Norka Martinez Luque: The New Music Talent

Norka Martinez Luque is a new air of positivity that motives each one of us to pursue their dreams. Her story is one that is full of inspiration and motivation where the impossibilities are a vocabulary that never exists. Norka Luque is a Venezuelan dreamer who discovered her love and passion for music at a very tender age. She has always had a clear goal in the music period.

As a young child together with the unconditional support that came from her parents, she began classes in the musical training classes at her academic education with ballet, piano, and flamenco. Norka Luque studied a degree in business administration in France and received a degree in marketing, culinary art as well as fashion. In France, she had a very excellent opportunity to become part of a band that was in operation in France. She kept on being connected to her dreams in pursuing music as a lifetime goal.

It was not until four years ago when Luque met Emilio Estefan, a music producer, and showed her that she was interested in hearing her piece. This was the biggest door that ever opened for her, and she seized the opportunity with both of her hands. It was one rare opportunity tat many talented upcoming artists never find quickly. She felt that the producer liked her music and started working with him he felt like working with him was a miracle that she had never had in her life before because she kept learning something new every day she was with him in the studio. Emilio used to say that she was a very talented singer. Luque’s faith and belief made her feel that she would be one of the world most sought musicians.

A great team of producers, under Emilio Estefan’s direction, and the composition of Hermanos Gaitan, Luigi Giraldo, Archie Pena, and many others played a part of the creation of the song Milagro, which is the song that is currently being promoted together with El crate. The song has been a major hit in the United States of America, Venezuela, Puerto Roco and many other places.

Norka “Como Lo Haces Tu” from Kenneth Alvarez / KAVE DIGITAL on Vimeo.

Talk Fusion Can Change Your Marketing Forever

Bob Reina, the CEO and founder of the marketing company Talk Fusion, has come a long way since his company was first started but the path that got him here is one that most entrepreneurs need to hear. Reina stumbled upon an idea that nobody had implemented yet and it was one that ended up changing everything for himself and the folks that would soon follow his way. What was that idea? Well, glad you asked.

Reina first leaped into the world of marketing in order to try and establish himself with the burgeoning internet as his tool. Reina wanted a way to mass market himself via email while utilizing high speed video. Research had shown that videos were a much more instrumental tool in converting sales than simple text, and being able to implement a video into an email was supposed to be a way to really start to convert more sales. However, when Reina began to research he found out that no current clients had email-video embedding technology. This, of course, lead to Talk Fusion as we know it today.

Nowadays marketers need to do everything to get ahead of the game and Talk Fusion is the place where they can go to make it happen. Talk Fusion requires only a simple purchase and then a monthly fee afterwards to begin using it. Once you have possession of a Talk Fusion account you can log in and immediately begin getting your message out to the masses.

In order to utilize the Talk Fusion portal to its best extent you need to be ready to really put together some solid video. Once you have a video recorded that embodies your message you can literally drag and drop it into your Talk Fusion account. From there you can follow the various documents and tools provided by Reina in order to maximize the email you are about to send out. Once the email is completely laid out you can then send it to your complete mailing list or to individual people, depending on how your company is set up to do business.





Accessing the best Wealth Management Solutions from Richard Blair

There are significant factors that you should examine before leasing your house or part of it to renters or to Airbnb and other similar organizations. Renting your property to Airbnb may seem like an easy way to make money. However, you may face various unplanned problems from such an arrangement. The hoteliers may damage your property, and your insurance plan may fail to provide sufficient cover for the loss. The financial loss encountered may cost you more money than you made while renting the property.

The three major issues you should consider before leasing your property include:
1. Assessment of Possible Risks
You should be aware that your tenants may damage your property or your neighbors’ property. They may also engage in illicit activities such as theft, which may result in lawsuits. Moreover, tenants may fail to pay.

2. Insurance Coverage
Your insurance may not cover short- term rentals. For this reason, the property owner will be responsible for expenses resulting from renting your property.

3. Protection
Airbnb and other organizations provide secondary coverage. Secondary coverage steps in after you exhaust all your resources.

What to consider before renting property to short-term tenants
Before you rent property to short-term tenants, contact a qualified insurance professional for advice. An insurance professional will assess the risks your lease will expose you to and advise you on an appropriate insurance plan to adopt.

Richard Dwayne Blair of Wealth Solutions, Inc., is an insurance professional that you should contact for help. Blair is a professional with 22 years of experience working as the owner of Wealth Solutions, a company based in Austin, Texas.

Richard Blair graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelors Degree in Finance and Financial Management services. He is a certified and registered Estate and Trust Specialist with diverse experience in various fields. The areas of his expertise include investments, financial services, wealth management, banking and portfolio management.

By contacting Mr. Blair, a client gets advice on; estate tax and planning, integrated financial planning, securities, asset protection, insurance, and employee benefits from the professional.

Goals of Richard Blair’s Wealth Solutions
Wealth solutions provide consultancy services on financial planning to its clients. It works in close collaboration with affiliates such as; United Global Securities, Crown Bridge wealth LLC, and Worldwide Ventures GP LLC. The firm helps its affiliates’ customers to achieve their investment goals.

The key objective of the organization is to achieve personal financial advice in all financial planning processes. Wealth Solutions provide management solutions utilizing the newest technology to convey quality services to its clients. The company employs professional and trusted financial advice to provide unique investing goals and valuable solutions.

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WEN Cleansing Conditioner, for Healthy, Shiny Hair

If you’re looking for the magic touch for your hair, try Wen cleansing conditioner. It was originally reported on Bustle that a salon employee tried the conditioner for several days, and found marked improvements in her look by the end of the week. Her friends even noticed the change!

The great thing about this Amazon sold cleansing conditioner is that it is a shampoo, conditioner, and styling product all in one, so you get the most for your money while making sure that your hair stays super-shiny and healthy. And if you get up every morning to shower with WEN’s cleansing conditioner, bonus points for you!

The salon employee in this Bustle article found that her hair looked healthy and shiny, increasingly, for the week that she first made the switch to WEN’s cleansing conditioner. She even received much feedback from friends.

If you don’t have the time to devote to washing daily, you may not reap the benefits, but this is a good advantage to being healthy overall, anyway. You’ll want to make sure that you use, as she did, a generous portion of the cleansing conditioner to make sure you get the optimum effect of styling at the end of the wash.

As you blow dry, you’ll notice that your hair looks thicker, as it did for our salon employee. And you will notice that your hair will tend to fall out much less frequently than it did while you were using a different kind of shampoo or conditioner. So, give it a try. You won’t be disappointed, and we know that WEN cleansing conditioner is the right product for just about anyone out there. Visit the Wen YouTube channel.

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CEO Sees Huge Potential In The Devos CAP Calculator Mobile App

The Venezuelan company Davos Financial Group is excited to announce the launch of an innovative new mobile app for clients of its subsidiary Davos Real Estate Group. Davos REG is a Latin powerhouse promoting the investment in properties in South America, Mexico, and the United States.

The new online tool is called the Davos CAP Calculator. It was designed to help minimize real estate investment risk by connecting advisors at Davos REG with clients interested in foreign properties. Clients submit information about a property’s projected valuations, rent rates, locale, and ownership history. A representative of Davos REG will evaluate the information and report on the property’s performance potential. The app provides a way for clients to gather massive amounts of information regarding many more properties, which contributes to a wise real estate investment decision.

David Osio, the CEO of Davos Financial Group, is quick to say that the Davos CAP Calculator models the intent and goal of his company to assist investors in US real estate with every aspect of making their decision. Osio holds degrees in Law and Business Administration from institutions in both Venezuela and the United States. He has studied the evolution of mobile communications, and has faithfully kept the Davos family of companies integrated with late-generation technology. He believes that the Davos CAP Calculator could become the most powerful online tool for his company’s clients to build their real estate portfolios.

Davos REG worked with the software company Tecknolution for six months in the development of the Davos CAP Calculator. The primary benefit of this tool, which is available on both iPhone and Android platforms, is calculating the positives and negatives of owning a specific property after expense metrics are taken into consideration. Used in tandem with a live financial Davos REG advisor, the app is like having a team of experts analyzing present and future economic data against the overall value and costs associated with any property. It’s intended to be a powerful free resource for all Davos REG clients interested in United States real estate.

David Osio began his independent financial advisory career with the desire to increase the connections between clients, banks, and advisory bodies worldwide. This desire evolved into the Davos Financial Group. Now, innovations like the Davos CAP Calculator will propel his vision virtually across any border. The Davos CAP Calculator is primary aimed at United States real estate investment, but Osio is finalizing plans with his multi-cultural executive team to expand the app’s reach. In 2016, Davos REG experienced a growth in sales of 75% due to the app’s availability. Osio hopes that growth will continue worldwide. The next introduction for the Davos CAP Calculator will occur very soon in Europe with a launch for Davos REG clients in Spain.

Venezuela Agricultural Entrepreneur José Manuel González Thinks Pets Aren’t Safe In His Country Anymore

José Manuel González is more than an agricultural entrepreneur. González is the former president of Venezuela’s Chamber of Commerce, and he is one of the current deputies of the National Assembly in the state of Guárico. Venezuela has turned into a killing field thanks to the lame and corrupt government policies that President Nicolas Maduro has put in place. Even household pets are feeling the impact of Maduro’s leadership. Domestic dogs are now running wild in the streets of Caracas and other cities because their owners don’t have enough food to feed them. Stray animals have always run through the streets of Venezuelan cities, but they were usually mixed breeds that were abandoned, according to González. But now pedigree dogs are searching food in the trash that covers the streets in some cities.

is collapsing, and González wants to do something about that fact. But getting Maduro out of office isn’t easy. The hand-picked predecessor of Hugo Chavez is not going away without a fight, and while that fight is going on the country is falling apart. The country’s infrastructure is breaking down, and there is a shortage of essential medical supplies, food, clean water and money. Maduro blames the oil crisis for the country’s shortages, but González knows better. Other countries rich in oil reserves are not suffering like Venezuela. González blames Maduro’s shortsighted decisions on the dilemma that is turning Venezuela into a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.

When the Maduro government decided to confiscate farms and businesses, society began to crumble. Those businesses and farms stopped producing goods and food, and the economy went to hell. The decline in oil prices hurt the country’s export business, but according to González, the government could have enacted different policies to avoid the current free-for-all.

González likes to say that government is too important to be left to people like Maduro. Maduro is a former bus driver turned politician, and his bus driving skills are much better than his political problem-solving skills. González said there is an active petition in Venezuela that could remove Maduro from office if enough signatures are accumulated.

Breaking Through in the Legal Field

Sam Tabar is an attorney as well as an expert in financial capital strategy. It isn’t the easiest thing in the world to get established in a legal field that is why it’s a great accomplishment for Sam Tabar to have become a lawyer amongst other things. In a short period of time, Sam has made a good name for himself and built a solid reputation in the industry.

At this time, Sam lives and works from New York City where he is employed by FullCycle Fund. Sam is a remarkably capable person who is always seeking to learn new things and his ability has opened door after door for him in life. He began his legal career by working at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher, & Flom LLP, an exciting and diverse law firm where he was able to grow his talents. While employed there he contributed to the development of the business and those who worked with him admired him because he genuinely enjoyed doing his job and helping people.

Sam went on to work at the Sparx Group on his career journey. His position at that firm was Managing Director and he was also put at the helm of the firm’s business development. Under his leadership, the Sparx Group expanded and increased it’s revenue. This was natural for Sam though due to his natural intelligence as well as his expertise in the legal field.

Despite how much he enjoyed working for the Sparx Group, Sam had ambitions that pushed him to aim higher. As a result, Sam took a position at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. It was here that he worked as the Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific Region. He took great pride in his position here and made a solid contribution to the company.

However, Sam missed working directly in the legal field and so after a few years accepted a Senior position at The Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP company. Here Sam accumulated a great deal of experience working with legal compliance issues and is recognized as a top expert in his field.  CrunchBase has even more information on what Sam has done.

Why Saving the New Ukraine is EU’s Top Priority According to George Soros

A new Ukraine was created in 2014 when pro-European Protests unseated president Viktor F. Yanukovych. The next year, citizens gathered at the Independence Square in Kiev to show their unity and support for the new government. However, the new state is under constant threat from Russian backed separatists based in eastern Ukraine.

The new country aims to be corruption free and pro-democracy. This transformation has been made possible by a rare show of solidarity and participatory democracy that saw the power of the people drive away a corrupt government from power. The people have rallied behind the idea of an open society that is ready to work with Europe.

Nationalists Serving Ukraine
Many of the new leaders in power gave up their well-paying jobs in the private sector to take up the mantle of building their nation and serving their people. A good example is Natalie Jaresko who gave up her job as an investment banker to become the new finance minister.

However, this new state is currently facing the huge challenge of state bureaucracy and business oligarchy. In addition, the reformists are also facing open hostility from Vladimir V. Putin, Russia’s president. Another huge drawback facing the new government is the fact that radical reforms to implement the new Ukraine have been hidden from citizens and the world.

Ukraine is yet to completely establish the new government and fully implement policies that will improve the current state of affairs. The police force is yet to be fully restructured to remove corruption and bribery. The new Ukraine is structured like a participatory democracy that relies on a system of checks and balances. However, democracies like these move slowly.

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Sustaining Ukraine’s Breakthrough

George Soros – Business Leader, Philanthropist

The Future of Ukraine
The question that the European Union and the rest of the world should ask is, will the new Ukraine survive the Russian onslaught and build a better future for its citizens? Russia has stepped up its financial and military pressure on Ukraine. Vladimir Putin has been keen on destroying the new country before it can fully establish itself.

In order to properly defend itself, according to George Soros, Ukraine needs financial assistance to be able to maintain its military defense. An effective military defense will install investor confidence in the country and boost economic resurgence a. If the EU made a political and financial commitment to support the country, it would inevitably overcome the Russian onslaught.

Current reformers want to avoid the characteristics of the old administration and have further pledged to be held accountable for all the country’s expenditure. In addition, extensive legislation has been passed to this effect, and the government has asked for oversight assistance from the International Monetary Fund.

The EU should realize that the loss of Ukraine to Russia is a huge blow to the rule of law as emphasized by the union. With the help of the EU, Ukraine can establish a prosperous and stable country that will act as a clear example of the power of democracy and the rule of law. The Russian public will then mount pressure on Putin’s government and force the leader to follow in Ukraine’s path.

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