86-year-old New York based investor has had a cordial relationship with Clinton of more than 20 years. Know more about George Soros on CNBC.

George Soros’ Political Engagement

During the 2008 and 2012 U.S. elections, George was not involved in funding political campaigns. However, he reemerged in 2016, and those close to him believed the businessman was more engaged politically than it has been during previous elections. They believed it was due to the trust he had in Hillary, and he accused Trump of stoking fears among the American and the world at large. According to Michael Vachon, Soros’ political adviser said the businessman has consistently funded Democratic campaigns, and last year, they expected him to increase his political stakes. Even before Donald Trump became the Republican nominee, George believed there was hostility from the Republican side more so on issues like immigration and criminal justice reforms as well as religious tolerance, issues that Soros is more concerned about.

George Soros Funding Activist Groups

According to financial statements analyzed by The Washington Times, George Soros was the main contributor to the Ferguson protest movement. The businessman has built a strong and successful empire supported by nonprofit foundations that advocate for change of the democratic space and policy implementation in the United States. Through several years of funding and creating awareness among civil groups in the U.S., Soros was able to spur the Ferguson protest. In total, Mr. Soros donated over $33 million within a period of one year in order to fund already established organizations engaged in grassroots activism for Ferguson protest. The figure was obtained from tax filings of his Open Society Foundations. Know more on about George Soros.

George Soros’ Biography

George is a prominent self-established billionaire recognized for his huge investments, in addition to funding philanthropic causes around the world. George was born in Hungary and later migrated to London in mid-1940s. Soros completed his studies in London where he earned a degree in economics, and in 1956, he moved to New York City. He kicked off his career as a financial expert at F.M. Mayer, a New York based brokerage firm. Thereafter, he worked for other firms until 1973, when he created his own firm, Soros Fund. The firm was renamed Quantum Fund and eventually Quantum Fund Endowment. Under the leadership of Soros, the fund achieved massive success, and in 2015, the businessman was estimated to have a net worth of $26 billion, ranking him 21st richest person globally. He founded Open Society Foundation in 1984 to champion for global initiatives like public health, education, media freedom and business development.

Thor Halvorssen, Committed To Advance Democracy, Human Rights, and Civil Liberties

Thor Halvorssen is a prominent human rights advocate and film producer. New York times describe him as “a champion of the underdog and powerless”. His advocacy for human rights began when he was an adolescent in 1989, at London when he organized a protest against South Africa apartheid. Thor considers himself as classical liberal and stand against any stripe of dictatorship.


Thor Halvorssen is renowned for his contribution to individuals’ rights and civil liberties, public interest advocacy, public policy, and pro –democracy support. He is the founder of Oslo Freedom Forum, which features an annual gathering that was once described by The Economist as a spectacular human right festival equivalent of Davos economic forum. Halvorssen serves as the president of Human Right Foundation, an organization that has demonstrated its devotion to global human rights and freedom. Moreover, he is the patron of Czech-based Children’s Peace Movement.


It is evident, Thor Halvorssen is not an average clock punching, and his opinions cannot be taken lightly. His has been praised by many and his opinion featured in world news agency such as the New York Times.


Thor Halvorssen was born in Venezuela, and he is a descendant of the first two Venezuela presidents. Thor attended the University of Pennsylvania where he graduated with a concurrent and undergraduate degree in history and political science. While Thor was a freshman at the University, his father was arrested while investigating a bank fraud and money laundering. His father was beaten, torture, charged with terrorism, and faced the danger of being murdered. However, Thor Halvorssen led a campaign for his father release, international organizations such as Amnesty International issued a protest, and his father was eventfully found innocent. After release, he was appointed as director of a pan-America committee by International Society for Human Rights.


Thor Halvorssen has been committed to advancing democracy, human rights advocacy, and civil liberties. His has always been in a frontline fighting against threats to democracy, dictatorships, slavery, and human trafficking. Thor has lectured widely on the subject of restoring human rights in various platforms such as United Nations Association, American Enterprise Institute, Harvard Law School, and the New York City Junto.

More information for Thor Halvorssen:

Thor Halvorssen Explains How Socialism Leads to Violation of Human Rights

In a recent interview in Fox News, Thor Halvorssen who heads the Human Rights Foundation spoke of how he believes that socialism is a violation of basic human rights. He said that it is possible to have countries with socialist governments that do not violate the basic human rights. According to Reddit, the structure of these governments can be perfect with different organs of government in existence with perfect separation of powers and with the human rights guaranteed in the constitution. He gave the examples of Sweden, Norway and Denmark that tend to have socialist governments but they structure is perfect and does not lead to violation of human rights.

Thor Halvorssen said that the problem with socialist governments arises when socialism is used by a dictatorial government or by people who take control of the government in disguise of helping the people in that country but instead end up serving their own selfish interests.

Thor said that many people are not aware of what socialism exactly means and that there could be many definitions of socialism depending on the perspective that an individual is looking at it. He opined that socialism can be bad depending on the way it is used by governments. He gave an example of Venezuela where socialism has been used to deny people their basic human rights.

Thor revealed that he has contributed the largest amount of money to the presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders, a democratic socialist. He talked of the difference between having a government with socialist policies which can be fine as far as the basic human rights are not violated.

Thor talked about the personal experience he has on violation of human rights in Venezuela. His father was a political prisoner, his mother was killed in Venezuela while one of his cousins is being held in prison in the country. He said that democratic socialism can exist without the rule of law and this can be catastrophic when the executive takes control over everything.

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