The Brazilian tour operator Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus is an established Brazilian businessman with investments in the tourism sector across the country. According to Forbes, he is among the rising billionaires providing hospitality services. His career life started at IBM where he was employed as an intern. At only twenty-four years of age, he co-founded CVC Brazil a tour operations company in 1972. However, his partner who was a successful Brazilian Politician handed over his share of the company after four years of operations.

In 2009, Carlyle Group expressed its interest in CVC. The company inked a deal and accepted to buy sixty-three point six percent of shares. According to a recent valuation, CVC is worth approximately four hundred and twenty billion dollars. With this tremendous growth, the company is contemplating selling its shares in the stocks exchange market. Apart from running CVC hotel, Guilherme Paulus also founded GJP Hotels. This conglomerate has more than fifteen hotels and resorts across the country. From 2014 to 2016, there were a lot of people traveling to Latin America due to sports competitions. This included World Soccer Cup and Summer Olympics. This promised to bring good business in the tourism industry. He, therefore, placed a bid to build and take care of restaurants which are located close to the Airport in Brazil. Visit Travel3 to find out more.

Guilherme Paulus was invited for an interview at TV Dinheiro program on foreign currency. After the interview, he overheard that the team was going on a holiday. He gave out his business card and promised to connect them to a tour operator to plan for their vacation. Today, he serves as the board Chairman of Gol a tour operations company. CVC invested seventy million Real dollars in the company from Webjet airline. CVC has grown and is now worth six point three five billion Real dollars. Currently, GJP group operates over twenty restaurants across Brazil. They include five, four and three-star hotels.

The hotels have managed to serve over ninety-two thousand guests. The group has also started investing in real estate business. It also bought Submarino Viagens so that they can start concentrating on corporate tourism and also leisure offers. According to Guilherme Paulus, CVC group aims to get revenues ten billion dollars when the year ends. Read more:


Roseann Bennett’s Therapy Dogs

Roseann Bennett, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over ten years of field experience, is at the forefront of counseling, therapy, and psychology. After working as an in-home therapist, Bennett noticed a need for ongoing outpatient treatment for individuals who do not have the means to pay for expensive treatment. Bennett decided to establish the Center For Assessment and Treatment, with the goal to provide ongoing counseling to individuals from all walks of life. Roseann Bennett achieved this vision, together with her husband by using their personal funds to grow the Center and shape it into their vision. The most recent addition to the Center’s therapeutic tactics is the implementation of Canine Assisted Therapy.


Canine Assisted Therapy is based on human’s past reliance on animals through the ages. Humans have always looked to animals to use them as a means of production or emotional support. As this relationship between humans and animals progresses, scientists have begun to explore the true nature between humans and animals. In this particular case, humans and their canine counterparts. According to Roseann Bennett, this research has suggested that there is a link between many positive characteristics of an individual’s life and owning a canine. Canine Assisted Therapy is rooted in this positive relationship that humans and canines share.


Roseann Bennett began to seriously consider implementing Canine Assisted Therapy after observing the positive effects that dogs had on Autistic children. Bennett decided to adopt a therapy dog called Jack. Jack was enrolled in an intensive two-week course to become a therapy dog. After earning his certification on July 4, 2018, Jack is an official Certified Therapy Dog, utilizing his skills at Bennet’s Center for Assessment and Treatment. Additional reference can also be found Here.



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Southridge Capital Values Customers

Southridge Capital provides advisory as well as structured finance services for public firms. It is committed to assisting its clients to meet their demands by offering a broad spectrum of revolutionary financial solutions.




Southridge Capital boasts of owning an executive team with an in-depth understanding of how the market shifts from high to low points consecutively. It also prides itself in being a leading provider of customized financial services made to serve clients according to their needs. Today, the company has invested about $1.8 billion into the development of companies. With that said, the firm has also financed more than 200 public companies. This is because it is well versed with the different concerns clients have when it comes to investment and wealth creation. Other than that, the investment firm has the required expertise to offer financial consultation services on corporate issues.




Under the guidance of Southridge Capital, clients have received different services including financial analysis and detailed financial designs alongside projected financial statements. The management is also familiar with the benefits of offering balance sheet services to clients. As such, Southridge Capital has become a force to reckon with in the sector of finance.


Stephen Hicks


With that said, it is crucial to acknowledge the man behind the foundation of the firm. Ideamensch recently interviewed Mr. Stephen Hicks. He is the CEO of the company and oversees overall strategic management. He is also responsible for execution. Having started the company in 1996, Hicks is well versed with the leadership requirements of the firm and has contributed to its development. He has been active in investment management for more than 30 years. You can visit





Stephen Hicks has vast expertise in investment and banking. He utilizes his skills in the two areas by helping clients achieve their investment goals. For education, he attended King’s College and Fordham University where he majored in business administration and MBA respectively. It was after graduating that he started working in a boutique hedge fund where he garnered his first experience before heading to Australia to form his firm. Today, he speaks of his major success story having started the business from scratch.



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The Unanticipated Rise of Paul Mampilly to the Wall Street

From rural India to Montclair State University, and later to the Wall Street; this is not a common path that many has followed. However, Paul Mampilly defied the odds and followed it. He was born in India in a very tiny village where his parents had been living. His father worked as a casual worker in Bombay City, where he earned too little to sustain his family. This doesn’t imply that he was not educated; he had completed his college education many years earlier, only that he was never as lucky as his friend who had secured lucrative jobs after that. However, Mampilly’s father never despaired, and he remained faithful that one day would come and his family would live happily without financial worries.

He always encouraged his children, Paul Mampilly, and his sister, to put more effort in their studies, despite the uncertainties about the availability of funds to take them to college. This inspired Mampilly and made him get more interested in books and studies. Furthermore, education is the main key to exit the prisons of poverty. The day that the family of Mampilly had long waited finally came when their father relocated them from India to Dubai. Therein Dubai, they found life a bit easier, and his father was able to consolidate money that took his children to good schools and even to college.

Paul Mampilly went to Montclair State University and later to Fordham Gabelli School of Business to pursue his master in Business Administration. Paul later joined the Wall Street where he worked for various financial institutions in various lucrative positions. From these companies, Paul Mampilly was able to acquire humongous experience and expertise that made him very popular and reputable in the investment industry. He became a much-honored member of the Wall Street with his financial proficiency inspiring every player in the industry. This inspired many companies to employ Mampilly so that they could enjoy the expertise that he possessed. Some of the companies that Paul worked for were the ING, Bankers Trust (which was later acquired by Deutsche Bank), and the Kinetics Asset Management where he was a senior hedge fund manager.

Clay Hutson’s Incredible Work Ethic Makes The Music Great

Clay Hutson got himself a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater Design and Technical Production from Central Michigan University. He also grabbed himself a Master of Business Administration before setting out on tour. He’s been touring with different musicians since 1999 and he’s held a variety of different positions throughout the years. After the 2008 economic collapse, he thought it was prudent venture out to create his own business.

He now bases himself in Nashville and dedicates the entirety of his days to the artists that he represents. In a recent interview, he says he gets up at 6:00 a.m. to start the day. He makes sure that he’s the first one at the venue before any other employee arrives. And he takes that early time to plan out all the different tasks required to set up a stage for live music performance.

Some might call it micromanaging, but Clay insists on creating these tasks for his crew to make sure that everything goes smoothly during the performance. He also uses his well of knowledge to create an unforgettable experience for the audience. He knows exactly how to set up a stage. He knows exactly what to work for the sound and the lights. And he’s eager to bring these skills to any major touring musician.

He’s currently working on the Kid Rock concert series. His interview is quite enlightening because he claims that he plans out every facet of his day. He plans the tiniest little details all the way through the most important tasks. This attention to detail ensures that he is always ready for a day that is sure to be laden with surprises.

You might catch him in the crowd while attending the show. You’ll see a look of deep thought on his face and it’s not because he is enjoying the performance. Instead, he is planning all of the tasks required to break down the stage after the show. His preshow planning has already ensured the best experience for the audience possible. Now, during the show, is his time to plan storage tasks, breakdown schemes and exit strategies.

This hard work and intuition allow the artist to thrive. All they have to do is worry about their performance while Clay worries about all of the details. And each musician that Clay has worked with raves about his work ethic and incredible attention to detail.

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Felipe Montoro Jens Issues a Report on the Meeting of Governors of the IDB

A few months ago, Mr. Dyogo Oliveira was defending the rising number of private investments from different countries into Brazil’s infrastructural projects. His meeting coincided with one that was held in Mendoza and attended by the governors of Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Felipe Montoro Jens, an expert in infrastructure recently recounted the meeting as the minister of infrastructure, Mr. Dyogo Oliveira thinks that it is crucial to help bring private investors the required help they need to build more infrastructural projects. Follow Felipe on Twitter for more updates.

The Meeting

Luis Caputo, Argentina’s minister of finance and the chairman of the board of directors for IDB said that the bank should strive to utilize private investments from Latin America. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, Garrido, the secretary of state for business report reiterated that Brazil is a dynamic market that should be supported by Spain in its quest for investments.


On the other hand, Oliveira said that investment from neighboring countries is required to assist stimulate a new revolution that will grow businesses. Initially, the difficult aspect was to work on bettering sanitation projects and provide water to communities by focusing on infrastructural investments. Luis Alberto, Inter-American Development Bank’s president, said that the challenge put across by Latin America entails meeting the demands of infrastructure and connecting to different countries. As of now, investments from other states are below what is required. Therefore, it will not override the impending challenges.

The Report

In addition, Felipe Montoro Jens reported that Oliveira has shown that Brazil has invested in public-private-partnerships. These projects are made to concentrate on public works. Moreover, the government of Brazil is focusing on infrastructure thereby securing financing made to develop Brazil. The ministry of planning is also securing investments to increase the capacity of public-private partnerships.

Personal Profile

Felipe Montoro Jens is an expert in infrastructure. He specializes in economic waste, corporations, and solutions made to eliminate waste. He is a graduate of Getulio Vargas Foundation and is well versed with business training. Later on, he joined an elite group of academic training where the institution provided him with the skills he required to venture into business. Learn more:



A Candid Project Report from Felipe Montoro Jens

Recently, there was an intensive meeting of the competent governors of the IDB. The recordings of the discussions and outcome were perfectly captured by Felipe Montoro Jens, an exceptional projects expert. This allowed him to give a comprehensive view and detailed information of each and everything that was handled in that special meeting. To begin with, the minister of planning Dyogo Oliveira commented that it is an important thing to extensive increase in private investments in the projects that revolve around infrastructure in Brazil. Following the details of the meeting, it was held in March 24th of 2018 that incorporated governors of the famous Inter-American Development Bank. This special meeting was held at the heart of Argentina in Mendoza.

During the meeting, Dyogo Oliveira, the minister of the Planning, Development, and Management gave out dear sentiments defending the rise among the private investment in the Brazil infrastructure projects. The minister was bold enough to emphasize on the significance of coming with mechanisms for a financial guarantee that will be adequate for leveraging the private investments in the Latin American infrastructure projects. Visit to learn more.

Moving on, Mr. Dyogo suggested that the Inter-American Development Bank should seize the opportunity and take up the challenge of promoting excellent studies that will solve the project risk management as well as encourage the leveraging of private sector investments within the regions. This was an incredible proposal and idea that was immediately adopted by the executives present in the meeting. These include the minister finance in Argentina and chairman to the Board of Governors in the bank, Luis Caputo. He strongly agreed to the proposal where the IDB should steer the leveraging of private investment within large Latin America.

On the same account, Garrido who is the able secretary of State for Economy and Business Support in the Spain region pointed out the dynamics present in the market in that area and as a point of emphasizes said that Brazil should be on the forefront and be given the first priority over the investment in Spain. The minister Oliveria finally highlighted that the new investments from various countries are a necessity in facing the Industry 4.0 revolution. Luis puts this as a challenge for the Latin America in converging the infrastructure and increase the level at which different countries connect with each other.

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Jeff Yastine is an editorial director at Banyan Hill Publishing. Jeff joined the company in 2015, bringing on board more than two decades of experience in financial journalism and investing in the stock market. Jeff Yastine studied at University of Florida and graduated in 1986 with a Bachelor of Arts in telecommunication journalism. Jeff worked as a senior correspondent for Nightly Business Report (NBR) from 1993 to 2010. His responsibility was to find great business, economic trends, and financial stories and report to the NRB audience in a manner that they understood them best.

While at NBR, Jeff Yastine was privileged to be nominated to the Business Emmy Award for his report dubbed ‘State of Repair’ in 2007. The report focused on America’s underfunded public infrastructure and aired weeks before the Minneapolis interstate bridge collapsed. He also travelled to Cuba in 1995 and in 2003 to study the role of foreign investors in the country. Upon leaving NBR, Jeff  Yastine joined Oxford Club as an editorial director from 2011 to 2013. In April 2013, he joined Newsmax Media as the Director of Financial Newsletters leaving in 2015 for Banyan Hill Publishing. Read more articles by Paul Mampilly at Banyan Hill

Throughout his career, Jeff Yastine has interviewed some of the most prominent entrepreneurs and investors in the world such as Warren Buffet and Richard Branson. He learned investment principles that he uses in identifying promising investment opportunities in small-cap stocks and investments in a wide range of sectors such as retail, agriculture, and biotech. At Banyan Hill Publishing, Jeff is the editor of Total Wealth Insider, a newsletter that helps investors identify little investment opportunities. The publication advises its readers on safe and stable companies to invest in to protect and increase their wealth.

Jeff Yastine also contributes to Sovereign Investor Daily and Winning Investor Daily. The publications enable investors to understand better business and economic trends as well as identifying profit-making opportunities in the market. Jeff uses his extensive experience in the financial market to write investment advice for the benefit of Banyan Hill Publishing audience. The publications that he writes are among the best performers newsletters in their category due to his extensive experience.

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How OSI Food Solutions transitioned from being a Boutique Firm to the Largest Food Supplier Globally

It all started in 1909 when a German immigrant called Otto Kolschowsky established a meat market in Chicago, Illinois. This was only two years after his relocation to America. Around 1917, Otto expanded the wholesale meat retailer to Maywood, a famous suburb based in Chicago. It was in 1982 that he rebranded the firm to Otto & Sons because his sons assisted him in management. The following decades saw to it that Otto & Sons grew the firm into a meat provider that offers quality food.

Background Check

Faced by the need to expand its services further, Otto & Sons started working on partnerships that would see OSI Food Solutions transition into a major food supplier. It was at that moment that McDonald’s appointed the firm to be the sole supplier of the company. With time, OSI Food Solutions started expanding its portfolio into major cities. That way, Otto and his sons suggested that it was essential to hire a finance assistant to help with rebranding and further expansion.


In 1973, Otto and his sons established the first high-volume meat plant in the West of Chicago. The plant had patty-forming machines coupled with liquid nitrogen in freezing tunnels. Also, it established a unit by the name Glenmark to fold non-McDonald’s enterprise. The local projects supplied meat to high profile restaurants and area supermarkets. In 1975, Otto & Sons rebranded to OSI Industries. That marked the onset of a revolutionary food supplying business in the world. Today, OSI Food Solutions is known for cutting across different states through different acquisitions.


Recently, OSI Food Solutions doubled its chicken processing capability in Toledo Spain. The firm invested £17 million in a project made to double the processing capacity from the initial 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons. This expansion has also increased Toledo’s production capacity of pork, chicken as well as beef. Inclusive of this acquisition was the additional employment capacity of about 20 positions to the current 140 employees.

The Overview

Another expansion that OSI Food Solutions has been part of is the Baho Food acquisition in the summer of 2016. In this acquisition, the company managed to invest its resources in the procurement of an international food expertise.

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Peter Briger on supporting Entrepreneurship and attaining career success.

Peter Briger has come to be known as one of the most influential business professionals in the United States. His achievements in the financial industry have been the main contributors to this success, having come from entry-level employee to CEO and principal of a multi-billion dollars private asset management firm the Fortress Investment Group. The personal achievements of Peter Briger have also gone on to help achieve more in his public life as well. He is one of the most adherent supporters of the Princeton Entrepreneurs program. This is a program dedicated towards the advancement of entrepreneurs from the university together with anyone else as long as the group has at least one current student or former student from the university. The success of the program has already started making an impact in the university as well as out here.

Peter Briger having gone through the steps himself, he understood clearly what it takes to build a successful product or business from scratch and grow it to an industry leader. Having worked at Goldman Sachs, where there were various funds meant for the advancement of such and others meant for investments in startups the opportunities were clear to him. At Goldman Sachs, where he was a partner, his efforts had seen him rise through the ranks and come to head the Asian management committee a committee which was largely in charge of the Asian portfolio. He was also part of the leadership that oversaw the Asian special opportunities fund. This fund was dedicated towards the opportunities that seemed unique and maybe even new to the market but showed promise going forward. Having worked in such a dynamic environment, Peter Briger understood that always waiting for potential investment opportunities to prove themselves was not always the way to go. This was one of the reasons why his tenure at Fortress Investment Group has been so successful. At Fortress, he has been very instrumental in the creation of a credit fund that is geared towards the financing such new ideas and was able to raise 5 billion dollars for the same in 2015.