Accountability Is Part Of Business

The Atlanta Hawks of the National Basketball Association went through a tremendous period of emotional unrest during a short span of time. The team was in transition from one ownership group to the next. There were also internal workings that needed to be situated between the team’s current executive body and it’s former general manager. The Danny Ferry case placed a strain on the Hawks current owning body. Bruce Levenson was the controlling partner of Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC. It was up to Bruce to negotiate the sale of the team and also navigate the situation that brewed with Danny Ferry’s claim of wrongful termination. Levenson eventually settled with Ferry. However, he would take on a fight with another organization.

Bruce Levenson is suing the insurance company AIG. The claims of wrongful termination made by the team’s former general manager triggered coverage clauses within the policy according to Levenson. The ownership group expected to be covered for legal fees that were accrued doing the process.

AIG never took part in the legal proceedings involving Danny Ferry. The company refused to acknowledge that the policy was triggered due to legal actions conducted by the current ownership group or the defending party.

The sale of the team was eventually approved to an ownership group led by Forbes billionaire Tony Ressler. Ressler and his partners are not implicated in any aspect of the lawsuit between UCG founder Bruce Levenson and AIG. The Atlanta Hawks have been able to move forward without any legal complications involving the previous owners or management.

Danny Ferry is also no longer involved with any legal proceedings regarding the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment ownership group. He reached a contract buy out of 18 million dollars.

AIG maintains its position and has made no public comment in relation to it’s legal complications with Bruce Levenson.