About Roseann Bennett

Roseann Bennett is widely known for co-founding the Center of Treatment and Assessment. She is a professional in Marriage and Family Therapy. Center for Treatment and Assessment is a registered non-profit organization that concentrates on creating awareness regarding mental health as well as offering help to the less fortunate suffering from mental health.


Roseann Bennett is a highly qualified family and marriage therapists since she holds a masters and an education specialist degree from the Seaton Hall University. Additionally, she is registered and certified by the American Association of Family and Marriage Therapy to work as a family and marriage therapist.


Before she Co-Founded Center for Treatment and Assessment, Roseann Bennett used to work as an inpatient therapist. Here, she worked mostly with the adolescent where she acquired skills in family therapy, planning, problem and crisis management. Most of her managerial skills were obtained when she used to work as an inpatient therapist for many years.


Roseann Bennett currently serves as the co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Center for Treatment and Assessment. Roseann Bennett has dedicated her life to helping individuals recover from mental health such as depression and solve marriage and family ordeals. As the executive CEO, Roseann Bennet is responsible for managing all the finances and ensuring the projects of the organization have been accomplished. Refer to This Article for additional information.


According to Roseann Bennett, creating mental health awareness is paramount. She has spent most of her years in community service by creating mental health awareness in the community. Roseann Bennett has been publishing articles that speak about mental awareness. Additionally, the articles talk about the trends in medicine such as telemedicine.


In a particular interview with Ideamensch, Roseann Bennett admits that she has faced some ordeals in running Center for Treatment and Assessment. In some instances, there have been instances of underfunding. However, this has never limited her in accomplishing the objectives of the organizations.



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