About Roseann Bennett

Roseann Bennett is widely known for co-founding the Center of Treatment and Assessment. She is a professional in Marriage and Family Therapy. Center for Treatment and Assessment is a registered non-profit organization that concentrates on creating awareness regarding mental health as well as offering help to the less fortunate suffering from mental health.


Roseann Bennett is a highly qualified family and marriage therapists since she holds a masters and an education specialist degree from the Seaton Hall University. Additionally, she is registered and certified by the American Association of Family and Marriage Therapy to work as a family and marriage therapist.


Before she Co-Founded Center for Treatment and Assessment, Roseann Bennett used to work as an inpatient therapist. Here, she worked mostly with the adolescent where she acquired skills in family therapy, planning, problem and crisis management. Most of her managerial skills were obtained when she used to work as an inpatient therapist for many years.


Roseann Bennett currently serves as the co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Center for Treatment and Assessment. Roseann Bennett has dedicated her life to helping individuals recover from mental health such as depression and solve marriage and family ordeals. As the executive CEO, Roseann Bennet is responsible for managing all the finances and ensuring the projects of the organization have been accomplished. Refer to This Article for additional information.


According to Roseann Bennett, creating mental health awareness is paramount. She has spent most of her years in community service by creating mental health awareness in the community. Roseann Bennett has been publishing articles that speak about mental awareness. Additionally, the articles talk about the trends in medicine such as telemedicine.


In a particular interview with Ideamensch, Roseann Bennett admits that she has faced some ordeals in running Center for Treatment and Assessment. In some instances, there have been instances of underfunding. However, this has never limited her in accomplishing the objectives of the organizations.



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A Man on a Mission: Dr. Dov Rand

Dr. Dov Rand is a man with one mission in mind. He is a doctor who wants to help people live the best lives that they can. He wants people to be healthy and happy. Dr. Dov Rand has spent much of his time trying to come up with procedures to treat a variety of issues. Dr. Dov Rand has had training at the Albert Einstein Medical Center and now runs his own practice called the Healthy Medical Center in New Jersey.

Dr. Dov rand deals with two specific things when it comes to his patients. Th first process is anti-aging and the second is weight loss. One of the things that Dr. Dov Rand makes sure of is the fact that each of the procedures that he uses is tailor-made for the patient. He makes sure that the patient understands what is being done and it is up to the patient to follow through on staying healthy.

One of the new procedures that Dr. Dov Rand is using at the moment to help people lose weight and regain metabolism is called the HCG diet. HCG is a hormone found in the placenta of women who are pregnant. By using this diet, patients can drop weight quickly without having to battle cravings. Cravings are one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to weight loss and keeping the weight off.

Dr. Dov Rand has some steps for those who want to lose weight and keep it off. The first tip is to learn how to eat healthy foods at the Healthy Medical Center. The second step is analyzing metabolism at the Center ane creating a program to help the patient. the third step is improving patient health by using programs like nutrient therapy and the HCG diet. If the steps are followed correctly, the patient will be well on their way to a healthier life.

This is what Dr. Dov Rand wants most of his patients. The ability to live a healthy, active, and robust lifestyle is the best thing that he and his staff at the center can hope for.

Stansberry Research Looks Past Negative Buzz to Get at The Truth

Stansberry Research is well aware things aren’t always as they appear on the surface. According to them, regardless of all the negative buzz about Walmart these days the retailing giant is still well worth the risk. With Stansberry’s excellent record of success choosing profitable stocks, any advice from them is worth paying attention to.


From October 2006 to February 2015 Walmart enjoyed “recommended investment” status by Stansberry Research and shareholders did well. By 2015 Walmart’s growth rate slowed and of course this had a negative impact on valuation of stocks. Walmart may have lost its “recommended” status, but according to Porter Stansberry of Stansberry Research it is far from out of the game entirely.


Porter Stansberry founded the company in 1999 and has spent his time since then building Stansberry Research into what it is today. As publisher of financial newsletters offering solid investment advice, his company has earned the trust of thousands. At a time when some people can’t sell their stock fast enough, if Stansberry says it’s still potentially profitable many may decide to hang in there after all. (releasefact)


WalMart is just one example of what Stansberry can do with research, and sound fundamentals. He may appear to be unconventional at times, but when it comes to picking a winner, his magic touch can’t be denied. When a company drops nearly 10% in a single day like Walmart did that’s enough to scare most people off but even so, now that they are back on Stansberry’s “recommended” list, chances are their luck is about to turn for the better.


According to Stansberry, simply because the direction of the retail industry is heading towards online sales doesn’t necessarily make Amazon the biggest player. Approximately 90% of retail sales are still made at the actual store, not online. Even Amazon is cashing in on this trend by opening physical stores of their own, but they have a long way to go before they can even hope to match Walmart’s physical holdings.


Stansberry Research maintains a large subscriber base because investors have come to appreciate the results of the insightful, talented minds they have working for them, and know they can always expect the best financial advice possible. Stansberry’s skill to predict a crisis has saved many of them from ruin, and their policy of transparency in all that they do is comfortably reassuring.


PUC-São Paulo Honors Illustrious Judge Marco Antonio Marques de Silva

PUC-São Paulo honored judge and professor of criminal law Marco Antonio Marques de Silva for his contribution to the institution. University president Dirceu de Mello praised judge de Silva as someone who was, “always ready to help with everything.” Mello, a former São Paulo State Court of Appeals President, commended his colleague for his work and dedication which directly lead to the construction of a new auditorium on campus. The new auditorium at PUC-São Paulo’s campus bares Marco Antonio Marques de Silva’s name in recognition of his work towards its completion. Besides lending his name to the new auditorium, Judge de Silva received a plaque from the PUC’s Office for Specialization and Extension as recognition for his continued pursuit of their mission.


In 1958, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva born in Itapetininga. When he was 15, Judge de Silva realized it was his calling to have a career in law. In 1977, he enrolled in legal studies at PUC and studied there for four years before graduating in 1981. By 1982, he was made a professor at PUC. Judge da Silva earned his tenure at PUC in 2003. He continued his educated at Pontifical Catholic University. Following his studies, at Pontifical Catholic University he did a postdoctoral fellowship at the faculty of law in Coimbra in 2005. Judge de Silva joined the State Judiciary in 1983, where he performed his duties throughout the counties of Palmeira D’Oeste, Monte Alto, Diadema and São Paulo.


After years of hard work, Judge de Silva was promoted in 2002 to substitute judge. He maintained this position until 2007 when he became a judge for the Court of Appeals. Judge De Silva has published over 40 articles and authored 13 books. His co-author piece, the “Luso-Brazilian Treaty on Human Dignity” was written and edited with Professor Jorge Miranda, a professor of the European Constitutional Law.


Perry Mandera sets the Bar High

Perry Mandera is a model of excellence in the field of logistics and transportation. He really solidified himself as a leader in the industry when he became the founder and CEO of The The Custom Companies, Inc. He has been honing his skills as a professional for nearly half a century. At this point in his carer he has forgotten more than many will ever know. Having accomplished so much in his career it can be hard to take an in depth look into his many achievements.


Mandera is a veteran, serving in the marines before pursuing a career in logistics. Mandera says his time spent serving his country was some of the best times of his life. He attributes much of his keen professionalism to this point of his life. He became interested in shipping services while in charge of transporting troops and supplies. He was able to see how shipping services can impact an overall goal in the long run.


When Mandera’s tour of duty was over he decided to enter the world of politics. He became the Republican Ward Committeeman for the 26th ward in Chicago in 1984. This made him the youngest committeeman in Chicago’s history.


Mandera is also an avid philanthropist. He donates funds and resources toward many charitable initiatives. He even spends some of his free time searching for new nonprofit organizations to support. He believes it is his duty to help those in need when they need a helping hand. He is especially passionate about helping children succeed in the future.


As a businessman Mandela has received many accolades for his amazing work. What separates Mandera apart from other business leaders is his willingness to incorporate new technologies into his business operations. He is always on the lookout for tech that may take his business to the next level. His foresight may be his most valuable attribute as a businessman.


Though he has had massive success Mandera makes sure he never becomes complacent. He is always trying to better both his company and himself. His commitment to excellence makes him one of the individuals that sets the bar high in the field of logistics.


Neuroscientist- Jorge Moll

Jorge Moll is a medical expert who has accomplished a lot in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Dr. Jorge can bot talk about his career without mentioning the effect that has been brought about by technology. According to the neuroscientist, the technological process which took place in the United States and especially the Silicon Valley has now shifted to the medical and healthcare industry. Jorge Moll can be described as one who has an intellectual history in the pharmaceutical industry. He is passionate about people, and he has always wanted to help them. After his high school graduation, Dr. Moll attended Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, and it is from the same institution that he received his Residency. To add his knowledge in the medical field, Dr. Jorge graduated from Sao Paulo University where he received his Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology.


Jorge Moll is the President of D’Or Institute of Research and Education, as well as the Director of Neuroinformatics Workgroup, as well as Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience. Recently the medical expert was asked several questions in an interview, and some of the questions he had to answer were the idea behind his establishment of D’Or Institute of Research and Education. Jorge said that since the beginning of his career he had a passion for creating a world-class education as well as a research facility in Brazil. When it comes to bringing ideas into life, Jorge said he usually has plenty of ideas, but his challenge has been choosing the best, what he does he looks for that idea that can be changed into action and can he can involve his colleagues.


Jorge Moll said that to be productive, any investor should be transparent, as well as skillful. Jorge’s days are always busy, and when asked how his typical days are, he said that his days are filled with meetings which he conducts with different people including his fellow medical experts, students, investors, as well as scientists. To the young generation, Jorge said that they should sit on their plans as well as ideas instead if they ideas are productive they should consider implementing them or if they are of no benefit discarding them is the best decision.


Christopher Linkas Advises Millennials to Start Saving for Retirement

Christopher Linkas Advises Millennials to Start Saving for Retirement

A sound retirement plan is one of aspect that can help one live a healthy life. A good retirement plan does not only afford the recipient an easy but also an enjoyable retirement. It is this promise that makes Christopher Linkas enthusiastic to share his expert opinion on investing in retirement with the young generation. Christopher Linkas has over two decades of experience on matters relating to investment and retirement.

Most young people feel that it is early to discuss retirement plans. Millennials feel like they have many years in the workforce, therefore, being less concerned about retirement. However, as Christopher Linkas observes, young people ignore planning for retirement and before they realize, the golden years approach. It is on this note that Linkas advice that the best time for investing in retirement is now.

Some of the factors that make young adults unenthusiastic to start saving for retirement is the small starting salaries. This factor has been one of the most common excuses by millennials for not saving for retirement. But as Christopher Linkas notes this should not be a reason as young adults can utilize the compounding technique to save for their retirement. In compounding technique, the proceeds from the initial investment are invested back, and with time the good earnings are realized.

One of the significant benefits of young adults investing in their retirement plans early in life is they get the opportunity to invest in ventures with high risk. They can invest in high-risk ventures because they have the time to rectify mistakes they make as opposed to their older counterparts. Second, they get to learn how to spend their money wisely at a young age. Also, they get to have a quality life as they get some financial security from the retirement plan.

Christopher Linkas notes that those who start saving early for retirement are a step ahead of their peers. Young people who invest early in life deal better with unexpected financial hardships that may face them. Christopher Linkas attest to this as he witnesses how life-changing early retirement savings can be from the investment group he heads that has its base in the UK.



Jeff Aronin The Bioscientist.

Having realized at an early age that he had great passion in healthcare, Jeff Aronin focused his passion on pharmaceuticals for the last 20 years. Jeff Aronin graduated from Northern Illinois University with a Bachelor’s degree and an MBA from De Paul University and together with an enthusiasm to build great companies, Jeff Aronin became the CEO and founder of Ovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. in the year 2000. Jeff Aronin understands the needs of the patient and thus is able to bring novel medicines to patients. He is also able to identify promising science and focus on getting the medicine approve.

Jeff Aronin’s expertise in addressing unmet patient needs makes him one among the achiever bioscientist. As a scientific visionary and an entrepreneur, Jeff Aronin has contributed to the approval of more than a dozen medicines and technologies. As part of his achievements, Jeff Aronin has served as chairman of several life-science companies.

Jeff Aronin is currently serving as the CEO and the Chairman of Paragon Biosciences, formerly Ovation Pharmaceuticals that had a name change after it was purchased by Lundbeck in 2009. With a mission to bring to existence biotechnology companies that are highly innovative, Jeff Aronin together with his team has successfully obtained approval of 13 new drugs and has also shared his standpoint with fellow healthcare entrepreneurs in Chicago. In pursuit of this, Jeff Aronin founded MATTER, an incubator that has 200 plus budding companies.

Paragon Biosciences, under Jeff Aronin, has its main interest on looking into the unaddressed patients’ needs, with few or no available treatment options by first identifying the diseases that are crying out for treatment options and developing drugs which have a high potential of finding their way to the market.

Jeff Aronin is on the board of directors of World Business Chicago. This is a partnership between the city and private companies that focus on continued business growth, and also on the board of directors of Discover financial services.

Having done all these, Jeff Aronin Family Foundation is also involved in advocacy for patients and research for some of the world’s most neglected diseases. The Jeff Aronin Family Foundation has benefitted many hospitals and clinics worldwide.


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IC Systems; Creating an Efficient and Relatable Customer Service Experience

During the collection made by an agency or debt recovery selection, most clients remain inquisitive about the processes that are involved. To gain a deeper perspective on the collection processes, it is essential to have basic knowledge about the operations of the agency and how they carry out their various work aspects. The best place to get all these information is the IC System, which is an account receivable company and has for eighty years been in operation. IC System, founded by Jack Erickson and Ruth in 1938 has remained a family business since its formation and has been passed down to three generations. It has its headquarters located outside St. Pauls’ Minnesota. IC System, being a family company, is based on values like pride, performance, integrity, and innovation.

During the subject address, the IC system provides informative observations of actions that the client is encouraged to take before formal collection begins. The company explains this in a five-step formula. In the first step, the client is advised to engage in a simple investigation into the customer’s account details. This is due to the fact that a customer can misplace or not receive any bill at all. In case the account is still unresolved after billing, it is advisable to deeply look into and see any details from the customer’s account that might say anything about the outstanding financial status. If the account still remains past due, the IC System advises the client to contact the consumer and try resolving any outstanding balances. The reason for this is the possibility of the customer’s forgetfulness in covering the bill and a reminder is just but enough. The next step is the after initial attempts. Possibilities have it that the client may have trouble contacting the customer either through letters or telephones. IC System recommends attempts to uncover alternative contacts to the customer for instance through sending emails. However, account specifics should be out of mention to prevent third parties from accessing the customer’s private data; these communications should be made in a polite manner. In cases where the two go unanswered, the system recommends the calling of the collection agency for assistance. The agency takes over the attempt to contact the consumer.

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Discover How Ted Bauman Has Impacted the Economic World Today

It seems anyone who has been at Banyan Hill Publication has some unique leadership skills in their respective field. Ted Bauman is among those who have tirelessly worked at Banyan Hill, and his contributions are loud enough. The Atlanta, GA resident has served in this company as the editorial director. Ted has special skills in international migration issues, asset, and privacy protection, and low-risk investment strategies. He has been a competent fund manager in various organizations, which are non-profit. During his tenure as a fund manager, Ted has helped many low-income people get their own homes through funded housing projects. He believes anyone can get the financial independence they want if they use the resources they have properly. Learn more at Crunchbase about Ted Bauman

Many people have benefited a lot from his contributions at Banyan Hill. Ted believes experience is the best teacher anyone would have. However, he notes it can only teach those willing to be taught and learn something from it. Due to his quick learning aptitude, Ted Bauman has been able to succeed in the finance world. If you are not quick to understand some of the finance concepts that keep coming, you may struggle to thrive in the business sector. Ted studied economics at Cape Town University, and this academic training gave him an upper hand in all his business deals.

Invaluable experience is what everyone needs to be an exceptional entrepreneur. Although Ted wasn’t earning much when working at MacDonald and Burger King, he got prepared for the top managerial positions he was to hold later in life. One thing he learned from the low-income companies he worked for was that employees’ input in any company matter most. He came to understand any company that doesn’t think about the welfare of its employees is doomed to fall. For this reason, Ted Bauman has been keen on how he handles the employees working at the lowest level in any organization he leads.

Writing resourceful articles and stories at Banyan Hill gives Ted great fulfillment. He ensures the economic and finance publications he makes are appealing to the readers. He knows most entrepreneurs are provoked to develop critical ideas once they read something intriguing. Besides making his stories appealing, he makes them easy to understand. Ted is always keen on the market shifts and trends to help those who have no idea about the changes. Ted Bauman says any change in any department or field has an impact that shouldn’t be ignored. He says the economic change the world wants to see is in the hands of those who inspire innovation.

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