Matt Badiali: Comprehensive Analysis and Accurate Judgments on Natural Resource Investments

     The editor of Real Wealth Strategist from Banyan Hill Publishing, Matt Badiali, has generated excellent wealth for the customers with his comprehensive analysis and accurate judgments in natural resource investments. He is a veteran with more than two decades of experience in natural resource industry that spans in energy, agriculture, and mining. Interestingly, he worked in oil wells, drilled rigs, explored abandoned mines, and more to see the potential opportunities of investments in the case of natural resources. Badiali has traveled across the globe as part of his search for natural resource investment opportunities.

He has been to Singapore, Iraq, Yukon, Hong Kong, Mexican desert, Papua New Guinea, and more, and identified natural resource investment opportunities. Badiali thinks that the best way to ensure his investment is safe by checking himself. With that approach of boots on the ground, he meets CEOs of mining companies, precious metal experts, resource investors and more and being updated with trends, technologies, and discoveries in the industry. The top industrial players often listen to the inputs of Badiali, and he even presented his findings to companies like Exxon Mobil and Anadarko. Also, geology experts around the world wait for his analysis at major geological conferences.

Badiali says that while he loved all those jobs with great passion, the most liked job is none other than sharing his analysis, judgment, and insights with his audience or readers. He thinks that helping the readers to build wealth through smart investments is more of a fulfilling assignment at the end of the day. Due to that reason, he spent a significant portion of his time and efforts in writing during the last decade. The expertise of Badiali of both as financial analyst and geologist brings the most comprehensive and accurate information to his readers.

Matt Badiali started his career as a geology professor at the University of North Carolina. Later, he collaborated with a financial expert and started looking for opportunities of investments in the natural resource, mining, and energy sector. During the collaboration with him, Badiali learned the principles and insights of investments. Since then, his life changed and traveled across the globe in search of investment opportunities. Badiali ensured excellent returns to the financial expert, who hired him, through his thoughtful recommendations. Interestingly, Matt was named as the No. 1 stock picker of Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016 and known for producing returns over 3000% beating top-notch hedge fund managers.


Everyone is happy and safe with Securus Technologies

The family is essential to us. We do not want to part at any given point. The sorrow that comes along with a family member is immeasurable. However, sometimes our loved ones need to go to correctional services. This is to correct character and ensure that the individuals come out better people.

The family members were, however, afraid of the consequences that come along with being behind bars. Massive killings and bullying have been reported in the past. However, lately, the detention have improved. This is after the Securus Technologies intervened.

Securus Technologies is a high ranked technology company. It aims to ensure that both the public and inmates are safe.

The company has installed devices in the correctional services that allow monitoring of every activity that goes on in the cells. This has solved a lot of issues. Many crimes have been punished, and corrupted officers have been dealt with for their malicious acts.

With the monitoring, inmates are assured of safety. They explain that they used to live in fear. This is because of the collaboration of corrupted officers to kill inmates. The killing is mainly to eliminate any traces of evidence for crimes.

The Securus Technologies has also introduced communication gadgets to the people. The inmates can communicate with their families. The family members are grateful for this developments.

The company has taken precautions. This is because they understand that some convicts may use the gadgets for other intentions. This is why the conversations are recorded. In case of any suspicions, the conversations are used as investigation gadgets. They have proofed effective because they can only be cracked by Securus Company.

Securus Technologies is a reliable instrument in the investigations. It has also improved the lives of the inmates. The inmates and their families are very grateful to the company. The investigation officers are also glad for the cases that the devices have helped in solving.


What Basis is and More About Elysium Health

Basis was created by Elysium Health in 2015, the year after the organization was founded. Basis, a supplement, is the sole offering of Elysium Health. Let’s dig into how it works.

What’s the mechanism of action behind Basis?

Basis contains 250 milligrams of nicotinamide riboside and 50 milligrams of pterostilbene per capsule. In conjunction, they support regular bodily function, cellular health, DNA health, and the promotion of a regular circadian rhythm. Together, these two substances work to promote the above functions.

What makes Basis so special? Why aren’t other supplements as good as Basis?

While it’s not safe to say all supplements are not as effective as Basis, the vast majority of supplements in the United States have not been proven to work as advertised. However, Basis has, in fact, underwent a rigorous clinical trial cost millions of dollars.

Elysium Health financed the clinical trial because it was confident in Basis’ ability to maintain regular bodily function.

The clinical trial found that when people were dosed on a daily basis with the active ingredients of Basis, their average serum concentrations of NAD+ rose 40%. When they were given two capsules’ worth each day, average concentrations of NAD+ rose an astounding 90%.

The basics of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD+

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is a coenzyme found in all living cells inside the human body. Without this compound, life wouldn’t be as we know it, if even possible at all. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide has an oxidized isotope that has two extra electrons. As electrons have a positive charge, it only makes sense to call this isotope NAD+, hence the addition sign.

NAD+ carries electrons through reactions, from one to another. Whenever it accepts electrons, NAD+ become NADH, its reduced form, that is then able to transfer NAD to other functions.

Without NAD+, the other active ingredient in Basis, pterostilbene couldn’t do its job. That is, pterostilbene activates proteins in cells called sirtuins, and never function without its molecular buddy NAD+.

Who is Elysium Health?

Elysium Health was founded in 2014 as a company dedicated to helping the human body run as effectively as possible. The following year, Elysium Health came out with Basis.

Currently, Basis stands as the sole product of Elysium Health, available on the company’s website. Although the organization has other products in queue, all of which are related to supporting basic bodily functions, Basis is slated to be the only product of Elysium Health through, at minimum, the end of the year.

Elysium Health was founded by two business people and a trained medical scientist, Leonard Guarente. Dr. Guarente is the Director of the Glenn Laboratory for the Science of Aging, a department of the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

How Waiakea Water’s Success Showcases the Importance of Sustainability

The massive success of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is a testament to the changing mindset of today’s consumer. We are more socially conscious than ever. Many people don’t mind to pay a bit more for a product when they know that the company is making strides to improve our environment and to give back to society in a positive way.

When Ryan Emmons founded Waiakea when he was just 22 years old, his vision was to bring to market a product that was truly sustainable. He and his team have run hundreds of tests to perfect the packaging of the volcanic water so that it was actually sustainable and degradable. His hard work paid off and Waiakea is set to release the first fully sustainable water bottle the industry has ever seen.

People everywhere are anticipating the launch of the volcanic water and the company has already locked in a commitment with health food giant Whole Foods. Waiakea is reporting 4,000% growth in the short time it was founded. The average annual growth has been about 170%. Production has gone from 2,200 cases to over 120,000. Waiakea is now the darling of the water bottle industry with a $10 million valuation.

Ironically, 10 million is the same amount of miles that surround the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii where the company bottles its water. The water comes from a single source that is also sustainable. Volcano water has been a buzz lately due to the natural health benefits that come from drinking it. It is known as some of the purest water in the world and is bottled only after traveling over 14,000 feet of volcanic rock. The water originates as melted snow or rainfall on top of the volcano and as it travels down the water picks up rich minerals like calcium and magnesium. The traveling process almost makes the water very alkaline, giving it additional benefits.

Purest Water on the Planet

However, sales aren’t the most important thing for Waiakea Water. Emmons wanted his company to have a tangible element of social responsibility. Giving back to those in need is at the core of every decision the team at Waiakea makes. For every bottle of water the company sells they also donate 650ML of clean water to places in the world that need it most. They have donated over 500 million liters of water to rural communities to Africa. Waiakea has also donated hundreds of water pumps through its partner, PumpAid. These pumps have brought clean water to over 100,000 people who otherwise would have had limited access.

The Key To Success: Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is a prolific man. He has had quite a career that most CEOs would envy. He worked for years with General Motors and then went on to Pratt and Whitney. After six years he became President of the Canadian division. After that, he went on to become President and CEO of United Technology Corporation. In right short years he became the face of the company and then he stepped down from that position in 2014. He most recent position was with Goldman Sachs company working as a member of the Merchant Banking Division. He is an exclusive advisor to the company. He looks for the latest technology in the industrial and aerospace fields. He has proved to be a success wherever he goes but his influence is best remembered with United Technology Corporation.

In eight short years with the company, Louis Chenevert took United Technology Corporation from a little-known company to leading the pack in the industrial and aerospace sectors. One of the major contributions to his legacy there was being able to but Goodrich after a year of negotiations for just over eighteen billion dollars. This went a long way in proving that United Technology Corporation was up to the task of competing on a global level.

The biggest influence that Chenevert thinks he has had over these eight years was the building and design of a new highly technological airplane engine. The challenge for him was making a sleeker and more efficient jet engine and he pulled it off with flying colors. The engine was chosen as a new option for the company Airbus. This was a major coup for Chenevert and UTC.

Louis Chenevert was not just thinking about the present of UTC. He had to make sure that he was thinking of the future of the company as well. He was able to invest in the latest in technology as well as the people who were working for him. This has made Louis Chenevert’s career not only a career to admire but also one to aspire to as well. Chenevert’s is a great story.

The American Institute of Architects’ contribution to the Building Sector

     The American Institute of Architects is an association bringing together all qualified architects in America. The organization began its operations in New York in the year 1857. It is a product of the partnership of thirteen architects who had a collective vision of creating innovative and efficient structures.

AIA is committed to enhancing service delivery in sectors related to architecture and society progress as well as giving way forward on educational agendas and government directives. It simplifies the development of professionalism thereby enabling architects to assess the total quality management of all construction projects. Mr. Robert Ivy, the group’s CEO, is in charge of all operations at the organization. Mr. Thomas Vonier is the company’s President. He is responsible for inducing the demand for architecture in the market.

The top management of AIA is determined to make sure their employees work in a conducive environment while also ensuring efficient service delivery to customers. Employees are entitled to motivational benefits. The managers continuously remind them of the essence of working together as a team. The vision statement urges workers to work hard and smart for a better tomorrow. The managers serve different customers while observing the values of the organization.

Another reason for AIA’s good public image is the fact that top-leaders at the organization are keen on environment conservation. They have been on the frontline dealing with climate change and possible remedies. Such gestures build customer trust and market the group well. He has AIA complies with all regulations in the industry. Thus, it has a competitive edge over its major rivals. AIA has strategically formed alliances with other firms in the sector.

AIA’s research plays a pivotal role in the organization of the landmark plan by the department of the Secretary of State resulting in creative and trendy sculpts that give remarkable escalation. Thomas is a renowned author who writes on both architecture and security. Previously, he was the correspondent for Progressive Architecture magazine. His work got nominations for the prestigious Jesse Neal Award.

Robert, on the other hand, supports affirmative action as a way to bring out quality designs. Mr. Robert Ivy has helped dissect many subjects involving architecture as a topic, its prospects, and also the role of architects in global economic growth. The organization is passionate about creating mass awareness about the building industry, ensuring professionalism in all projects and the development of the country’s economy.

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Jason Hope Explains why the Modern Society will soon embrace the Internet of Things

Jason Hope is a renowned entrepreneur, futurist, investor, and philanthropist. He grew up in Temple, Arizona. He completed his college education at Arizona State University with a degree in finance. Jason is also the holder of an MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University, and read full article.

Jason Hope is outstanding because of his ability to keenly watch and then predict the possible future trends and market behavior change. Jason is specifically interested in Technology, an industry he has been in for over a decade. He believes the Internet of Things (IoT), holds the future in the technology sector. Jason holds that the future of the modern society lies in the power of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Jason is popular and respected in the industry going by the success he has managed to achieve as an entrepreneur and a writer majoring in the latest technological trend, IoT. IoT enables connectivity that allows many devices to link with each other. These may be items used in homes like kitchen appliances, electric gadgets, cars and street lights. The IoT will alter the way businesses operate with a focus on efficiency and waste reduction. Jason predicts that very soon, people will not only be using their computer and smartphones to get online, they will also be using fascinating mobile apps to help them with their daily routines like coffee making and switching on/off lights at your house or playing music.

The Internet of Things has indeed revolutionized the transport industry by enabling proper monitoring of train maintenance issues and mapping of routes taken by public buses to ensure a reduction in accidents and warning drivers when the road or weather condition is too risky. Rural setups also stand to benefit from IoT shortly as IoT will enable easy GPS tracking when accidents occur wherever.

Jason recently wrote an article discussing the aging concept. He relayed his belief that scientists could soon reach a breakthrough in the research to develop new drugs to inhibit aging. Jason has donated to the SENS Research Foundation, a research firm that has done extensive research work on the aging matter and proposed the use of stem cells. Jason believes that the option is viable. As an experienced futurist, Jason has it all figured out.

Mr. Hope also has interest in the business politics in the state of Arizona and the country at large. According to him, hard work is the key to success, and to be successful, one must stop dreaming and start doing, and

How Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere Became Queen of the Unicorns

In a recent interview with Guest of a Guest, Lime Crime founder Doe Deere gave advice to the next generation of entrepreneurs. Her advice was stunningly poignant and highly applicable in any industry. She encouraged people to follow what is in their heart and to live as their truest self. It is her firm belief that we all have a unique gift we are meant to share with the world. She says that in most cases we believe we should follow a certain path and that leads us to shy away from following that dream. She uses herself as an example, stating that she never imagined Lime Crime would take off the way it did. It was a business she built for herself because she was truly passionate about bringing her beauty line to market. The success followed simply because she was true to herself. Learn more:


Doe has lived a fascinating life. She came to the U.S. from Russia to live in New York City when she was in her teens. She has always had an entrepreneurial drive, starting her first business selling temporary tattoos when she was just thirteen years old. She was in a band where she met her husband. She also worked in the world of high fashion prior to founding Lime Crime.


Lime Crime has been a disruptor in the beauty industry from its inception. The company is best known for shaking up the way people shop for lipstick by showcasing the shade on a real set of lips, rather than a simple swatch of color. This helped people find the color they were really looking for.


Lime Crime has also put a huge focus on utilizing content from real people in its marketing and social media campaigns. In fact, if you go on the Lime Crime website right now you will find a large panel devoted to pictures that real Lime Crime users shared of themselves in the various makeup shades. The section is called #HowYouWearIt. The company’s social media strategy also focuses heavily on showcasing real people wearing the various shades and styles of Lime Crime. In doing this, Lime Crime has built up an incredibly loyal fan base of repeat customers.


Lime Crime fans fondly call themselves unicorns because of their shared desire to stand out as something special in a world full of plain horses. They fondly call Doe Deere the Queen of the Unicorns.


Key Points When Preparing For A Lifeline Screening Procedure

At some point in life, people have health concerns. The best way to address the concerns before it is too late is to have your body screened at an earlier stage. With the development of modern, state of the art, and sophisticated screening machines, health screening goes further to prevent many health issues that otherwise would go undetected.

About Lifeline Screening

Lifeline Screening is an organization that offers a wide variety of preventive health screening. They perform screening for precautionary measures and specific health screening that target specific health issues. The special screenings, usually, gets done if the patient has high-risk factors for a particular disease. Lifeline Screening is a leader in the provision of health screening in the United States. The company has screened an estimated eight million people. Currently, Lifeline Screening attends to over a million people annually. The institution works at the community level and has scheduled over 16,000 screening events with the aim of creating awareness. Lifeline Screening is committed to quality screening at affordable rates.

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Preparing for a Screening Process with Lifeline Screening

As you seek health screening services from Lifeline Screening, the following tips will guide you on the best way to prepare. Once you get to the location, on the welcome desk check-in, you will fill out a form that identifies the choice of tests you require. You will then head to the waiting area as they process your details and prepare. Once the staff is ready for you, your name will be called out. Testing begins at a private section. Expect a finger stick blood test at the onset of the screening procedure. Vital signs are recorded by taking height, weight and body measurements after which a bone density screening takes place. The testing for peripheral arterial disease comes next after which an EKG test is done. Finally, they screen for carotid artery and aortic aneurysm.

What to Wear to a Screening Procedure

It’s always necessary to wear comfortable clothes with loose fittings. Men should wear short sleeves and shirts with buttons for easy accessibility. Ladies should avoid pantyhose and long stocking. Jewelry is unnecessary during the process. Oil and sprays can interfere with some equipment. You should, therefore, avoid wearing them. Adorn shoes and socks that are easily removable.

Benefits of Lifeline Screening Tests

Some cardiovascular problem may lie undetected in the body for a long time. It should, however, be noted that internal damage occurs even without exhibiting symptoms. Early detection enables clients to manage the diseases before irreparable damage takes place. As a result, you get to live a long and healthy life.

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Gregory Aziz Sets a New Record for National Steel Car

Gregory Aziz is the Chairman and CEO OF National Steel Car, which is focused on building reliable rail networks. National Steel Car has more than 100 years of experience in excellent engineering and manufacturing, which has enabled it to offer quality services around the world. This is an excellent track record, and it has helped the company to earn a great reputation from North America. The company is considered as the leading railroad freight and tank car that basically deals with manufacturing.


The great reputation has been earned from great employees who work tirelessly through the supervision of a highly integrated man, Greg Aziz. Today, the company is more diverse, dynamic, value-driven and innovative than ever before. Through its great work, it has won many awards due to its exceptional work and services to people and the public at large around the world. They have always challenged themselves to offer their best services to the people. They have understood the meaning and importance of focusing on their strengths, which has always worked out well. See This Page for More Info.


Gregory Aziz together with his team has a great and deep sense of purpose as far as the core values and mission is concerned. This has helped them to be trusted by their customers around the world. They have always delivered their services on time, hence convincing their customers. National Steel Car is the only North American railcar company that is certified under ISO 9001:2008. For this and many more, National Steel Car has been awarded great awards by TTX SECO for more than a decade.


National Steel Car has never got tired of giving its best to the customers. It has not depended and became proud of their past achievement. They are always on the run to deliver new and quality services to impress and attract more customers around the world. Greg Aziz great attention to customers’ needs has always helped them remain number one as North America’s railcar Manufacturing Company.


National Steel Car has always had the sense of recognizing and keeping a tradition that has always helped them to move further. They have always written back to customers thanking them for the great recognition they have. They have more than 2000 team members who have always helped in customer car and customer delivery. National Steel Car is always focused to remain the leading organization in delivery and manufacturing of quality rail products across the globe.


Check Aziz’s profile in Linkedin.