Gareth Henry Releases Important Information

In a recent report, Gareth Henry released some important information. According to Gareth, private corporations are no longer receiving loans from banks. This is mainly due to the crash that happened in 2008. Since that time, private corporations must show the proper credit and the proper payment history in order to receive a loan from a bank. Also, according to Gareth Henry, public corporations are not receiving loans from banks, either. This is mainly due to various illegal activity that has gone out with a variety of public companies. When this happens, usually these public corporations collapse, and they then have no way to pay the bank back, so the bank loses in the end.

A public company must show itself to be free from all scandal blemishes today in order to receive a loan from a bank. In this report, Gareth Henry addressed investors, too. He stated that investing is totally different now that, by law, corporations have to provide quarterly information regarding every investment. He stated that this causes investors to pull back from companies, and companies are forced to do the impossible and come up with a positive report each quarter that would be better than the last. Gareth Henry is an investment genius who graduated from a few different colleges at the top of his class.

From his early days in the investment world, Gareth has run and is still running over a dozen different investment firms in America, and each of these firms specializes in a different aspect of the investment market. Gareth is also on the internal revenue board for several different organizations. In addition to helping companies, Gareth also helps people invest in the right markets. He can tell what markets are going to boom and what markets are going to fall, and he also knows the perfect amount of money a person should invest into a certain market.

A Passionate Surgeon

Dr. Sameer Jerurikar is a board certified plastic surgeon in Dallas, Texas. He received his medical degree from University of Michigan Medical School and has been in practice from 11 to 20 years. He is associated with Dallas Medical Center, Pine Creek Medical Center, and The Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. He specializes in various aspects of plastic surgery ranging from face, eye, brow and chin lift, nasal surgery, rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, to breast augmentation, During orientation Dr. Jerurikar uses the Crisalix 3D imaging which a software that allows the patients to see the before and after look to help the patient feel secure about the procedure.

Some of the treatments available for men at The Dallas Plastic Surgery that Dr. Jerurikar performs are male breast reduction, hair restoration, and neck and face lift. A popular procedure for woman is called The Mommy Makeover it is for mothers who want to feel confident about their body again. It involves breast augmentation or reduction, breast lift or implants, tummy tuck, and liposuction.

Dr. Jerurikar has four skin care products that keep your skin beautiful and soft by reducing wrinkles, removing dark circles under eyes, and improving skin elasticity. The Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute has skin care center which provides services include laser skin resurfacing, microneedling, botox injections and liquid facelift.

Dr. Sameer Jerurikar is truly passionate about plastic surgery. He stated, “ It is an amazing feeling to be able to make a difference in someone’s life.” He loves the transformations and joy he brings into peoples’ lives. Clients feel comfortable and cared for in meeting Dr. Jerurikar that they come to the facility from around the world. He ensures that his patients feel comfortable before, during and after care of the procedure. Patients are encouraged to stay in the after care facility with a nurse for proper recovery.

Find out more about Sameer Jejurikar:

NewsWatch TV Review for Saygus Smartphones Generates $1.3 Million

Large corporations, app developers, non-profit organizations and small businesses from around the world have all sought NewsWatch TV for its top quality production services and professional reviews. One of the companies that hired NewsWatch TV is Saygus, a smartphone manufacturer. Saygus had launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for its all-new smartphone. They needed to heavily promote their smartphones and trusted the NewsWatch TV team to produce several professional review segments.

After the segments had aired on national TV, Saygus’s campaign had received over $1.3 million in less than a month. By reaching out to NewsWatch TV, Saygus had achieved over $300,000 more than their initial campaign goal. Tim Rush, the vice president of Saygus, was elated with the results of the Indiegogo campaign. He shared that he highly recommends NewsWatch and was pleased with how well they had delivered the right message to the right crowd.

NewsWatch TV, an American news and entertainment series, premiered in the early 90s. The show’s main host and interviewer, Andrew Tropeano, is joined by special reporters Michelle Ison, Amanda Forstrom and Eric Forrest Together, they have introduced hundreds of new digital gadgets, services, concepts, mobile apps and other consumer electronics to millions of viewers nationwide. The show has since aired over 1,250 original episodes and can be watched weekly on the AMC channel and ION Television.

NewsWatch TV is well-known for featuring and reviewing new mobile apps, consumer electronics and other related products well before they’ve even been released to the market. Its popular AppWatch and Tech Report segments have provided a platform for many startups to showcase their new products and services to an audience of millions. In 2017, NewsWatch TV took home two prestigious Marcom Awards for its outstanding 30-minute program. NewsWatch TV had also won the coveted 2017 Videographer Award for its overall production quality.

Upwork-Helping You Check Off Your To-Do List

Many people find it challenging to get and stay organized. There is simply too much to do and very little time to complete all the necessary and important tasks that daily life requires to be done and chaos are free to multiply. Fortunately, it does not have to stay this way, and with the right coaching, you can get it all under control and for good. Upwork has some great tips on how to make the most of your time and with minimal effort. All it takes is a few simple steps an you will be blasting through your to-do list in no time.

First off, it is very important to record everything that you need to do. Even if you have an excellent memory-write it down, that way you give your mind “permission” to clean its slate and to move onto the next task with maximum attention to stay focused. If you are old-fashioned, you can jot down your to-do list on a notepad, or you can use one of the many great apps out there and keep it on your phone.

Make your list in advance and jot things down as you think of them throughout the day. You should also aim to get your tasks done in the morning when you are most alert and have the most motivation and energy.

If your life seems like a scattered mess, be sure to bring it all in and invest in a good software program, app or notebook to keep everything in one place. That way you are much less likely to overlook an important task or to forget something that needs to get done.

Time-sensitive tasks are key, and you should make a plan to get your to-do list done in a specified amount of time. That way you avoid having your very important to-do tasks roll into the next month and so on.

Upwork is a freelancing website that helps countless businesses to find the specific skills that they need with over 3,500 skills to choose from. It is also the largest freelancing website in the world.

Hyland’s for Natural Homeopathic Relief

All mothers have been there. Your child is fussy and you just can’t figure out what to do. Children can be pretty unpredictable. One day they may be feeling a little under the weather because of common cold symptoms. There are days when teething can get the best of everyone. Ear infections can be extremely painful and alter a child’s mood. Luckily, Hyland’s makes products that are designed to help your child feel better so you can keep it all together as a parent.

Hyland’s recently recalled it’s teething tablets due to a warning issued by the FDA and now carries a product that treats other oral symptoms for babies that does not contain the ingredient the FDA deemed usafe.


Hyland’s has been producing a variety of homeopathic remedies for over a century now. The original visionary was George Hyland. In 1903 he decided he wanted to produce safe and natural products to help heal. There have been times in history when the public and the political faction of our country has pushed back against homeopathic medicine. Hyland was able to keep his brand going through all of these challenges and has helped many people improve their health and functioning along the way.


The research and work of Hyland’s is based off of longtime research as well as personal feedback. Customer experiences is very important to this company. This is how new products are developed and how current products are altered. The great thing about homeopathic medicine is that is doesn’t come with all of the harsh side effects that you will find with other prescription medications. Professional athletes use Hyland’s Leg Cramps to help them perform. Oral pain treatments for babies have helped parents care for their children for many years now. When your little one won’t sleep because they can’t get comfortable, there is a remedy that can help. Hyland’s will continue to provide high-quality and trustworthy products for the very young to the very old.

Felipe Montoro Jens; the All Rounded Business Mogul

The Getulio Vargas Foundation is one of the best schools in the State of Brazil since it was founded in the year 1944. A remarkable number of its alumni are doing very well in the business world. One of these incredible moguls is Felipe Montoro Jens. Felipe got his business degree from Getulio. However, his success cannot be completely attributed to the school since he also pursued another degree from the University of Arizona through its subsidiary called The Thunderbird Management School. More about of Felipe at

Felipe Montoro’s career

After securing himself the best education, Felipe joined the business world with an open mind, an attribute that would open many doors for him. He dove right into the business by accepting jobs in a number of institutions in various industries. He also took up board membership in boards of several organizations allowing him to gain new experience all around. He became familiar with industries like the energy generation industry, the chemical development field, and water and west franchise among others. This was through working for establishments like Atvos, Braskem, and FOZ just to mention a few.

During his career, he was able to acquire leadership positions in prominent companies like the PricewaterhouseCoopers firm, Enel, and Enron among other Brazilian and global firms. These jobs opened international opportunities for Felipe, in the year 2015, he moved to Portugal for work. With two and a half decades of experience, currently, Felipe Montoro serves as the CEO of EnergiparCaptacao S.A. He is also a chairperson of the Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo do District Federal S.A. His main focus currently is infrastructure.

Felipe on the project discontinuations in Brazil

Felipe was running a project on building schools in different parts of Brazil. His projects among several other projects in infrastructure were recently discontinued due to lack of finances, budgetary problems, land ownership disputes and backing up of financiers. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, this is a move by the government and the CNI to deal with the financial crisis. Website:



A Look at the Things that Made Guilherme Paulus a Big Name in the Tourism Industry

Guilherme Paulus had one dream; to make CVC the number one tour operator in Latin America. He co-founded CVC with Carlos Vicente Cerchiari in 1972 and since then, he has worked so hard to see the company grow. It is for these efforts that he was recognized and awarded with the “Entrepreneur of the Year Award”. Read more about Guilherme Paulus at

His Background

The entrepreneur was born in 1949 in 1949. He went to college and majored on business administration. After college, he worked at IBM as an intern, a point that marked the beginning of his journey to success. In 1972, he partnered with Carlos Vicente Cerchiari to start CVC, what is now a big player in the tourism industry.


He has been part of the growth of the company since its conception and now, Guilherme Paulus is still looking for ways to make the company expand even further. Under his leadership, the company has plans to expand to new places at a high rate. It plans to open 100 stores per year.

Through the stock exchange, Guilherme Paulus gave access to his global investment fund to investors. Under the leadership of the renowned businessman, the company has achieved to earn $5.2 billion revenue per year. The high revenue has been contributed to by the fact that the company has malls allover Brazil. In an effort to extend their reach and earn even more revenues, the company plans to expand to less populated areas. Using Omni Channel Concept, Paulus is looking for ways to integrate online vendors with physical stores in an effort to give its customers innovative solutions to issues that affect them. Read this article at


Paulus was recognized in 2012 by French government officials for the role he played in promoting the tourism industry. A testament to his many achievements, he has received many accolades from various organizations in recognition of his entrepreneurship skills, philanthropy efforts and his efforts to promote the industry. The awards includes “Personality of the Year” by Viagem e Turismo and “Personality Consumer Relations Award”.

Guilherme Paulus has ventured into other businesses such as Webjet Airlines, the business he built to become an international airline in Brazil. It was then acquired by another company. He is also GJP Hotels and Resorts’ Chairman, a company that controls more than 15 hotels.

One of the philanthropic organizations he is involved with is the National Project of Professional Initiation in Tourism.


The Sustainability Vision of OSI Group by its CEO Sheldon Lavin

Currently, the OSI group stands as one of the most remarkable entity when it comes to food processing and production. This firm has grown from a small food shop to one of the most established market leaders in a span of four decades thanks to the leadership of Mr. Sheldon Lavin.

Sheldon started his career at this firm at early development stages of this firm, and he has remained instrumental to its growth. Right from its inception, Sheldon has helped OSI group to embrace technological advancements and new strategies that have supported this firm to cut on its production cost and maximize on output. Some of the custom techniques and operational strategy employed in the operations of this firm entail implementation of reliable measures that are used to handle the growing demand from the clients served by this firm.

Precisely, the passion for this firm to integrate technology in its operations has played a crucial role towards its development and provision of satisfactory service products. Additionally, this rise has not been without the willingness of various stakeholder to venture into risk with positive anticipation of a significant return, and in all aspects, this measure has been phenomenal. Following the establishment and reputation that this firm has gained from their clients, they have various missions underway to address some of the anticipated challenges that accompany growth and branching out.

Awards and Achievements

The outstanding services offered by the OSI group have been recognized as well. To this end, this firm has been awarded various honors following its sustainability efforts in the market and incredible service provision. Similarly, Sheldon Lavin has also been awarded mainly due to his immense contribution to the development of this company and his passion as a businessperson.

This way, OSI is considered one of the most remarkable trendsetters in the food processing and great role model for the startup companies. Since its inception, the OSI group has always adhered to some operational cultures and guidelines that have seem to rhyme with their operations in all aspects. While they have experienced remarkable development in the recent past, this company is also anticipated to hit the higher ground in the future.

Paul Mampilly: The Genious Of the Stock Market Industry and One of The Most Renowned Investors in The History of America

Born from a humble background in India, Paul Mampilly rose against all the odds to become one of the great players in the US Stock Exchange Market, the world’s largest stock market. He came to the United States of America as a teenager and rose within a short time to the top ranks on Wall Street. Paul Mampilly has also played a crucial role in many companies by uplifting them to the world-class through his knowledge and experience. An example being Hedge Fund, where under his leadership the firm’s assets rapidly rose from $6 billion to $25 billion and become recognized by the Barron’s as the ‘’World’s Best” averaging to 26% annual returns.

More About Paul Mampilly

Paul holds a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Fordham in the city New York where he graduated in 1996. He has always put his focus on the stock market and has a brand as a guru in identifying small companies with innovative business models and products. Paul Mampilly maintains the status of a public figure and has always attracted the attention of CNBC, Fox Business News, Bloomberg TV, and Kiplinger’s. Mampilly is a celebrated American investor who has received a lot of accolades since he formed Profits Unlimited for Banyan Hill Publishing and currently he holds the position of a senior editor at the company.

Mampilly’s core objective is to guide his followers and business-minded individuals into an opportunity in the stocks market whose profits are envisioned to shoot higher. He writes an article for the company’s newsletter which goes by the name Winning Investor Daily. The subscribers’ list currently stands at 130,000 in number. Paul Mampilly is also the owner of Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum. He had seen his career take an upward trajectory from the year 1991 when he started his career as an Assistant Portfolio Manager at Bankers Trust. He has since then held several editorial and managerial positions including being the Hedge Fund Manager for over 25 years and a multimillion-dollar accounts manager for Deutsche Bank and ING. Mampilly has helped thousands of people in financial advisory and the stock market.

Seniors Enjoy Ease In Living At Sussex Healthcare

Elderly individuals still want the same quality of live as they had when they were younger. It is important for a senior loved one who needs the care of a caregiver in a healthcare facility, be given all of the necessary provisions to maintain a quality lifestyle.

Sussex Healthcare is the leading senior health care facility in the Sussex, Middlesex, and surrounding areas in the United Kingdom. With more than twenty five facilities readily available, they can ensure that seniors, and others with developmental disabilities, receive the best in health in care. Sussex Healthcare is now hiring caregivers for all of their facilities.

There are many benefits to being a caregiver with Sussex Healthcare. All potential caregivers are hired because they have compassion, warmth, are friendly, and are interested in learning about the residents individually. All caregivers with Sussex Healthcare receive a weekend bonus pay rate, paid breaks, and free bus service. They also have pension options, discounted meals during work hours, free uniforms, and in house training. Your text to link… The facilities of Sussex Healthcare offer a home like environment for the residents, and an active social life.

The homes at Sussex not only serve as a health facility, they are a place where seniors can enjoy interacting with others with whom they have a common interest. They are beautifully designed, and each has its own uniqueness. The Clemsfold House is located near Horsham in West Sussex. It is a country style home with private and shared rooms. This home specializes in dementia, and elder care for singles or couples. The Forest Lodge sits on eight acres of land with beautiful gardens. This home offers cognitive activities, as well as outdoor garden activities. Kingsmead Care Center offers disability care and elder care.

The Upper Mead facility is one of the top nursing care facilities in Henfield. This home has skilled nurses on staff around the clock. It is nestled in a beautiful location with a grand courtyard. Every facility within the Sussex Health network is luxuriously styled and fully staffed with trained professional and medical staff.