IAP Worldwide Services: A Global Leader In Technical And Emergency Services

When governments, corporations, humanitarian organizations or the military need help with advanced technical and professional services, facilities management or global-scale logistics quickly, IAP Worldwide is one of the first companies they call. IAP Worldwide Services is an international leader when it comes to emergency response, power services, health and emergency services, facilities operations, engineering and maintenance and more. They have the trained staff, cutting-edge equipment and experience to venture into the toughest environments and deliver the most complex services.

The experienced professionals at IAP Worldwide are known across the U.S. and internationally for their ability to excel at providing air fields, power fields, communication technology and a host of other expeditionary infrastructure services. They know how to set up and maintain supply chains, network communications, utility services and create custom-engineered infrastructure. When you need aviation support services, facilities engineering, permanent or temporary power plants construction, management and maintenance done right, contact IAP Worldwide. They have a track record of excellence.

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Private and public healthcare institutions in Europe, the Middle East and the U.S. depend on IAP for solutions to their scientific, administrative, health, management and maintenance problems. IAP Worldwide Services also has a great deal of expertise with renewable energy services. The thousands of talented men and women working on projects all over the world in adverse conditions are the backbone of the company. However the visionary leadership of key executives like CEO Douglas L. Kitani, Peter S. Gleave, CFO Terrence L. DeRosa, Rick Nohmer and Robert Hargis continues to play a very important part.

Founded in Cape Canaveral, Florida in 1990, the company originally was called International American Products. In March 2005 the name was changed to IAP Worldwide Services. IAP was actually a combination of a number of companies. Together have created a company which can do almost anything, almost anywhere, at a moment’s notice. IAP Worldwide recently won two major contracts. One is a $61 million plus federal contract to handle logistics for the U.S. Naval Air Systems Command. The other is a $53 million contract to provide support for the U.S. Army’s Distributed Common Ground System with training, fielding and integrated logistics.

IAP Worldwide Services was also one of four companies awarded a Global Contingency Support Multiple Award Contract II. It’s an indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract for the Naval Facilities Engineering Command that’s valued at up to $900 million. These contracts reflect the respect the military has for IAP Worldwide.

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Accountability Is Part Of Business

The Atlanta Hawks of the National Basketball Association went through a tremendous period of emotional unrest during a short span of time. The team was in transition from one ownership group to the next. There were also internal workings that needed to be situated between the team’s current executive body and it’s former general manager. The Danny Ferry case placed a strain on the Hawks current owning body. Bruce Levenson was the controlling partner of Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC. It was up to Bruce to negotiate the sale of the team and also navigate the situation that brewed with Danny Ferry’s claim of wrongful termination. Levenson eventually settled with Ferry. However, he would take on a fight with another organization.

Bruce Levenson is suing the insurance company AIG. The claims of wrongful termination made by the team’s former general manager triggered coverage clauses within the policy according to Levenson. The ownership group expected to be covered for legal fees that were accrued doing the process.

AIG never took part in the legal proceedings involving Danny Ferry. The company refused to acknowledge that the policy was triggered due to legal actions conducted by the current ownership group or the defending party.

The sale of the team was eventually approved to an ownership group led by Forbes billionaire Tony Ressler. Ressler and his partners are not implicated in any aspect of the lawsuit between UCG founder Bruce Levenson and AIG. The Atlanta Hawks have been able to move forward without any legal complications involving the previous owners or management.

Danny Ferry is also no longer involved with any legal proceedings regarding the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment ownership group. He reached a contract buy out of 18 million dollars.

AIG maintains its position and has made no public comment in relation to it’s legal complications with Bruce Levenson.

Some of Sam Tabar’s Biggest Accomplishments

Sam Tabar has a solid background in corporate law, with a highly accomplished career in the finance world. Mr. Tabar has been able to successfully manage hedge funds in addition to his current successes in the legal field. His career has also spanned across the globe, including stints in Hong Kong with PMA Investment Advisors. He was also head of Asia and Pacific capital as an attorney for Schulte, Roth, and Zabel. His experience and diverse background means that many people have a lot to gain from all of the knowledge which he has acquired across his many years of working with investments and hedge funds.

He is also involved in a major startup hedge fund called THINX which is making investments in women in Asia and Africa. THINX is an investment in the feminine hygiene business which aims to empower women whom have access to very few resources. He has also been involved in the management of many different independent funds.

Sam Tabar was also recently named to a position where he is now the head of Full Cycle Energy Fund. This is a major part of the career which he has had in the fund management industry. His infrastructure fund has also been able to invest in the conversion of waste products to energy. These waste to energy power products are designed to help address the issue of climate change. Furthermore, clean and compact design of the waste conversion plants means that demand is invested into the low carbon energy production systems.

Sam Tabar has built a very distinguished career in the legal field. He has done so through a great mix of experience and work with institutional investors. With targeted investments in institutional investors, he has been able to successfully navigate the landscape that is the legal and institutional investment industry. The most important distinguishing mark is that the processes are designed around developing waste-to-energy projects.

How Eucatex is Thriving Under Flavio Maluf’s Leadership

Eucatex is a Brazilian manufacturing firm established in 1951. The company uses eucalyptus products to manufacture wooden soft boards, which are supplied to construction firms and furniture manufacturers. The Sao Paolo based company exports its products to most South American countries. It has made a name for itself for producing high quality and low cost tiles and panels. Over the past two decades, Eucatex has experienced fast growth. This is attributed to Flavio Maluf’s leadership.

Maluf’s Expansion Policies

Under his leadership, the company has focused on upgrading its saw mills throughout Brazil. This expansion has been led by an industrial division that was formed by Mr. Maluf. Recently, the company begun manufacturing metal products at its factory in Barueri. This is part of its long-term strategy. Plans are underway to venture into the mining business.

Mr. Maluf has a solid background in business management and mechanical engineering. He has continually used his expertise in both areas to build strong structures that have enabled Eucatex to thrive. The family-owned company is slowly establishing a global footprint that will last for years to come. Flavio uses his social media accounts to outline the firm’s expansion strategies. This has endeared him to employees and suppliers alike.

Community Initiatives and Environmental Conservation

Maluf has led Eucatex in various initiatives aimed at promoting sustainability. Besides ensuring that all its operations are eco-friendly and sustainable, the company has been supporting various local initiatives. Maluf has been leading Eucatex employees in efforts to raise awareness about environmental protection. Within its organization there is a wood buying and environmental policy meant to safeguard clients against poor quality products.

In a bid to ensure that local communities benefit maximally from the firm’s operations, Maluf and his team have initiated a project that allows it to lease land for growing trees from farmers at competitive rates. This way, the company is guaranteed of a sustainable supply of raw materials. Besides this, Eucatex has developed numerous social actions aimed at integrating and supporting the learning activities of students in Sao Paolo. It has partnered with local NGOs to ensure that school going children in low income suburbs have access to facilities such as books.

Discover A Lip Balm That Is Chosen 10 to 1 Over Chapstick

Most women use lip balm and lipstick to enhance their lips and to cause them to stand out. Your lips are a very important part of your facial confidence. A quality lip balm can give you a inviolable boost towards yours beauty goals. EOS offers a petrolatum free base and has been chosen 10 to 1 over chapstick. The number one reason for choosing EOS lip balm is because of the organic contents provided through their products. In fact, most women have chosen to use all natural products for their beauty needs to avoid the harsh additives that threaten to dry or crack their lips with continued use of their products.

Why Women Are Flocking To Evolution Of Smooth?

Evolution of Smooth is a very popular EOS lip balm product that leaves your lips feeling extraordinarily smooth. Thousand of women around the world are choosing their products for a paraben-free, hypoallergenic, lip balm that is guaranteed to leave your lips feeling soft and looking sultry. More importantly, Evolution of Smooth is dermatologist tested and animal cruelty free. Nourish your lips with the all natural benefits of an EOS lip balm.

A recent article from Fast Company online reported that EOS lip balm products were brave enough to enter a saturated market and become the number one lip balm in the industry. Many celebrities have been seen whipping the pastel colored EOS lip balm from their handbags, including Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus. Purchase EOS from Walgreens, ULTA or Walmart on the beauty care aisle. The beauty editor at Cosmos was astounded by the effects of organic lip balm. You’re invited to try raving flavors like honeydew, grapefruit, vanilla bean, and sweet mint balm. Give your lips a one of a kind treatment that’s affordable on practically, any budget.

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