How Greg Aziz Leads National Steel Car

As of 1994 Gregory James Aziz is the owner and CEO of National Steel Car in Hamilton, Ontario. He purchased this company which has been around for more than a hundred years but had fallen on hard times when he took over. His successful management of the company has returned it to being one of the premier railcar designers and manufacturers in all of North America. In addition to his role as CEO Greg James Aziz is also the president and chairman of the board of National Steel Car.

Greg Aziz is a graduate of Ridley College. After finishing at this educational institution, he then attended the University of Western Ontario and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics.

Greg Aziz (sometimes known as James Aziz due to his middle name) comes from a family that ran a wholesale food company. This company, Affiliated Foods, sources food from a number of regions including both central and south America as Europe. They then supply grocers and other companies with this food in both the United States and the eastern portion of Canada.

Under Greg Aziz’s leadership, National Steel Car has ably supplied railroad based companies with the freight cars they need to move goods. The quality of railroad freight cars that they provide to these companies is recognized within the industry as one of the best in the field. The types of cars they provide also run the gamut including tank car of various sizes, auto racks, coal, center beam, covered hopper, gondola, intermodal spine, jumbo box car, and others. Any type of freight that needs to be moved by train can be handled by one of the different railroad vehicles that National Steel Car provides. Click Here for more information.

Today National Steel Car employees more than 2000 professionals. Gregory Aziz’s role is to oversee the company’s day to day operations as well at the long-term strategic vision that he has set for it. He has also accomplished something that nobody else in the industry has done which is to be certified ISO 9001:2008 for several years. Additionally, his company has been awarded the TTX SECO award 13 times for several consecutive years.

Beyond his role at National Steel Car Greg Aziz is also a philanthropist. He donates money to a wide variety of causes including institutions such as the Hamilton Opera, the Salvation Army, the United Way, and food banks around Hamilton.

Waiakia Bottled Water Earns Place on the INC. 500 List of Fastest Growing Businesses

Waiakea Bottled Water made a huge announcement recently: the company has skyrocketed to not only make the INC 5,000 list of fastest growing companies in America but it has garnered the prestigious 414th place, putting it on the INC. 500 list of the fastest 500 growing companies in the entire country.

Waiakea has a $10 million valuation and was highlighted for seeing 4,000% growth in three years – a massive feat – as well as a 1,000% growth spike from 2014 to 2016.

This is a momentous announcement for the Hawaiian Volcano water company. It puts it in the elite circle of brands like Zappos, Under Armour and GoPro. This feat is a bit of a David and Goliath story as the company is just a few years old and has managed to earn itself a place in the sun against longtime go-to brands like Dasani and Evian.

Waiakea sources its volcanic water directly from Hawaii, which is surrounded by some of the purest water in the world. The Volcanic elements infuse the water to make it incredibly alkaline, helping to balance the body’s chemical makeup as well as provide a high amount of health benefits to those who drink it. Hawaii is surrounded by over 10 million miles of ocean and and the water sold by Waiakea comes from rain and melted snow on the active volcanoes before it runs along 14 thousand feet of volcanic rock. The volcanic rock infuses minerals such as calcium and magnesium that have wonderful benefits for bones, skin and hair.

So, we know the water itself is amazing, but there is another layer driving the businesses succes. That layer is true social conscience in a time when many companies simply preach it for Public Relations benefits. For ever liter of water they sell, Waiakia donates over 600 liters of water to areas across the globe that don’t have ongoing access to clean water. To date, the water pumps they have installed brings DAILY fresh drinking water to 487,200 people.

This level of social conscience has earned them a sterling reputation as leaders in social change. Waiakea’s being named to the INC 500 list showcases how brands can be internally successful, while making external change in the world.

Whitney Wolfe Gives Women a Key in Changing their Dating Game

Relationships have been tough on women in the 21st century. Nowadays, women are busy working to provide for their families, or themselves, and rarely have time to build meaningful relationships. There just isn’t enough time to socialize physically and make something good out of it. The improvement in technology has shifted socialization to social media platforms and social apps.

The dating game has been revitalized by the Bumble BFF app created by Whitney Wolfe in the year 2014. The app has gained ground over the years with women finding the app insightful. Women have recorded an astonishing fan base as they cover more than half the total number of users of the app.

How it Works

Whitney Wolfe has designed the app in such a way that one can find desired qualities from potential partners before physically meeting. Profile information is derived by the app, from members’ Facebook pages and after that giving geographical location of potential partners. In order to connect, one has to swipe the screen to the right or to the left to reject a connection. The men request and the women approve hence having an upper hand in decision-making.

Benefits of the Bumble App

Not only is the app convenient to use but also effective in that you only date people with the package you want, all at the click of a button. Whitney Wolfe has a history of an abusive relationship with husband. She, therefore, designed this app to enable women to analyze the partners before commencing any serious relationship. This is in a bid to ensure safety and preserve self-esteem from potential freaks. Women tend to be shy most of the times, so this app has a solution for it. Well, let’s face it, many women nowadays want a variety of men to spice up their lives. It can be for fun or if all goes well, a long lasting relationship that leads to marriage.


Technology is a double sword; proper use leads to good results whereas abuse brings destruction. Whitney Wolfe strives to bring a secure dating platform that is user-friendly to the modern working woman.

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Matthew Autterston: Dallas’ beloved business leader

Matthew Autterston is one of Colorado’s top business men and philanthropist in the state. Matthew Autterston graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Finance from Michigan State University in 1980 and later attended the Graduate Tax Program at the University of Denver. Matthew Autterston has gained more than 25 years experience in the financial industry and even became the president of one of the largest financial chartered institutions in America.

Matthew Autterston’s first job was at First Trust Corporation which is a part of the Fiserv corporation but eventually left in 1982 to start a trust company with some of his coworkers, which was later named Resource Trust Company. However, in 1989 the company was acquired by SunAmerica, which also was acquired in 1998 for nearly $18 billion dollars. Resource Trust Company had become one of the largest state managed FDIC-insured trust companies in the United States. The trust company had over 15,000 financial advisors who brought in clients. The firm also had $20 billion in custodial assets and more than $1 billion in deposits. Matthew Autterston and his company have employed more than 700 people.

Matthew Autterston is a leader in Colorado’s business community, dedicating his time to developing innovative technology that will help disabled people handle their environment. Matthew Autterston is currently a board member of Falci Adaptive System and works with physical therapists, wheelchair therapists and recreational therapists, who work to improve the lives of the disabled. Matthew Autterston previously served as a member on the board of Denver Zoological Foundation and also as Chairman of Denver Hospice Board of Director.

Matthew Autterston continues to help people invest and work them towards making a fortune. He warns his clients that investing comes with a lot of risks. However he knows ways to control the risks so that it can work more favorable for the investor. Matthew Autterston will alert his clients to any potential problem they with an investment. Matthew Autterston deals with different aspects of investing including diversification and investment style.

Matthew Autterston provides positive advice to people who are looking for ways to make a greater fortune and to financially thrive. Matthew Autterston previously raised thousands of dollars for the Denver Zoo during their annual fundraising event. Matthew Autterston continues to help his community grow as well as helping people make the right investment decisions, when they decide to invest. Matthew Autterston continues to give his free time to community projects.


Gama on Publicity and More

     Alexandre Gama is a renowned Brazilian publicist and business professional who has much to share on nearly every topic. His business, Neogama, ranks as the tenth best ad agency in the U.S. Can you believe it? Let loose!

In fact, those who use Neogama’s services – in person – can decide how many times per week they wish to come in and then take it from there. The more you come in, the more you pay – but the more you save as well. It honors its repeat customers, like Alfonso Nunez, with quality discounts.

Advice from Gama on Enjoying Your Life

“Live; simply live.” Considering all previous points, enough is said. Gama values doing quality work while representing one’s own brand and values in the best way possible, using the most modern methods and trends. He likewise values playing hard and living one’s life in full enjoyment, not overworking.

Wine Investing is Easy with UKV PLC

Wine investing can be one of the most lucrative opportunities, but because there are so many options that people have to choose from, many do not get truly best experience because they don’t know the right wines to choose. UKV PLC takes this problem away from people and allows them the chance to choose a wine that is truly best for them. They know the advice to give and they are confident in their abilities so that they can give their clients everything that they have to offer. This is something that has given the company a chance to experience everything that they have to offer them. They know what they are doing to provide people with best investments is something that they can do to make everything better. They want to see their clients make money and they know that when they do this, they will be able to show others what they are doing.

For UKV PLC to be able to do all of this, they have to be experts. They continue to practice everything that they know about wine and they are always looking for new opportunities. They learn about how they can collect the wine and what they can do to make sure that they are collecting it in the right way for all of the options that they have for their clients. It is something that is a huge part of business and something that has given them the expertise that they have.

Along with learning about wine and advising clients on what wines to choose, UKV PLC is able to find different types of wine. They work hard to give clients wine that they are looking for and the wine that will help their collection efforts. This is different than what most other people are able to do and is something that has set UKV PLC apart from other companies that are unable to do the things that they need when they are working on the different opportunities that they have each time that they give their clients advice.

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Tony Petrello, A Giant in the Energy Sector

Anthony Petrello is the President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board and Executive Committee at Nabors Industries, the largest oil and natural gas drilling company in the world. Petrello joined the firm in 1991 as its Chief Operating Officer, becoming its president only a year later. In 2003, he was promoted to the post of Deputy Chairman and, in 2011, became the CEO. Finally, in 2012, he was rewarded for his long service to Nabors Industries with a promotion to the chairmanship of its board.

Anthony (or Tony) Petrello graduated with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Mathematics from Yale University before a late change of heart caused him to pursue a Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD) degree at Harvard Law School. His professional life began at the Baker & McKenzie law firm in 1979, working his way up to the post of Managing Partner in which he worked from 1986 to 1991. After five years at the top, he left to join Nabors Industries where he had an even more successful career, joining as its COO and more information click here.

Thus, Anthony Petrello became the highest-paid CEO of the United States in 2013, raking in $68.2 million that year in compensation for his work at Nabors. It is amazing to see how far he has come from being the son of parents who struggled to make ends meet, living in an Italian neighborhood in Newark, New Jersey. Despite the circumstances he grew up in, Tony worked hard to turn his life around, and his determination and work ethic have borne fruit throughout his long career as an executive in the energy sector.

Apart from working to the top of the drilling industry, Tony Petrello, along with his wife Cynthia, have made extra efforts to give back to the community, donating $5 million to the Neurological Research Institute at the Texas Children’s Hospital, where Tony is a member of its Board of Trustees. Fuelled by their daughter’s neurological condition that has delayed her growth, the Petrellos strive to advance research into brain diseases in children and learn more about Anthony.

It is through his perseverance against the odds that has got Tony Petrello to the powerful position he is in now and has allowed him to help the needy in greater ways than most people are capable and Anthony’s lacrosse camp.

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Alfonso de Angoitia: Taking Grupo Televisa To International Waters

     The television industry in Mexico has been seeing a massive increase owing to the numerous new players in the market. The Mexican audience is incredibly diverse, with different people having all sorts of preferences when it comes to the kind of shows they watch. The shows that are produced here at some of the most well known on Spanish television, and are viewed by Spanish speaking audiences all over the world. Grupo Televisa is one media company that has stemmed their position as one of the leaders in the media and television industry in the country of Mexico. The company has been in the field for several years and has put out a massive amount of shows through the numerous channels that they have. The shows that are aired here are not only viewed by Mexican and Latin American audiences but also in the United States as well. Since there is such a large number of Spanish speaking people in the United States, the company saw it as an excellent opportunity to bring their shows there to expand their audience on a much greater scale. Grupo Televisa has multiple channels that air in the United States to give their viewers one of a kind content.

Alfonso de Angoitia is also one of the main reasons why Grupo Televisa has been doing so well. He is the current Executive Vice President of Grupo Televisa and has immensely contributed to the growth and development of the company. He started out in the company as their chief financial officer and quickly rose up the ranks to the position that he is in today. He is considered to be one of the biggest names in the media industry, and rightly so considering the tremendous impact he has had on Mexican television and their viewers all over the world.

Don Deere: A Great Businesswoman in Cosmetics

Don Deere is a renowned businesswoman who has been successful over the years now. Don Deere was born in Russia but raised in New York City. She has great passion and enthusiasm when it comes to making up and beauty. Don Deere has converted her great passion and enthusiasm for makeup into a cosmetic line. She has over the past few years gained popularity in her line of work. The cosmetic brand she started is Lime Crime Cosmetics. This brand is quickly gaining popularity and subsequently bringing her to the lime light. Lime Crime cosmetics offers brands of bright hues and cruelty-free products. She offers a wide variety of services and products such as nail polishes, lipsticks, eye shadows, among many others. Her products are known to be bright and colorful needless to mention; they are impressive. Learn more:


Don Deere started her business back in the year 2004 and has since grown exponentially to become a great brand. She had registered a fresh account on eBay for a new cloth line and modeled everything herself just without knowing that the company would grow into a renowned cosmetics and cloth line. Learn more:


Deere is a motivation to many people who are wishing to grow businesses. She has a great combination of passion strategy hard work and determination all channeled to her business. Passion is a great source for business ideas which eventually become successful in the future. Therefore, if there are is passion and a subsequent business idea, the next step is actualizing the idea.


The strategy is one of the most important pillars in the business making. Thus, a plan including every detail of the business should be hatched. A plan is vital for keeping things orderly, and it also aids you to get through financial technicalities. Since most funding institutions which include banks and loan issuers normally scrutinize the plan to see if the business is worth investing in. However, before completing your business plan, there are a few things to consider about commencing the business. The first start step may be hectic and at times disappointing and above all time consuming; therefore, determination and resilience is a key discipline that should be practiced. Learn more:


Also starting a business may require a mentor to guide you. Don Deere is one of those who may help you with inspiration. Don Deere’s Lime Crime is one of the native beauty brands digitally today. Learn more:


Rocketship Education Changing Elementary Education for the Better

Rocketship Education is rethinking the sector of elementary education from the ground up. The network of Rocketship Education is made up of charter schools as well as communities. The purpose of the system of Rocketship Education is to make positive changes and create a brighter future by providing children with an outstanding elementary education that will set them up for success no matter their background or financial stability.

One of the founders of Rocketship Education is Mr. Preston Smith. He is also the chief executive officer of the institution. Mr. Preston Smith studied at the University of North Carolina and achieved a degree in Latin American Studies. Mr. Preston Smith is also the creator of L. U. C. H. A. Elementary School. He has always been a part of the education sector as Mr. Preston Smith has been employed at positions such as teacher and principal, as well as director of schools. His children are also studying at Rocketship Education and are a part of the Fuerza Community Prep.

Rocketship Education has been achieving quite the success. In the school year of 2015 – 2016 90% of the students came back to Rocketship Education. Each student has a seat available for them at their district school. Nonetheless, almost all of the students and parents chose the education that Rocketship Education offers. According to a study, both in maths and reading, the students at Rocketship Education had progress that was up to one year ahead of their peers who are attending a zoned district school. The study was very encouraging for parents and for the teachers at Rocketship Education. The community of Rocketship believes that if students receive a solid foundation in education during their elementary years, then they would have a far easier time transitioning to middle school. That transition is one of the most difficult ones in the life of a student. Everything changes – the environment, the teachers, the subjects re taught more in depth and they also have a change in environment.

At Rocketship Education, the community strives to not only educate children but also to give them confidence and prepare them for changes.