How Bernardo Chua Redefined Network Marketing

Originally from the Philippines, Bernardo Chua moved to the U.S. when he became president of Gano Excel USA, the firm he work for prior to founding Organo Gold in 2008.

Organo Gold’s primary product is organic coffee enriched with Ganoderma Lucidium, a mushroom extract widely used in ancient Chinese medicine, however, the company also sells teas and personal care products, also containing Ganoderma Lucidium.

According to Ad Week, Bernardo Chua’s business model, selling Organo Gold’s products through independent distributors, benefits men and women from around the world who have an opportunity to operate their own business selling products to health conscious consumers.

Each month, more than 4,000 new individuals decide to join Organo Gold’s network marketing program, either to sell products in-person or through their own personalized replicating website. Independent distributors can earn even more by developing a sales team of their own by personally sponsoring new distributors.

Besides being co-founder of Organo Gold along with Shane Morand, Bernardo Chua serves as the company’s CEO. Under Chua’s outstanding leadership, Organo Gold became the 55th largest direct selling company worldwide as determined by sales in less than ten years.

In his home country, Chua is something of a legend; he is continually going back to the Philippines to receive awards, including Direct Sales Company of the Year, the Dangal ng Bayan Award and a National Shoppers Choice award.

When Bernardo Chua accepted the Napoleon Hill Foundation’s Gold Medal Award, which honors those who motivate by example, he stated, “When we created Organo Gold, we set out to redefine network marketing.” Chua’s independent distributors would agree; he took a basic product that people consume everyday, and then upgraded it with gourmet beans and Ganoderma Lucidium, to make it even easier for individuals to sell.

Chua founded OG Cares as well, a foundation dedicated to improving the lives of children worldwide by helping them cultivate leadership skills.

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Cotemar the Leader in Oil and Gas Industry

Cotemar is a company in the oil and gas industry in Mexico founded in 1979. The main services they offer are construction, maintenance and modernization and supporting operations by the maritime; they also provide food and accommodation to individuals working in the area. The company has made a huge impact in the industry because of the excellent service they provide. Pemex can testify that Cotemar’s contribution in its offshore oil project helped for its success.

When it comes to construction, modernization, maintenance and engineering, Cotemar gives the clients the best; they star from the prefabrication to assembling and equipment commissioning and service lines. The semi-submerged platform can move swiftly to help in providing best service. Food and accommodation are also part of the services offered at the coast; they do food preparation, laundry and cleaning the rooms, so as to offer a comfortable stay. Lastly, they offer specialized and marine support boats to provide transportation to people working, food and light materials. Cotemar has vessels for firefighting, towing and for carrying the heavy loads; regular inspection is done to make sure they are always safe and in good condition.

Working for Cotemar is a joy on its level; they do not only care about their employees but their families too. The employees are given decent jobs and a chance to grow professionally; they make sure it is a safe place to work and are concern about their health too. Cotemar organizes sporting events for employees and their families, so they promote a sense of belonging.

For the community around them, the firm social institutions and programs through games, promoting culture and creating jobs for the people. Environmental safety is one of their priorities and makes sure they involve in good practices that will not affect the environment negatively. At Cotemar, business ethics are followed to the latter, to make sure they maintain the company’s values.

Cotemar is a corporation that has done well since they started and has had a positive impact on not only Mexican economy but abroad too. Their professionalism has made them an organization that clients want to work with; they have experienced and skilled workforce that delivers exactly what customers want and need and are there for them all step of the way. It is a high performance company that continually evolves and grows in the oil and gas industry and it has gained great reputation from clients. Cotemar is truly a global leader.

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Swiss Start up Factory Co Founder Mike Baur

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur based in Switzerland. He is the co founder of a company known as Swiss Start up Factory. This company helps provide funding sources as well as coaching to businesses that are starting up. As a result, Baur’s company has been able to assist a number of entrepreneurs reach their full business potential. Along with being the co founder of his own company, Baur has also participated in start up company investing. When he invested in start up companies, Mike would use his own capital to earn profits as well as get a first hand look on how lucrative investing in start ups is. This experience would also allow him to get a first hand indication on just how lucrative start up businesses can be. When he first began his career, Mike Baur worked for a number of banking firms in which he would provide entrepreneurs with the assistance they needed to launch their businesses.


Baur started out as a banking professional for a number of finance firms. During this time, he would often meet with a number of business managers and entrepreneurs who were looking to get funding for their companies. As well as getting the necessary funding sources, the entrepreneurs would also look for advice on how to best manage their debt and finances. Mike Baur was able to give these entrepreneurs the help they needed to maximize their success and ensure that their businesses reach their full potential. Mike would participate in the banking industry for two decades before moving on to another more lucrative venture.


When Mike left the banking industry, he began investing in start up companies. This proved to be a very lucrative venture for Mike as well as one that propelled him to entrepreneurship. Mike would often put his own money into a number of new emerging businesses with the hope of earning a high return. Fortunately for Mike, he was able to consistently make high profits with start up investing. As a result, he was able to come up with the start up capital to launch his own company known as Swiss Start up Factory. Since he was able to make high profits by investing in start ups, he got first hand experience in realizing the potential of start up companies. This experience was pivotal to allowing Mike to eventually move on to becoming one of the top entrepreneurs in Switzerland.

A Company’s Success Under Leadership Of Timothy Armour

Timothy Armour is the chairman of Capital Group, one of the world’s oldest and largest investment management company. He started his career as an equity investment manager in the same company. During this time, he handled global telecommunications and assumed the managerial position of the equity portfolio.

Partnership with Samsung Asset Management

Tim, who has over thirty years of experience in investment, has seen Capital Group rise from one glory to another. Few months after his appointment as the company’s chairman, Capital Group signed a partnership with a Korean management firm, Samsung Asset Management. Samsung Asset and Korea, in general, had statistical challenges relating to the financial requirement of the aging population. With the new partnership, Capital Group would help the former re-design their investment results. Mainly, the partnership will focus on four essential aspects including product supervision, finance administration, retirement organization, and distribution channel support.

Capital Group A Rating

Independent investor, Janet Young praised the company’s performance under the leadership of Timothy Armour. She termed Capital Group as a shining solid model with robust investment culture. Giving it an A rating, she praised the company for its persistent dealership globally.

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Advice to Investors

Timothy Armour, who has an economic degree from Middlebury University, feels that investors should not settle for the average investment returns. Timothy feels that there is many potential markets just waiting to be discovered. Investors should focus on employing managers who are willing to go out there and face those challenges.

To realize those markets, one need to utilize the available resources, and in particular for analysis purposes. By taking a brave step of moving out of your office comfort, one gets access to more information resources and at a faster rate than the competitors do.

Doing more than settling for the average also enhances someone’s analytical capabilities. Further, one can analyze cost effectively for their company’s investment strategy. To achieve this, one need to find active fund managers who are willing to step out in the market and learn.

Timothy has a strong desire of helping his clients understand the market as well as make the right investment decision. He has been playing a role throughout his career.

The Yellow Brick Road to Home Ownership Starts with NTC

For Years, the “American Dream” has been in the ability to engage in the ownership of ones own property. Though it is a dream of many, those that do finally take the leap find themselves in a mountain of paperwork. The task of purchasing a home can seem like an overdose of property laws, rules, and regulations that the average person is simply ill prepared for. One of the first major steps in home ownership is making sure the property has a clean title.


Nationwide Title Clearing, NTC, has prepared a “Yellow Brick Road” to success when researching the title to your new property purchase. NTC is based in Palm Beach, Florida and has over 25 years of experience in the residential mortgage industry. They are a privately-owned leading research and document processing service provider that services mortgage lenders, servicers and investors, which includes the likes of 8 of the top 10 mortgage servicing companies in the country.


The company provides a state of the art website that provides online property reports to help avoid the trouble of title defects. Title defects can occur when a person or entity tries to claim ownership on property that belongs to someone else, which becomes an issue of validity on the title. For this purpose, NTC has made it their business to provide reports that can help address title defects before the sale or transfer of property. These online reports are based on research that was drawn from actual land records and are available for any residential property nationwide. These reports include Assignment Verification Reports, Current Owner Reports, and Tax Status Reports.


Under heavy audited compliance regulations, NTC makes it their duty to provide the most reliable data that is available. They have coupled automation with human data verification from many different sources during the process of obtaining their database systems. The success of servicing most of the largest lenders in the US comes with lots of hard work and commitment from NTC.


They are constantly striving to be the best in their industry. NTC has currently opened a Dallas office which includes a new data center. This center will employ over 100 employees that provide overflow services for the firms data entry, online research, and file audit work. This is mainly due to the fluctuating work volumes that the company has had in paving that “yellow brick road” to a clean title.


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Changing your Style

Every so often everyone feels the need to change up their style. It might be out of necessity to keep up with changing trends, or it might be to match your inner style. Whatever the reason, as you change your taste in clothing, you can’t forget the most important part of your new style, your hair.

At best hair can be far more complex a part of style change, and at worst it can define your image which means if you have a bad hair style, it will resonate through the decades in bad family photos.

So there are a lot of things that you can do when you are working out the kinks of your new hair style. As most women know, your conditioner often runs out three times as quickly as your shampoo. So instead of spending a lot of extra money on basic shampoo and conditioner, you can spend your hard earned money on a complete hair care system.

So what is a haircare system? This is something that makes your hair vibrant and healthy. One such system growing in popularity is Wen hair by Chaz. This unique haircare system provides multiple products for spa-type hair care so no matter what your style is, your hair will look it’s best, alive and healthy.

The Wen by Chaz system comes at an affordable price allowing you to take home a spa treatment without spending a fortune. As compared to typical hair care such as shampoo and conditioner, Wen by Chaz have a product line which includes the 5-in-1 cleansing conditioner which includes shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave in conditioner.

With a haircare system like Wen by Chaz you will have a big advantage as you work to change your style. Hopefully the new hairstyle will be one you can look back on in family photos and not be embarrassed.

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Sam Tabar Provides Practical Investment Tips

This is the time of year when many people are reminding themselves of their new year’s resolutions and trying to stick to them. A survey by Fidelity Investments even indicates that 54% of consumers plan to make money-related resolutions for the upcoming year. However, the world of financial management and investments can be intimidating for people with little or not experience. Capital strategist and Columbia Law School-trained attorney Sam Tabar has revealed his most helpful investment tips to assist those who are new to the investment world, particularly those who want to increase their net worth and plan carefully for retirement.

Tabar warns people to beef up their financial portfolio with commodity trading. Sam Tabar says that these types of investments are particularly risky. Commodity markets can be a lot more volatile than mutual funds and stock markets, so investors have to do their due diligence before they invest in commodities.

Tabar says that he wouldn’t recommend commodity trading for casual or beginner investors. It takes a considerable amount of research to make a profit in commodity trading. Commodity investors also have to have the financial stamina and knowledge to absorb any short term losses.

Investing in private businesses is another alternative to the traditional stock market. Social entrepreneurship is becoming more popular, and investing is social startups could prove to be a sound financial decision, since it allows investors to make money by helping others. Tabar knows about this personally, since he recently invested in THINX, a woman’s undergarment manufacturer with a socially conscious message. The company will donate seven sanitary cloth paths to AFRIpads for each pair of underwear sold. AFRIpads seeks to help needy young women around the African continent.

No matter what the investment or level of expeirence is, Sam Tabar emphasizes the importance of a diversified portfolio. He shares that it’s easy for new investors to get involved in a new and exciting financial venture, or a stock that is outperforming similar stocks. However, it’s important to remember that all good things must come to an end, and investors shouldn’t put all their eggs in one basket for overall financial safety.

Why People Trust Talk Fusion

When people think about Talk Fusion, they tend to think about all of the innovations that come with it such as video email which allows for video marketing. Many people are intrigued by the ability to take part in video conferences and even video chat. Even when they hear about the different promotions that are available for people to take advantage of, this doesn’t even scratch the surface of what makes Talk Fusion so good. Even the reviews of satisfied and successful entrepreneurs do not capture the most important aspect of the company.

The one aspect of the company that is very helpful to its success is its support. While Talk Fusion has all of the innovative features for small businesses, it is the team that is available to help the user if they run into problems that make the company trustworthy. One thing is that Talk Fusion is built with the sole purpose of forming better customer relationships. Therefore, they are practicing for themselves what they want their customers to achieve. They don’t want the clients that have signed up for the service to figure it out all on their own. This is why they make it clear that the customer has the help available to them.

Talk Fusion was created with the right purpose in mind which is to make things easier for people. They also offer incentives for their members who take the time to master many different features of this product. The people behind Talk Fusion make it their business to help their customers grow their business. The company approaches the issue from what they can offer people. Users who get involved with the company will find that they have someone that will help them in every aspect of their careers. Of course there will be new innovations from Talk Fusion as well.

Todd Lubar: Multi-Faceted Businessman In Real Estate

Businessman Todd Lubar is the president of TDL Global Ventures LLC., and he also serves as the senior vice president to Legendary Investments. Lubar spent his early life around Washington D.C. where he was born and raised. He attended the Sidwell Friends School, a private Quaker school located in Northwest Washington D.C. When he moved to Highstown, New Jersey along with his family, he attended the public school. After graduation from Highstown High School, Lubar attended Syracuse University located in Upstate New York. In 1995 he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in speech communication.


After college, Lubar’s first job was as a loan originator with the Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Todd became interested in the Real Estate industry so he learned as much as possible about the model of conservative mortgage banking which would be invaluable in his future endeavors. He also took time to develop relationships with CPA’s, financial planners, Real Estate agents, and insurance agents. These people eventually formed the base of a great source of referral business. Todd was well on his way to making finance and Real Estate a life long career.


After working at Crestar for 4 years, Todd acquired an equity position with the lending company Legacy Financial Group out of Arlington, Texas in 1999. While at Legacy, Lubar was instrumental in expanding Legacy’s lending division in Maryland to more than $100 million dollars as the annual loan output. Lubar worked for Legacy for six years in the Maryland lending division. He then joined another mortgage lending company, Charter Funding where he was offered and accepted a job of senior vice president. He remained at Charter Funding until 2007, when he wanted to try other business ventures.


In 2002, Todd opened up a residential development company, Legendary Properties, LLC. He excelled in purchasing, selling and profiting from over 200 transactions that ran the gamut from single family dwellings to 20-unit multi-family dwellings. When mortgage industry went through transformations in 2007 and 2008, Todd took on other challenges such as opening a commercial demolition business where he gathered several huge contracts across the country. His variety of business interests allowed him to thoroughly understand every facet of the building and real estate industries. Lubar now is the president of TDL Global Ventures, LLC located in Bethesda, Maryland where he lives.

Keep in Mind When You’re Shopping for Furniture


When it comes to comfort, we all want the very best. Whether we are at the office or in the comfort of our home, we can all agree that a size accommodating, cozy and stylish recliner or sofa is important. Based on specific needs and wishes, I have outlined the top brands of recliners and sofas.


Tall People

If you are over six feet tall, look to Flash Furniture recliners and Catnapper Nolan sofas.


Short People

For those who are on the short side, ProLounger has great options for recliners, and Bauhaus is the best for sofas.


Plus Size

Plus size folks need durable furniture options that accommodate their size. If you need these specifications, check out Roundhill recliners and Flexsteel sofas.


Space Saving

If you are living in tight quarters, try Dorel Living for recliners and Ballard Designs for sofas.


Gaming X Rocker

X Rocker recliners and Opulent Items sofas are the best picks for hard core gaming.  You’ll be ready to grab some vintage soda brands, and just have fun with your friends.


Back Pain

If your main criteria for your furniture is is focused on nagging back pain, then Relaxzen recliners and Serta Upholstery sofas should be your first pick.


Kid and Pet-Friendly

Your littlest loved ones are the messiest creatures you will ever know. For furniture that accommodates their dirty deeds, look to Flash Furniture recliners and Crate & Barrel sofas.

Hot Tubs

Because sometimes you just need to be able to relax, and you can’t do all of that in a recliner.  This will afford you the opportunity to relax in a different way, and to be way more comfortable than you probably ever thought possible.  That’s one of the advantages of the top hot tub brands.