Successfully Winning a Whistleblower Case

If you are struggling over the decision to come forward as a whistleblower or not, you likely are considering the fact that in many cases, the lives of those people that blow the whistle on corruption and fraud may be turned upside down. However, in terms of protection, the path to successfully becoming a whistleblower, without major repercussions is a lot easier. The biggest reason for this is the fact that there were protective acts that have been put in place, which encourage whistleblowers to come forward and expose companies and organizations that are in violation of the Securities Exchange Commission. The Dodd-Frank Act has changed the game and has not only helped potential whistleblowers to be protected from the companies that they are exposing, they are also offering monetary incentives. If a whistleblower wants to come forward, and the party they are pointing the finger at ends up getting sanctions levied against them, the whistleblower can now get up to thirty percent of the total sanctions. This can be a huge deal, especially when you consider the fact that there are multi-million dollar whistleblower cases that are now being settled frequently.

While the path is undoubtedly a lot easier for a whistleblower these days, it is still very important to find a lawyer that knows what they are doing. In most cases, the best course of action is to find an SEC whistleblower attorney and hire them to represent you throughout your case. An SEC whistleblower lawyer that takes on these cases frequently will have a great chance at getting a decent settlement, so make sure you look into law firms that specialize in whistleblower cases. Another great thing about finding one of these lawyers is the fact that not only will they have a good idea as to whether or not you will win your case, but they more than likely will not require any money upfront. For the majority of these types of cases, an SEC whistelblower attorney will look at the case and decide whether or not the case has a decent chance of winning in court. If they determine that the case is valid, they will almost always offer their services and represent the individual, while only requiring that a certain percentage of the winnings are paid out. This means that they will have protection because of the Dodd-Frank Act and will not have to put any money upfront to retain a lawyer.

Bruce Levenson Leads Insurance Claim Case Dating Back To Hawks Ownership

Bruce Levenson and his fellow consortium members in the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment LLC group may have sold the NBA franchise in June 2015, but they are still fighting a legal case to receive compensation for the mutual termination of former general manager Danny Ferry’s contract. Levenson and his consortium agreed to terminate the six year $18 million contract of Ferry just two days before the sale of the Hawks was agreed with Tony Ressler’s consortium, which eventually allowed Levenson to exit the franchise he had headed as owner since 2004.


The life of Bruce Levenson has always been filled with many different areas of interest, which have recently included traveling to various exotic locations in the world with wife Karen since the sale of the Hawks was completed; despite his travels Levenson has never forgotten his roots in the Maryland and Washington D.C. areas he has called home throughout his life.

According to the Time Magazine, throughout his career Bruce Levenson has been willing to innovate and use the latest technologies to make sure his career continues on an upward trajectory. Levenson was working as a journalist when he and fellow former Hawks owner Ed Peskowitz created an oil industry newsletter in a spare room that woulod change the way information was passed throughout this and many other industries; Levenson and Peskowitz have moved from producing newsletters to using the Internet to provide information in real time that can be enjoyed by members of different industries.

The case against AIG will be heard in Fulton County and will test the use of constructive dismissal insurance policies after lawyers for the former Hawks owners stated the insurance giant was refusing to discuss the claim made. Lawyers for Bruce Levenson’s group claim a potential claim was discussed with AIG as early as April 2nd 2015 over claims already made by Danny Ferry.



Dr. Avi Solving Sleep Apnea

Sleep is something that all humans need to be able to operate and feel proper. It is a necessity of our body so that our brain has the time to relax and process the day that we have just been through. If you have ever been sleep deprived or just had a poor night of sleep you understand that the next day you don’t feel a hundred percent because your body is not yet fully charged. If this happens constantly to people, like those with sleep apnea, it can lead to further issues because it adds stress to the brain and body. This accumulated stress has been shown to increase the chance of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and stroke showing that this is a serious problem.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel understands the dangers of sleep apnea and has been using his dental knowledge to try and find a solution to the medical issue. He has been able to develop a new type of treatment for patients that makes it so bulky masks are no longer required, essentially making treatment much less complicated for the patient. The new device is called THN Sleep Therapy and is an implant that is placed to help with the airflow issues that sleep apnea patients have issues with when sleeping. The product was recently approved for clinical testing by the Food and Drug Administration and will hopefully come back with positive results. Dr. Avi wishes to aim the new treatment at both primary and secondary care physicians so that sleep apnea patients can get the treatment they need at all levels.


Dr. Avi is well versed in the dental world having started his first practice in 1999. Along with this, he founded Dental Sleep Masters, which is the company developing this new sleep apnea product. This amount of experience in these somewhat different parts of the dental field has given him the skills that he uses today to press forward with his new product and hopefully find a better treatment for sleep apnea.

Steve Murray Passes Away

Stephen Murray is among the founding partners in CCMP Capital. He has served the company as the Chief Executive Officer for many years. CCMP Capital is one of the largest buyout institutions in the US that is privately held.

Not long ago, the company reported that Steve Murray had passed away. According to the report, Steve Murray was fifty-two years old at the time of his death. Murray has worked for the privately held institution for several decades in different positions. Just one month before his death, Steve Murray decided to resign from his post as the Chief Executive Officer on Wikipedia to take care of his health. Fortune Magazine had previously reported that Steve Murray had serious health problems for a long time.

After his death, CCMP Capital leadership has been given to Greg Brenneman, the former chairperson of the company on When Steve Murray stepped down from his position, a month had chosen Greg to lead the institution. Greg is also one of the individuals who have worked for the company for a long duration, and he has a lot of experience in leadership.

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Greg Brenneman and his team of professionals from CCMP Capital have expressed their sadness about the death of their former CEO. According to Greg, Steve Murray was one of the most influential individuals in the company, and his contributions to the company have played a crucial role in the success experienced in the past. CCMP Capital will miss his contributions. He had worked for the company for twenty-five years, and he knew everything about the operations of the institution.

Steve Murray was also the longest serving Chief Executive Officer of CCMP Capital. He was also one of the partners in the successful leverage buyout company. He was respected for being a good investor and one who could make the best deals in the market. Most of his career was spent mostly in the competitive and challenging private equity industry, and he brought a lot of changes. He was also an excellent leader, and his company did very well under his leadership.

Steve Murray joined CCMP Capital in 1989 when he was still young. CCMP Capital changed ownership many times, but he still worked there. In the year 2006, the private company was able to stand alone, thanks to his skills. He was in charge buyout activities for several years, and in 2006, he was chosen to become the CEO of the company.

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Manse On Marsh Announces New CEO


Located in San Luis Obispo Manse on Marsh is of the best award winning assisted living communities in California. For years the community has served those with the greatest need for professional assistance in living on a daily basis. The Manse on Marsh retirement community is undergoing changes with a new chief executive officer being one of these changes. Farron Bernhardt will now serve as the CEO of the assisted living community, as per PR Web’s announcement. Bernhardt chose the job because enjoys helping those in need and giving their families the comfort of knowing that their loved ones are getting the best care possible. Prior to this position Bernhardt worked for the Nevada Housing and Neighborhood Development where he focused on renovating older neighborhoods and creating new neighborhoods.



The Recognition Of Manse On Marsh

The help the Manse On Marsh provides for those in need of assistance has garnered praise and awards throughout the country. Last March Manse on Marsh received the “Caring Star” award for its excellence in assisted living services. Awards like these are frequently awarded to Manse on Marsh such as the 3 consumer awards it won in 2013. A trip to the assisted living community leaves no wonder as to why these awards are handed out. The residents of Manse on Marsh live in spacious furnished rooms, eat quality food at open dining facilities, and social activities to keep the residents busy all day. Indeed Manse on Marsh sets an entirely new standard.  Check out the review aggregate on Yelp to get a feel for why this facility is so popular, and why it remains an ideal replacement for living in one’s own home.


Mike Baur Accomplishments in the Finance Industry

Mike Baur is a respected entrepreneur based in Switzerland. He is also one of the individuals who has made significant changes in the finance industry. He was raised in Switzerland, and that is where most of his businesses are based. He specializes in the banking and finance department and mentors upcoming entrepreneurs.


When Mike Baur was still in high school many years ago, he discovered that he had a particular interest for the finance department. When he finished his high school, he joined the industry, and he has never looked back. He has worked hard to achieve a lot of success. Mike believes that working in this industry gives him the satisfaction he needs in life.


As he was still practicing his career, he went for his university education. In the University, he specialized in the finance industry until he acquired his degree. After getting his degree, he was employed by many organizations. He served in Swiss Private Banking, one of the most famous companies in the country. At this institution, he acquired a lot of expertise, and he was given several positions. His contributions played a major role in the success of the organization. By the time he was leaving the company, he was one of the top executives, thanks to his contributions.

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After working for the Swiss Private Banking Company for more than twenty years, Mike Baur decided to start his company. Armed with a lot of experience and hard work, Mike partnered with several other individuals to form the Swiss Startup Factory. The group worked hard to make the new institution one of the most successful startups in the world. The accelerator company has done very well, helping many investors in the world.


The Swiss Startup Factory is a renowned accelerator company in the world. The company helps young entrepreneurs to venture into the competitive business world. The firm offers these entrepreneurs a three-month program. During the program, the entrepreneurs are educated about the market and mentored to be successful. At the end of the program, these individuals are given good working spaces at Zurich. These offices are situated in perfect areas, and it is easy for their businesses to prosper. The Swiss Startup Factory has many networks in different parts of the world. The institution uses these networks to help the upcoming entrepreneurs to do well. Under Mike Baur’s leadership, the Swiss Startup Factory has been very successful, earning a lot of revenue.



WorkVille Offers Quality Coworking Spaces In NYC


Coworking spaces are a new trend in small businesses and start-ups that are becoming increasingly popular. According to a article, there may be substantiated reasons for this popular work alternative. The article states that Hawthrone, a large furniture manufacturer, led a report to see the effects of coworking spaces on business productivity for both larger corporations as well as smaller businesses and freelancers. The report suggests that “co-working offers great potential for fostering innovation”. It seems that the environment created within these spaces is less hierarchical than the traditional workplace. Workers can feel more equal and more autonomous in these collaborative environments which can lead to invigorated work drive and increased productivity. One of the most popular places for this new trend of coworking spaces is in NYC. It is a well-known fact that finding quality work space in this massive city can be a daunting task.


Workville NYC is a company that offers coworking space NYC. At a central location, these coworking spaces are conveniently close to Bryant Park, Time Square and major hubs of transportation. Workville offers a variety of options for clients including open desks, move-in ready offices as well as shared offices. For extra workspace, Workville features a lounge, cafe and three terraces for those who like a little fresh air during the work day. With a community of successful start-ups and small businesses, there is a feeling of productivity and efficiency at the Workville coworking spaces.


The coworking spaces offered by Workville NYC offer all of the necessary features and amenities that companies and individuals need to succeed. The central location of Workville at 1412 Broadway makes it easily accessible from any point within the city. Fast internet ensures that workers can stay connected and work without interruption or delay. For those who want to work late or all night long will be happy to know there is 24 hour access at these offices. Private phones and mail service are also provided services. There is also coffee and daily cleaning included. These features and more are what make the Workville offices some of the best coworking space NYC.

SEC Whistleblower Program Awards Labaton Sucharow Client

The law firm known as Labaton Sucharow LLP has recently announced that a $17 million award has been given to a client who they represented. The award was given after a considerable amount of wrongdoing took place in the financial services industry. To date, this is the second largest award given through the SEC Whistleblower program. With this program, whistleblowers are able to receive 10 to 30 percent of any monetary sanctions obtained by enforcement. A client of Labaton Sucharow provided a lot of significant information that helped lead to major sanctions against a prominent party in the financial securities industry. Although the whistleblower has helped make a positive impact for the program, they have chosen to remain anonymous.

According to Jordan Thomas the main whistleblower lawyer, the whistleblower client helped expose a number of people who were on the verge of hurting investors. He has also expressed his belief that the whistleblower program will result in a number of more cases due to the courageousness of people looking to report wrongdoing in the securities industry. Along with this recent client, Jordan Thomas represented the first officer of a public company who reported wrongdoing and received an award for his efforts. With his representation and assistance, a number of people are now able to easily report abuses in the financial industry and hold these people accountable.

The firm known as Labaton Sucharow is a specialized law firm that represents individuals and companies that are looking to report violations in the securities industry committed by certain parties. For over 50 years, the firm has represented numerous businesses, consumers and institutional investors in litigation cases. This firm was the first in the United States to focus on protecting and advocating for whistleblowers who report any violations to the Securities and Exchange Commission. The firm has a comprehensive team of experts who help make cases against unethical financiers. With this firm, clients can get assistance from a SEC whistleblower lawyer along with investigators, financial analysts and forensic accountants.

With a reputable SEC whistleblower attorney, many consumers, investors and companies will get expert representation when looking to get awards and enforce sanctions. The firm has been a vital asset for the Securities and Exchange Commission when looking to reduce the amount of misconduct in the financial industry. Its sole focus on practicing securities law litigation has made Labaton Sucharow the premier firm for dealing with abuses in the financial securities industry.

Naomi Campbell Takes On Many Roles, Including The Role Of Actress

Of all the supermodels that were ever famous, Naomi Campbell is one that can never be forgotten. Besides the fact that she is still doing modeling to this day as well as other projects, she continues to have her face shown everywhere, including on very popular television shows. In the past, Naomi flexed her acting muscles and was on the show “New York Undercover,” which was a hot TV show that also made Naomi’s career hotter too.

After being on the show for some time, she left the show and continued working as a model, but she has now returned to the small screen again for the hit Fox show “Empire.” New York Undercover was also on the Fox network too, so it looks as if Naomi has sealed her relationship with the Fox Corporation. Empire is the second highest rated show in the United States, and Naomi has had a recurring role on the show. It’s even been proven that Naomi Campbell has helped the ratings on the show to soar, which proves just how much she is still beloved.

Even though Naomi has moved on from Empire and is doing other projects, she still continues to stay busy. Writing a book, working with current supermodels, working with fashion designers and more is keeping Naomi busy all the time. Although Naomi has a wonderful English accent, she has a Jamaican heritage, which many people did not know about. With her beautiful eyes and gorgeous face, she is a head turner anywhere she goes, not just because of the fact that she’s famous.

Naomi is helping to mold the next generation of supermodels, including GiGi and Bella Hadid, who are now known as two of the biggest supermodels in the world. Naomi passes on her talents to those who are willing to follow her, and she can be accredited as the reason why GiGi Hadid has become so popular and has become a supermodel. Naomi continues her legacy and still does modeling gigs once in a while, but she still likes to help others with modeling when she can.

John Goullet Solving Challenges Facing the Ever-growing IT Workplace through DIVERSANT LLC

DIVERSANT LLC is the most recognized and fastest growing IT staffing and solutions firm in the United States held by African-Americans. The firm has experienced an expansion rate of over double that for its competitors in the IT staffing sector. This tremendous growth is an indication that the company is capable of providing IT talents and diversity solution for its midmarket and Fortune clients. DIVERSANT LLC attributes its success to its consultative approach and team spirit.

The company appreciates the role played by both consultants and clients and views them as business associates. It tries to achieve a perfect understanding of their personal needs and challenges. This move allows DIVERSANT LLC to come up with strategic solutions instead of delivering commoditized products and services. The name DIVERSANT mirrors the belief of the founding partners that the fostering of diversity within the workplace is an ideal strategy for doing business.

Why DIVERSANT is an ideal choice

Apart from offering compensation and employment opportunities in a varied set of sectors, and senior level positions, DIVERSANT offers a perfect match between IT experts and their job of interest. Its collaboration with the top Fortune 500 and middle market firms provides its job seekers with the necessary options they require to launch a successful career in the IT industry.

John Goullet

John Goullet is a veteran entrepreneur who has launched several successful startups in the IT industry. Immediately after earning his higher education, he ventured into information and technology sector as an IT consultant. He noticed that companies across different sectors had a difficult time when it came to recruiting IT talent. Therefore, he ventured into the IT staffing specialty to offer exceptional staffing solutions.

With a perfect mastery of market trends, Goullet instituted Info Technologies in 1994. The firm focused on delivering solutions to Fortune 500 companies nationally. In a span of five years, Info Technologies has grown to over $30 million, securing a top ten position in the list of 500 fastest growing companies published on the Inc. Magazine. Currently, Goullet is in charge of daily operations and expansion plans of DIVERSANT LLC. His new position enables him to further his passion for creating unique strategies for addressing challenges facing the ever-growing IT marketplace.

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