Capital Group Succeeds While Others Drown

In 2015, Timothy Armour was appointed chairman of Capital Group. He is currently the chief executive officer of the Capital Group, which includes Capital Research and Management Company,Inc. Timothy Armour has spent more than 32 years with Capital Group. At the beginning of his career he was part of The Associates Program. He would later begin his investment career at the Capital Group as an equity investment analyst, covering worldwide telecommunications and U.S. companies.


Timothy Armour has encouraged investors to hire the fund managers who actually manage to earn their keep. According to Tim Armour most financial hedge fund managers have gotten lazy and solely rely on index funds and don’t properly research companies they invest in. Timothy Armour has fold investors that index funds cannot put themselves apart on business trends. Only a strong financial manager will help you thrive in an unstable environment.


Just weeks after becoming chairman, Tim Armour made a deal with Samsung Asset Management, which gives both the ability to develop financial solutions together. Tim Armour believes this deal will co-create investment solutions that many Korean investors are looking for. While many panicked during a sudden drop in the stock market, Tim Armour was prepared and managed to remain calm and was able to stay afloat in the market and more information click here.


Armour went to Middlebury College and was awarded a bachelor’s degree in economics. As part of being a leader in the investment field, he has offered up his views on the economy to MSNBC and CNBC. He’s also landed himself in a variety of magazines. He recently discussed a wager that Warren Buffett made which claims he can make more just by investing in passive index fund than what a group of hedge fund managers can do. Tim Armour continues to offer up his financial wisdom to those who seek his help when it comes to entering the stock market and more information click here.


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