A Candid Project Report from Felipe Montoro Jens

Recently, there was an intensive meeting of the competent governors of the IDB. The recordings of the discussions and outcome were perfectly captured by Felipe Montoro Jens, an exceptional projects expert. This allowed him to give a comprehensive view and detailed information of each and everything that was handled in that special meeting. To begin with, the minister of planning Dyogo Oliveira commented that it is an important thing to extensive increase in private investments in the projects that revolve around infrastructure in Brazil. Following the details of the meeting, it was held in March 24th of 2018 that incorporated governors of the famous Inter-American Development Bank. This special meeting was held at the heart of Argentina in Mendoza.

During the meeting, Dyogo Oliveira, the minister of the Planning, Development, and Management gave out dear sentiments defending the rise among the private investment in the Brazil infrastructure projects. The minister was bold enough to emphasize on the significance of coming with mechanisms for a financial guarantee that will be adequate for leveraging the private investments in the Latin American infrastructure projects. Visit infomoney.com to learn more.

Moving on, Mr. Dyogo suggested that the Inter-American Development Bank should seize the opportunity and take up the challenge of promoting excellent studies that will solve the project risk management as well as encourage the leveraging of private sector investments within the regions. This was an incredible proposal and idea that was immediately adopted by the executives present in the meeting. These include the minister finance in Argentina and chairman to the Board of Governors in the bank, Luis Caputo. He strongly agreed to the proposal where the IDB should steer the leveraging of private investment within large Latin America.

On the same account, Garrido who is the able secretary of State for Economy and Business Support in the Spain region pointed out the dynamics present in the market in that area and as a point of emphasizes said that Brazil should be on the forefront and be given the first priority over the investment in Spain. The minister Oliveria finally highlighted that the new investments from various countries are a necessity in facing the Industry 4.0 revolution. Luis puts this as a challenge for the Latin America in converging the infrastructure and increase the level at which different countries connect with each other.

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