Doug Levitt: A Voice For The Struggling

When it comes to people that are faced with struggles, they are all but forgotten. Fortunately, there are people like Doug Levitt that are looking to provide a voice for them. Doug Levitt is a singer songwriter who is also writing a book about the struggling in America. Often times, people look at those that are struggling as if they are invisible at best. However, the people that are struggling are also human and they have the right to be heard. Fortunately, Doug Levitt has decided to travel by Greyhound for 10 years so that he can get the stories that are traveling.

Levitt has also decided to gather pictures of families so that he could put a face to each story. Each of the stories that one would read in his book are going to be filled with a lot of heartache as well as inspiration. For one thing, it could let people know that no matter how far one falls, it is never too late. He could climb back up and get his life back on track. It also lets other struggling people know that they are not alone. When they read these stories, they may get the motivation they need to keep pushing forward.

Doug Levitt also offers free concerts so that people could listen some of his greatest hits. He also has songs that he has written based on the stories that he has collected during his travels on the Greyhound Bus. His project for The Greyhound Diaries is an ongoing project which he models after the WPA initiatives back in the 1930s. His intentions are similar to the initiatives which is to show a fuller picture of America which include the people that are struggling to get by. Doug Levitt has spoken on the issue in various interviews.

How Is Sergio Cortes

Extra has made a report on how Sergio Cortes has made strides in helping people after the Xerem flood. He is going to the area to make sure that people are safe, and he is working with local authorities to give people more options for medical care and water.

There is a water shortage in the area that has been made worse by the flood, and Sergio Cortes made sure that the country is offering the resources that people need/ People need to have clean water that they can drink, and they need health screens when they are met by the crews that bring the water. Cortes is helping with all of that from his offices in the capitol, but he also wants to be sure that he can keep people healthy.

He knows that there are a lot of airborne and waterborne diseases that he needs to fight, and he will keep sending people to the state to be sure they can help the people who were hit the worst. There are some people who are going to have a chance to get their lives back together with the resources that are offered, and they will be able to ask for more health services if they need them.

The people who are coming out to help every day to make sure that there is a recovery worth having in the Xerem state, and Sergio Cortes is making sure that the federal government is paying for it. Anyone who was hit by the floods wants to be sure that they will be able to get government services, and they can trust that Cortes will keep supplying these things to the people of the Xerem state.

The flood that hit Brazil in Xerem has been one of the worst things that has happened to the people in the state. Sergio Cortes is trying to make sure that everyone in Brazil is healthier, and he even has water resources for people that do not have clean water. He believes that everyone can life a good life with health services his division provides.

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The Illustrative Career Of Raj Fernando

Raj is the proprietor of Chopper Trading. He founded the corporation in 2002. Initially, he worked as a trader at the Chicago Board of Trade and Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Since 1997, Raj has been a productive member of the exchange. For 7 years, he was working on CBOT’s floor. Owing to his extensive experience, Raj served as a cash bond trader.

Over the years, he has been involved in different philanthropic activities within the United States, particularly in Chicago. He is an active member of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. In addition, Raj has been engaged in fundraising activities for the various Democratic causes and candidates. In the past, he has been involved in raising funds for the William J. Clinton Foundation as well as President Barack Obama. Raj has been on record asserting that his company, Chopper Trading, was the third largest contributor of funds for Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns. At Beloit College, Raj pursued an undergraduate degree in economics and history.

Raj Fernando has been writing on different topics and posting the articles on his blog. In one of these articles, he writes about “Changing the Way We Get Information.” According to Raj, different corporations have come up with excellent platforms that people can use to get information. However, he questions the security, credibility and meaningfulness of the information. He asserts that when he founded Chopper Trading, he was certain that the corporation would only be as good as his people (employees). It is for this reason that he placed a premium on developing a vibrant and strong workforce right from the ground up.

Raj contends that if each employee were empowered and encouraged to source for information from their peers, they would develop, in their careers, on their own pace. This free-flowing information exchange worked for the company. Raj believes that it can work for every employer. He continues to say that without credible intelligence and authentic information, the power of engagement in real-time and global networking would be worthless. Raj concludes by stating that the information that people are using is what they need to hear but not what other individuals would like them to hear.

Highland Capital Management Hires Linda Own As Part Of Its Efforts To Expand Its Charitable Giving Program

Prominent civic leader, Linda Own, is appointed to manage the charitable giving program of the Dallas based firm, Highland Capital Management. According to the CEO of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero, Linda Owen is probably the best person to oversee the ever-growing philanthropic activities of his firm. James teamed up with Linda Own because Linda has a proven track record of developing high-profile private-public partnerships in the area. As the former President and CEO of Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation and The Real Estate Council, Linda has managed a variety of successful projects including the development of Klyde Warren Park and numerous real estate projects.

According to reliable sources, Linda will be in charge of philanthropic activities of Highland Capital Management, which are conducted through Dallas Foundation. One of the primary reasons for selecting Linda Owen is to ensure that over $3 million funds ,distributed annually to local nonprofits, can make a long-term impact on the development of these nonprofits. In fact, such concern is a result of the company culture at Highland Capital Management where its top executives actively contributed to the development of nonprofits through board service and other leadership roles. Therefore, Linda Owen is also likely to play an important role, which goes beyond the usual management roles in other organizations.

There is a long list of nonprofits, which are supported by Highland Capital Management. The list includes the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, the Center for Brain Health, the Dallas Zoo, Uplift Education, Snowball Express and the American Heart Association, among many other. In fact, James Dondero, CEO of the Highland Capital Management, was already well-known for his contribution to Dallas communities even before the setup of existing philanthropic program.

Dondero started his investment career in 1985. Since then, he has worked at numerous leadership roles at prominent investment firms. As the founder and CEO of Highland Capital Investments, James has nearly $19 billion under his supervision. The company offers several award-winning products for institutional and retail investors, which also includes 5-star Morningstar ratings for specific funds.


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Talk Fusion Brings Innovation To The World Of Marketing

Talk Fusion offers an innovative yet simple solution for your marketing needs. With simple one click emails, business owners have the ability to reach more potential clients and customer with less time and effort. Talk Fusion adds a personal touch ti the word of marketing and advertising. by combining modern technology with communication, Talk Fusion delivers a new and exciting way to reach your potential client base. The video marketing feature received the 2010 Communications Solutions Product of The Year Award presented by the Technology Marketing Corporation. This award marks the second award received by Talk Fusion in 2016 for their innovative new marketing technique. Co-founder of Talk Fusion Bob Reina says customer should expect to see much more in the near future, and that the simple email marketing video is only the beginning.Your text to link…

Talk Fusion was founded by Bob Reina with a goal of assisting small business and startups with promising their brand. Originally, the company’s primary focus was video email marketing. Understanding the importance of maintaining competitive advertisement is important to the success of your business. In 2014, in an effort to keep up with the increased use of technology Talk Fusion expanded their offerings. Aside from video email, Talk Fusion now offers a mobile app called “Fusion On The Go”, a video newsletter and an E-subscription service that offers video autoresponders.

Business owners can choose from several different packages, and even have a chance to earn commission for sharing the Talk Fusion opportunity with their friends and family.The Talk Fusion software and platform are both available on any and every device. Businesses all over the word have enjoyed the unique and competitive marketing options offered through Talk Fusion. The ability to freely and quickly connect and communicate with potential clients is what sets Talk Fusion apart from its competitors. The team at Talk Fusion works tirelessly to promote better living and help empower business owners and professionals one click at a time.

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Kenneth Goodgame Leadership Skills helps True Value Company to Succeed

Since 2013 Kenneth Goodgame has been serving as the senior deputy president and chief marketing executive of a firm known as True Value Hardware Company. He graduated from the University of Tennessee where he majored in Finance and Marketing. He is highly recognized for creating high-performance team players, and he is also a professional in profit and loss management. With the help of his vast experience, product know-how, and consumer-concentrated philosophy, Kenneth can lead True Value to its prosperity.

His ground-breaking programs are designed to bring instant impact in the international marketplace as his product launching methods have significantly assisted in making True Value Company a globally acknowledged brand. Before joining the True Value, Kenneth worked at Ace Hardware as a Global Material Manager where he managed to increase record sales and designed long-term development strategies.

In 2012, Ken was appointed as the president of Rubbermaid Cleaning Products and he was able to design innovative programs in infection decreasing micro-fibre cleaning products that are currently being used in hospitals. Mr Kenneth as well formed and patented a new technology in their mop bucket systems known as wave break.

Even though Kenneth Goodgame is highly recognized for his excellent leadership skills in the field of product formation and brand recognition, his packaging creativities, sales, and promotional planning have attested to be just as imperative. He as well has the management capability to take several ideas and combine them into an engrossed and cohesive vision. This helps in empowering his workmates for the reason that they are all aware that they are making substantial support to the productivity of the business.

His enduring dream for the firms he has managed to offer his services assisted a great deal in establishing and sustaining their marketplace position and build his reputation as a real innovator and leader in the retail field.

About Kenneth Goodman

Ken is the senior leader with diverse managerial leadership roles at hardware manufacturing sector. Recently while working at Ace Hardware, Ken formulated and led innovative retail development tactics that have initiated a broad influence and significantly enriched wholesale and retail sales for Ace retailers.

Eric Pulier is a Seasoned and Charitable Entrepreneur

Eric Pulier is a busy professional who has a strong reputation in the computer software universe. He works as both an entrepreneur and author. He concentrates on many philanthropic activities as well. He’s a Los Angeles, California resident. He didn’t grow up anywhere near the City of Angels, however. Eric Pulier is a Teaneck, New Jersey native. He’s been enjoying the Southern California lifestyle ever since his cross country relocation all the way back in 1991. Pulier has helped set up a vast assortment of technology firms over the past 25 years or so.

Pulier graduated from Harvard University in the mid-1980s. He’s been a big part of many technology entities since that time period. He helped launch a company that’s known as ServiceMesh, Inc. He created an organization that’s known as the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council. He’s worked as the Chief Executive Officer of vAtomic Systems, Inc. The list is quite lengthy. Pulier has been a strong force for other firms such as Media Platform, Inc., US Interactive, Inc., Digital Evolution and Akana. Akana used to be known as SOA Software. Pulier was the chairman and CEO of this company.

Philanthropy is a major aspect of Pulier’s life. The father devotes a significant portion of his time to his philanthropic passions. He is particularly fond of technological missions that can help manage issues in impoverished settings all over the globe. He’s also interested in aiding American children who suffer from physical impairments. Pulier is involved with the Painted Turtle. He’s a board member for the group. The Painted Turtle is a charitable effort that was established by the team of Lou Adler and Paul Newman. Its main objective is a summer camp. This camp is close to Lake Hughes, California’s scenic Lake Elizabeth. It was designed to cater to youngsters who are in the middle of dealing with chronic and potentially fatal medical ailments.

Pulier is a highly knowledgeable computer software expert. He knows a lot about essential topics such as entrepreneurship, business techniques, enterprise architecture, product development, mobile applications, Internet services, business alliances, software project management, technical writing and scalability.

Finding A Job Vs. Creating A Job

When it comes to finding work, it can be very hard for anyone no matter the qualifications and experience. Fortunately, it can actually be a bit easier and more worthwhile to create a job. This is what John Goullet has done. He has created a company for the IT industry which has eventually merged with another company to carry the name Diversant. Diversant was originally a company started by Gene Waddy. John Goullet’s company was known as Info Technologies. Gene and John have decided to collaborate together so that they can provide a successful business venture for people that are looking for work in the IT industry.

John Goullet has gotten his start as an IT consultant before he moved up to staffing. He has developed a very clear understanding of market trends. This knowledge has given him the ability to found his company. He has grown Info Technologies to $30 million. As a result, it was listed on Inc. Magazine as one of the 500 fastest growing companies. It landed the number 8 spot. Even though John and Gene have merged their companies together in order to form Diversant LLC, John Goullet remains as the principal of the company. Therefore, he has a lot of influence on the decisions of the company when it comes to meeting the challenges that the changing marketplace is faced with.

Diversant is not only one of the companies that are very effective in addressing the issues in the IT marketplace, it is also one of the companies that is very helpful for the African American community. African American IT experts are better able to get work in the IT industry. Diversant is making a huge impact in many aspects of life. John Goullet and Gene Waddy have proven themselves to be one of the influential powerhouses and shining examples of how to run a business and succeed.

Luxury Perks of NYC’s Multi-Million Dollar Properties

The housing market consistently devises flashy incentives to convince buyers to make a purchase. A problem arising in big cities throughout the United States is that extravagant homes once in demand now remain vacant. How can realtors persuade billionaires to capitalize in multimillionaire real estate? A key element has been focusing on extra selling points to make buyers believe their purchase is well invested. Lavish enticements have been collected as an essential marketing tool to combat selling dilemmas.

Cars are molding into an extravagant perk. The priciest condo in New York now includes a million dollar yacht and two Rolls-Royce Phantoms with the purchasing price. Private restaurants have not been excluded in million dollar properties too. A five-star restaurant exclusively services New York residents of 432 Park Avenue. Some luxurious property owners receive shuttle service to beaches in their building’s Tesla Model X and have access to courtesy charging stations for electric vehicles. Exquisite art collections are also optional bonuses either included or available in home purchases. Other inducements like backyard concrete water slides and expensive furnishing have been thrown into price tags. One delicious and unique feature included in a mansion was an enormous candy wall that supplied a variety of 25 different candies.

The first step in locating the perfect million dollar dream home is finding the right realtor to use. In the land of NYC properties, Town Residential is one of the most opulent real estate service firms in New York. Specializing in luxury sales that include leasing and development have been a contributing factor to the firm’s success. A core team of expert realtors provide clients with outstanding, knowledgeable experience and high level service. Top executive leadership and team dedication have been the driving force for quality customer care and unbeatable services.

Town Residential also provide clients access to helpful resources. Town Guides supply useful information for decisions like buying, selling, renting and financing. Relocation services support customer incoming and in-market managers and personnel during relocation. Trustworthy data and methodology are composed in market reports for referencing convenience. The firm’s website also gives access to useful resources and services.

SEC Whistleblowers Assured Protection by the Law

The rights of all consumers need to be protected by the service providers and producers. Different products have a particular niche, but there are those that cut across all sectors that affect everyone in the country. The financial sector, for instance, has an impact on all investors and business persons and also everyone in their different professions. Quality services need to be provided to everyone, and they are treated in a respectable manner. Various government organs have realized the need for this and have put measures in place to protect their citizens.

In 2010 the Senate enacted the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, the program is meant to protect all consumers and more so the whistleblowers who often faced a lot of challenges at their place of work and with the authorities once they were identified. The Labaton Sucharow was among the first law firms that emerged to protect the whistleblowers, with the enactment of the act. Under the influence of Jordan A. Thomas, the company developed the proposed and later enacted whistleblowers rules. This was a great achievement, and it attracted a lot of clients.

A whistleblower can be at risk of harm from either their colleagues or the public at large, more so those that deal with large financial firms and institutions. Reporting to the security and exchange commission takes a big step and hence the need for representation. However, adequate and viable information has to be given. The act stipulates that potential whistleblowers be paid by SEC 10-30% monetary sanction as a result of successfully implemented actions. The Dodd-frank also protects whistleblowers against retaliation by employees for reporting to the SEC; however, the whistleblowers may opt to remain anonymous while reporting.

We all ought to fight the wrongs against us in whatever places we are at the time. Whistleblowers only give hints to problems that are there in the organizations, all in a bid to make the world we live in better. They hence require representation of a good SEC Whistleblower lawyer for them to be confident in their choices and guaranteed protection of the law as well. A SEC Whistleblower attorney enables them to seek the justice they wish to see and improve the performance of services. Contact to the SEC can be via emails, electronic submission on their website or through phone calls. Initial consultations are free, and there’s attorney-client privilege. However, it is not advisable to give a lot of details, regarding your report during initial discussions.