Innovative Mobile App from Securus Technologies Performs Exceptionally Well in the Market

At Securus Technologies, we are proud to announce that our recently launched app, that allows inmates to make video calls to friends or family members, has received a fairly good market reception. The phone application is available to all types of gadgets including Android OS tablets and phones as well as Apple products including iPod touches, iPads and iPhones. We launched the app designed for android phones 6 months ago. Since then according to PR Newswire, it has been downloaded well over 60,000 times. On the other hand, our Apple version application received nearly 5,000 downloads in its first week of launch. Watch the app infomercial here:

Statement from Russell Roberts, Marketing and Strategy VP

Russell said that our new video visitation app represented one of the many ways that we have dedicated our services to connect loved ones with ease. With this new free app, families can easily communicate and interact with incarcerated relatives in a safe environment. The app offered better communication services and made it easier for far-off family members to visit their relatives in correctional facilities. Roberts added that the mobile app was convenient for individuals who find physically visiting loved ones a huge inconvenience.

Securus Technologies

Securus is an industry leader that provides state-of-the-art technology solutions that are designed for the criminal justice and civil departments. Our solutions are used for ensuring adequate public safety, assisting various investigative and monitoring efforts, as well as providing key services to correctional holding facilities in North America. We serve an impressive 3,400 agencies in different fields of public safety, correctional facilities and in law enforcement.

A PR Newswire study revealed Securus services cover over 1.2 million incarcerated inmates across facilities that stretch across North America. This is an impressive feat that we are all too glad and able to achieve. At Securus, we offer valid solutions to some of the most vital services required by the security industry. Furthermore, our technology is innovative, functional and highly innovative.


Conservative Prankster, James O’Keefe Exposes Himself as He Attempt to Sting George Soros’ Open Society Foundation

It was on March 16th as Dana Geraghty was in his office at Open Society Foundation on West Fifty Street, overseeing a program to help the group’s pro-democracy initiative when he decided to check out his office phone. Open Society Foundation is a creation of the philanthropist billionaire, George Soros, the founder of the hedge fund, Soros Fund Management.

He had programmed his office phone to forward all the messages from unfamiliar callers to his email and as he was checking out his email inbox, he noticed an extra ordinary long message. He asked himself, “Who would leave a seven minute voice mail?” The caller in the voice call sounded like an elderly American male but confirmed himself as “Victor Kesh”, an American-Hungarian who represented a foundation which he never mentioned. As the voice call continued, “Victor Kesh” claimed to get involved with Open Society Foundation and help in what the company fought for “European values”. “Victor Kesh” as he referred himself as asked Geraghty of anyone who he could talk concerning his intention to support and coordinate with Open Society Foundation in their tireless efforts on

However, as “Victor Kesh” requested a call back, he failed to disconnect his phone that portrayed a 914 area code, Westchester County. A short while later, Geraghty heard a voice from the same man who had introduced himself as “Victor Kesh” telling a different person “Don’t say anything,…. before I hang up the phone” Geraghty was puzzled and immediately, thought of listening to the rest of the conversation. Kesh, unaware that he was still being recorded, continued to conduct a meeting about how he planned to perpetrate an intricate sting on George Soros. He could be heard explaining that someone other than himself ought to be making such calls to George Soros“>George Soros, his workers and the Democratic Alliance, which comprised wealthy liberal political donors who were financing this year’s political campaigns. “Kesh” planned to send an undercover agent who would “talk to talk” with Open Society Foundation’s executives, making secret videos that disclosed their embarrassing activities. He even assured the members who he held meetings with that thousands of organizations were with on his side on the matter before he designated the project “Discover the Network”. This is as originally reported at

Kesh also pointed out in his call that the money to be offered could be obtained from Offshore British Virgin Island companies as Soros did not want people to take money from a group like that one. He also claimed that Bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton and Chelsea would all take the suspect cash.

About George Soros

He is the founder and Chairman of Open Society Foundation, a network of partners, foundations and projects in approximately 100 countries. George Soros’ idea of establishing OSF was based on his understanding of philanthropy that rights should be respected, government should be accountable and that no one should have the monopoly of truth.

Soros began pursuing philanthropy earlier in 1979, where he gave scholarships to South African during the Apartheid period. He challenged communism in Europe, supporting cultural exchanges with the West. George Soros has aided the establishment of an international system that brings transparency and accountability among natural resources extracting industries and has supported independent organization such as Global Witness and International Crisis Group to accomplish their foreign relations objectives.

Charles Koch Warns Trump and Fights for Improving Economy

Charles Koch and Donald Trump have had an issue recently. In fact, many republican donors are not very impressed with Donald Trump. They will instead focus on other candidates which may include Hilary Clinton. Charles Koch has been historically known for backing republican candidates. However, Donald Trump has proven to be too much of a problem for him. In fact, Charles Koch himself said that Hilary Clinton might actually be a better president than Donald Trump. Donald Trump himself has had a few choice words about the Koch family and anyone who is involved with them. This of course didn’t help matters.

Charles Koch has actually been involved in political donations for decades now with his family. However, they have kept a low profile until the recent years. Many people have had different ideas about them. Among the things that they funded were the tea party. What Charles Koch really believes in is freedom. He wants people to not only achieve their own independence, but to also take responsibility for their independence. Charles Koch also looks closely at proposals that look like they provide a solution. He sees where they can turn out to be a problem in the long run as opposed to a solution.

One thing that Charles Koch stands against is a government that is too big and over-controlling. Charles Koch sees an attack on prosperity. He fights really hard so that everyone can get a fair opportunity to prosper and overcome any hurdles that they have in their lives. Among the things he believes in is fighting for people to have a fair opportunity to build their own business. As more people learn how to succeed, the economy will get better. Also the living situation of people will improve as a whole. Charles Koch believes that big government gets in the way of success for people.


Leadership Roles Of John Goullet In Diversant LLC Company

John Goullet is a successful entrepreneur. Having gained lots of knowledge and experience from the college of Ursinus, Goullet decided to establish his firm, Info Technologies in 2014. His era in the business industry has been a success. John Goullet has also worked with other top-notch companies which include Lyndhurst and the Constell Holdings, where he gained necessary skills to start a business.

Goullet primary objective in the market has been to offer quality international and technology staffing in an efficient manner. He is well known for the provision of computer solutions in a global platform. In Info Technologies, the main responsibility of executive Goullet was to control a staffing account and providing consultation services in a compelling manner. Being the principal coordinator of Info Technologies, Goullet aimed at meeting customers’ needs and demands in a targeted time.

Investor Goullet is a competent business person. Being the president of Info Technologies, he displayed a high level of qualifications, where he was recognized with various awards by financial organizations and grooves. Currently, Goullet serves as the chief executive of Diversant Company. In Diversant LLC Company, Goullet is responsible for computer staffing and managing the company’s special operations. Due to his hard work and dedication, Info Technologies has featured in the 500 Magazines Incorporation, where the corporation was top-ranked as one of the largest and expanding private companies in the financial market.

Also, Goullet has also served as the senior executive of enterprises such as Edison Company, where he worked for more than four years. His expertise in the computer staffing field has been a blessing as he offers quality solutions at an affordable price. In his entire career, entrepreneur Goullet John has been maintaining a good reputation with hi staff and his potential clients. Goullet is also an experienced manager who offers consultation services to individuals with high net worth and other financial institutions.

Diversant LLC is one of the most growing companies in the field of technology. The company has been playing a significant role in facilitating online meetings and transactions. Diversant Limited has also highly facilitated online marketing by providing video solutions. Diversant Company is based in New Jersey, USA.

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Keith and Keely Mann Join to Support Uncommon Schools

As a high school guidance counselor I see lots of students come in and out of my office. I hear students tell stories of how they have to work numerous jobs outside of school to make ends meet for their families and I also hear stories of teens having to work in high school so they can attend college in four years. It breaks my heart because it often seems like the only thing separating opportunity amongst students is not academic accolades, it isn’t education, it isn’t after school activities or electives but in fact the one thing separates students from great opportunities is money.

Each year I spend quite a large sum of my time reaching out to former alum asking them if they would be willing to donate money to Uncommon Schools. Sometimes I am successful while other times getting alum to endow a scholarship fund is like pulling teeth. They do acknowledge that these students need help but no one is interested in committing into a scholarship full time which is what most endowments require. It is frustrating to hear so many nos but it is also refreshing every time I get a yes. Recently, I received an unexpected yes from Keith and Keely Mann. This husband and wife team decided to create a scholarship specifically for students who aspire to be great business men or women in the future. In order o eligible all you have to do is write an essay about how you would use the scholarship money to help you further your career.

Keith Mann is no stranger to philanthropy. They have helped impact the lives of many in the search executive world.

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Highland Capital 13F filling highlights

Highland capital history is dated back in January 1990 when founding partners James Dondero and Mark Okada formed a joint venture with Protective Life Insurance. Since then, the firm has evolved into one of the most experienced and industry largest global alternative credit managers. Highland Capital has earned notable success in high yield credit, structured products, distressed special situations, long and short-term equity, healthcare, emerging market, and real estate.

Highland Capital portfolio has declined to $3.42 billion from $4.19 billion, according to 13F filling. Highland Capital slashed its stakes holding positions in Anthenahealth Inc by 83.13 %, Ishares Tr (Put) (IWM) by 52.05%, American Airls Group Inc (AAL) by 56.11%, American Express Co (Call) (AXP) by 17.54%, Anadarko Pete Corp (APC) by -76.75%, and Nrg Energy Inc (NRG) by 20.76%.

The filling reveals that the Highland Capital bought new stocks that include Spdr S&P 500 Etf Tr (Call) (SPY) for $67.07 million, Amazon Com Inc (AMZN) for $23.35 million, Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc (EGRX) for $17.73 million, Danaher Corp Del (DHR) for $17.24 million, and Intra Cellular Therapies Inc (ITCI) for $15.90 million.

Moreover, it is revealed that the firm lifted its stakes in American Airls Group Inc (Call) (AAL) by 60% to $204.25 million, Patterson Companies Inc (PDCO) by 16% to $87.91 million, Kinder Morgan Inc Del by 173% to $5.38 million, Corning Inc (GLW) by 18% to $54.86 million and Salesforce Com Inc (Call) (CRM) by 18% to $54.85 million.

Under the leadership of James Dondero, Highland Capital has set track –record of investing in middle and emerging markets in healthcare services, telecommunication companies, industrial, and media sector. The firm feature specialized private equity team, one of the most robust in-house operating team across the industry. Using unique distressed and special situations strategies, they invest in middle market companies trapped in complex carve-out and operationally challenge special situations. The team work in collaboration with Portfolio Company and execute turnaround strategies while seeking growth opportunities.

Highland Capital offers balanced and disciplined approach to investment alternatives.This has allowed the company to generate consistent and reliable performance in different market environments. Typically, Highland Capital equity fund runs with net long bias, which results in much lower risk than overall equity markets. At the same time, capture the inherent upward trajectory of capital markets. Thus, these funds can be regarded as a low beta equity investment. The investment process includes intensive fundamental analysis, portfolio construction, stock selection, and risk management.

Apart from having tremendous success in financial markets, Highland Capital proudly invest back in communities and is committed to making a difference through advisory board involvement, volunteerism, and donations to community initiatives and national charity organizations. Highland Capital believes it is imperative to contribute its resources and time to initiatives that focus on improving lives. In particular, the firm focuses its efforts on programs that are geared toward healthcare, education, and veterans’ initiatives. Since 2005, Highland Capital has committed more than $10 million to different organizations all over the world.


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Beneful- New, Improved and Better for Your Best Friend

One top-selling dog food brand on Wal-Mart stores from well-known Nestle Purina PetCare has been recently criticized regarding certain ingredients like propylene glycol. This ingredient is sometimes confused by consumers with ethylene glycol, which is a poisonous ingredient in antifreeze. Propylene glycol, however, is not and has FDA approval. It is regularly used in a number of human and dog foods.
Consumers feed Beneful dry dog food to more than 14 million canine companions every year, according to Nielsen. That makes it one of the best selling brands of dog food in the United States, and it has actually been around since 2001. Currently, there is a class action lawsuit pending against the company, but close to a third of the plaintiffs in the suit have already withdrawn. In addition, Nestle reports that the plaintiffs’ attorneys haven’t been successful in producing any evidence that Beneful isn’t safe, healthy and nutritious. The company also stated that they are not planning on settling the case.

What they did is a reformulation of Beneful, according to Vice President of PetCare Nutrition Research at Nestle Purina PetCare, Janet Jackson. She and her R&D team have developed some essential Purina product nutritional innovations. The new pet food formulas aren’t directly related to the suit, according to Dr. Jackson. With a roll-out date of May 9th, nationwide distribution of the new and improved products is projected to be completed by August.

There are currently eight dry dog food offerings from and they all have new recipes. Seven of them are now going to have a first ingredient on the ingredient list that is actually real meat. This is a departure from previous ingredient lists and the only one that won’t is the salmon formula. In addition, added sugar and propylene glycol have been removed from the ingredients. Vegetable-based glycerin and natural beef will be included in the new formulas. Possible changes in Beneful wet foods in cans could be coming up in the future.

Safety protocols and quality control at Purina includes 30,000 ingredient processing and packaging quality checks. Clearly, Nestle Purina PetCare is very committed to the Beneful brand. See, for more information.


After Four Short Years Darius Fisher’s Company Has Shot To The Top

Videos, short clips, and pictures now make up the majority of our media base but not all of these viral pieces of other people’s lives reflect a positive nature. In a world where an entire judge of character can be based off a six second clip its easy to see why Status Labs has rocketed up to the top and gained a heavy attraction from many people who find themselves in unwanted spotlight. In as little as five years Darius Fisher, co-founder of Status Labs, has created a tight knit group of up to thirty employees that handle anything from a simple unwanted blog post to an entire media storm on all aspects of the internet. Based in Dallas, Texas this online reputation management firm has expanded globally to over 1,600 clients spanning from CEOs, politicians, and business figureheads.

Darius Fisher is a graduate of Vanderbilt University and got his start as a copy writer for a major publishing company. Afterwards he worked on a political campaign before finding an interest in finances. His success in investments lead to the start of his company Status Labs which was launched in 2010. Initially the company had a single office in Texas and barely hit over twenty-five employees including himself and his former co-founder. Fisher himself is responsible for finding investors for Status Labs as well as meeting and creating lasting business relationships with large scale companies who could eventually need his services.

Now Status Labs is the top online reputation management company and proved they can truly handle a digital media crises like true professionals. Fisher’s former co-founder had allegedly altered Wikipedia entry pages against the websites policy and he later resigned. Since that incident last year Fisher and his company have revamped their morals and values to ensure their clients they are a wholesome and dedicated company. Recently Fisher initiated a monthly newsletter to inform his employees of company milestones, recent hires, and policy changes to keep his team centered and on the same page. Status Labs recently expanded with two new offices in New York and Sao Paulo.

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Beneful Flavors For A Balanced Diet

Dogs have tons of energy. To get that energy they need good foods hat are free from artificial fillers. Purina Store offers healthy foods that are 100% free from colors, fillers, and artificial ingredients.
Take for instance the Beneful dry food:, Playful Life. This has real beef and eggs in it to help dogs generate plenty of energy for running, jumping and playing. This food also has real blueberries and spinach to meet the nutritional needs of dogs at all stages of life.

Beneful dry dog foods also include their original line of foods. These foods contain salmon, beef, chicken and lamb to help every dog get a nutritious meal that they will love. The originals with their omega rich formulas help dogs to have a shiny coat and healthy skin. This helps your doglook their best.

If looking for a change of pace in mealtime favorites, Beneful also offers a whole line of delicious wet foods that dogs love. Incredibites and savory stews can be offered as a stand alone meal or mixed with any of the Beneful dry kibbles. Savory stews are filled with delicious gravy, meats and vegetables.

The big mneaty chunks in every Beneful stew lets dogs get a taste of real meat in every bite. What is best is that the tub they come in can be resealed to keep it fresh for a later meal. Incredibites are perfect for smaller dogs. They are specially cut and formulated so that smaller dogs have lesstrouble chewing them.

Finally what could be better for showing love and affection to your dog than offering healthy treats. Baked delights are low in fat and full of delicious ingredients. Peanut butter, cheese and bacon are all things dogs love and are bakedinto every delicious bite. Heartfuls and Hugs also include a soft meaty center that dogs will savor.

No matter what type of dog you have, Beneful probably has a food that they will love. Wal-Mart has the widest products available. Crunchy, chewy and savory are all a part of what makes for a great level of variety in their diet, as well as offering good balance and nutrition.