A Look at the Things that Made Guilherme Paulus a Big Name in the Tourism Industry

Guilherme Paulus had one dream; to make CVC the number one tour operator in Latin America. He co-founded CVC with Carlos Vicente Cerchiari in 1972 and since then, he has worked so hard to see the company grow. It is for these efforts that he was recognized and awarded with the “Entrepreneur of the Year Award”. Read more about Guilherme Paulus at panrotas.com.

His Background

The entrepreneur was born in 1949 in 1949. He went to college and majored on business administration. After college, he worked at IBM as an intern, a point that marked the beginning of his journey to success. In 1972, he partnered with Carlos Vicente Cerchiari to start CVC, what is now a big player in the tourism industry.


He has been part of the growth of the company since its conception and now, Guilherme Paulus is still looking for ways to make the company expand even further. Under his leadership, the company has plans to expand to new places at a high rate. It plans to open 100 stores per year.

Through the stock exchange, Guilherme Paulus gave access to his global investment fund to investors. Under the leadership of the renowned businessman, the company has achieved to earn $5.2 billion revenue per year. The high revenue has been contributed to by the fact that the company has malls allover Brazil. In an effort to extend their reach and earn even more revenues, the company plans to expand to less populated areas. Using Omni Channel Concept, Paulus is looking for ways to integrate online vendors with physical stores in an effort to give its customers innovative solutions to issues that affect them. Read this article at Bloomberg.com.


Paulus was recognized in 2012 by French government officials for the role he played in promoting the tourism industry. A testament to his many achievements, he has received many accolades from various organizations in recognition of his entrepreneurship skills, philanthropy efforts and his efforts to promote the industry. The awards includes “Personality of the Year” by Viagem e Turismo and “Personality Consumer Relations Award”.

Guilherme Paulus has ventured into other businesses such as Webjet Airlines, the business he built to become an international airline in Brazil. It was then acquired by another company. He is also GJP Hotels and Resorts’ Chairman, a company that controls more than 15 hotels.

One of the philanthropic organizations he is involved with is the National Project of Professional Initiation in Tourism.

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