Shaygan Kheradpir Joins The Team At Coriant As New CEO

Newly appointed CEO and Board Chairmen, Shaygan Kheradpir, has taken the the stage at Coriant. During his time working at Marlin Equity Partners as operating partner, he was working closely with Coriant’s management team making good impressions and building a partnership. Currently, Coriant is working with network providers across the globe. Shaygan’s reputable history shows his ability and that he will be capable of expanding Coriant even Further. His new position at Coriant is part of a strategy to increase the company’s awareness in the market and advance their technical solutions.

When it comes to voice networks and optical transmissions, Coriant is a leading supplier. Customers from around the world look to Coriant for software and hardware for their networks. Utility firms, mobile service suppliers, government agencies, and other institutions are backed by Coriant. The overall goal of the optical transmissions offered by Coriant are to improve communications, specifically to ease the process and provide more control over the network to the clients, all at lower costs.

Coriant was originally part of Nokia Siemens Network, but separated from the company in 2013. Since then, the firm has built headquarters in both Germany and the USA. In this short time, Coriant was able to recruit over 3000 employees that work with clients in over 100 countries internationally. The company’s quick success is largely due to the hard work by the dedicated management that started the company off.

Coriant is pleased to have Shaygan and his 28 years of expertise in the industry. Throughout his career, Shaygan has worked as a top executive for respectable companies like Verizon, Barclays, and GTE. After his upbringing in Iran, he moved to the United States and studied at Cornell University, where he earned his doctorate in electrical engineering. Starting back in 1987, Shaygan began by doing networking and management at GTE and not too long after, CEO. Wherever Shaygan has gone, he has managed to bring innovative ideas and new possibilities.

Make Your Hair Shine From Root to Tip

The man behind Hollywood’s perfectly coiffed, shiny hair is Chaz Dean. Working under the tutelage of the Beverly Hills salon elite, Dean honed his skills and discovered his talent to fully understand what makes hair shine. After working as a consultant for high-end salon product makers, Dean decided to fully come into his own and open his own studio and release his 5-in-1 formula.
Wen Hair by Chaz Dean ( is a latherless formula that cleanses hair without stripping it of its oils. The hair’s natural oils provide the nutrients needs to grow strong locks. When the hair is strong and healthy, it will naturally shine.

To put it to the test, Bustle sent one of their own home with a bottle and the trust to report back honestly. Emily McClure did just that. Following the bottle’s instructions to the crossed T’s and dotted I’s, McClure used WEN on her fine hair for one week.

McClure experienced ups and downs with WEN. She loved the process of using the product in the shower. Used to pulling hairs out of the drain, she was pleased to not find even a single strand for once. The full ten pumps suggested by the bottle fully covered her strands from root to tip.

Once dried and style, McClure’s hair was light, bouncy, and downright shiny. In the morning, the downside of keeping her hair oil showed. McClure’s hair was a bit greasier than it usually is. As a nighttime showerer, she found it difficult to manage the oils while styling.

Using a dry shampoo in the morning will help contain your strands in the morning if you are unable to do a full wash. This is a trick I learn from allure beauty blog, I use for my fully, wild curls that prefer not to be washed daily. A few sprinkles of talcum powder (baby powder) should do. Separate your hair into sections and apply until your matches a post-shower texture. WEN Hair is available on ebay:

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Launches New Swimsuit Line

Just in time for summer, Fabletics, a sports wear company, has launched its new swimsuit line April 12. Founded in part by Kate Hudson, Fabletics began primarily as a women’s subscription fitness website that picks out personalized outfits for users based on lifestyle and preference. Beginning this year, they are expanding to swimsuits, with one and two pieces in sporty styles for anyone, small to large.

As part of the press release, Hudson said, Summer is my favorite season, so it was exciting to create our new dress and swim collections. Our design team also worked hard to perfect the swim styles. TheyÕre sexy and stylish, but comfortable to wear, and we have styles for every body type. Elite Daily reported on their new swimsuits April 6, giving readers an inside look at the kinds of styles that will be offered by the site. Many of the designs incorporate interesting straps, mesh accents, and bright colors.

As part of the Athleisure trend, Fabletics has cornered the market since their inception in 2013 with stylish yoga pants, sports shirts, and more. Athleisure is a trend that incorporates workout clothes as everyday wear and has grown consistently in the last 5 years. This trend is not only for women; luxury sweat pants and varsity jackets have become stylish for men as well.

Much of Fabletics’ success has to do with the founder, Kate Hudson (find more here: ). Her star power and effortless style make any clothing with her name on it enticing for the everyday woman. Her name attached to the site has contributed to its success, with over 5 million customers and over a million VIP members.
Part of the JustFab umbrella, Fabletics allows the users to receive greatly reduced pricing with a regular membership and personally picks out clothing for the user based on answers to specific questions. This attention to the individual consumer helps create an intimacy with the public and makes it a user friendly and personalized experience. With the inclusion of swimsuits, it looks as if Fabletics will continue to expand as their success grows.

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An Insight Into The Life And Achievements Of The Historian Michael Zomber

Michael Zomber grew up in Washington D.C. where he was born. During his childhood days in this city, he developed a great love for history. He pursued his higher education at UCLA where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Psychology. Since he had an honors in his degree, he went ahead and undertook a Masters in English Literature in the same institution. Michael Zomber is married to Andrea and they are blessed with two amazing kids, Gabriella, and Christopher.

Professionally, Michael Zomber is a historian and an antique collector. He has been pursuing this career for over 40 years, and he has grown to be one of the best historians and antique collectors in the United States. His expertise has been featured by the great American History Channel. He also has worked for this media house as a guest historian on several of its TV series like Tales of the Gun series. This series is made up of episodes such as Shotguns, Guns of the Famous, Automatic Pistols, Guns of the Orient, Dueling Pistols and Million Dollar Guns in which Micheal Zomber greatly contributed to their making.

IMDb indicates his film work extends to the production of Soul of the Samurai, a world celebrated documentary film. This Michael Zomber documentary has been widely acknowledged to be among the best historical films. He worked together with his wife on the production of this film under his film label Renascent Films LLC. Apart from films, Michael Zomber also participates in the writing of novels. He uses his superb narration skills to give out amazing historical accounts in writing. Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War and Shogun Iemitsu are some of the great novels he has participated in writing. Another novel, Jesus, and the Samurai, is currently in post-production and will be in the market soon. This non-fictional book is already in high demand in the market even before it is released.

On his Facebook Micheal Zomber announced he has been named the ambassador for the preservation of the Japanese culture by the governmental authority in Japan concern with the culture preservation. He is an international image of peace and tranquility. He has participated in peace promotion in war tone zones around the world. He also has been part of peace initiatives by UNICEF, Global Exchange, Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International, and other NonGovernment Organizations worldwide. Micheal Zomber is dedicated to the preservation of humanity and its history.

George Soros: EU March Towards Catastrophic Economic Disaster!

A CNBC news piece on politics expands on Hungarian-American business magnate and veteran financier, George Soros commentary on the worsening EU refugee crisis. The billionaire investor op-ed piece for the NY Review Books raised compelling arguments about the Schengen government’s ineffectiveness in controlling the ongoing refugee situation. Greece, in particular, struggles as human welfare conditions worsen with asylum seekers in despair. In 2015, George Soros reports that African and Middle Eastern refugees pursued Europe in hopes of starting life anew.

Soros stressed that EU leaders require some thirty-four billion US dollars annually to control the situation effectively. While the EU currently aids Greece in returning illegal asylum seekers to Turkey on, Soros insisted on a long-term remedy. Consequently, Soros intervention promises placement for legitimate asylum seekers entering Europe. He speculated that EU leaders should organize a program that limits the annual refugee absorption rate to about 300,000 – 500,000. Soros predicts an impending EU economy collapse should leaders fail to employ a more effective remedial intervention.

With this threat gaining momentum each day and EU leaders deliberating if it warrants engaging Triple-A credit; George Soros strongly promote the idea. He further added that the European Commission’s BPAF (Balance of Payments Assistance Facility) and EFSF (European Financial Stabilization Mechanism) controls some sixty-eight billion US dollars. With this large some reserve, EU leaders can control the treat easier rather than amassing insufficient funding.

In 1947 when Hungary politics reached intolerable conditions, powerhouse investment market strategist, George Soros migrated to England. A London School Economics graduate on, he landed employment with a British bank. By 1956, Soros left for the U.S. where he later secured a position at F.M. Mayer, a top-tier investment banking manager. Initially, he worked as an investment analyst and later held managerial roles. Oxford University awarded George Soros a degree. For the past three decades, Soros supported global humanitarian endeavors and democratic ideals. Today, he remains committed to the initiative. He chairs Soros Fund Management, a top-grossing investment banking and financial services consultancy. As a renowned investor, Soros attracts a sizable following. He founded the Fund in 1973 which has garnered immense success and growth in the last three decades. In fact, it’s become a prominent Quantum Fund. After some years managing the Fund, Soros decided to focus on philanthropic projects.

Through his organization, OSF (Open Society Foundations), he orchestrates humanitarian efforts globally. Karl Popper rebranded the label “open society” after Henri Louis, a respected French philosopher coined the phrase. It’s inherited different meaning over time, but Karl Popper’s interpretation of the idea resonates with George Soros philosophy. The Foundation operates in some 100 countries worldwide. He founded OSI (Open Society Institute) in 1993, a New York-based organization focused on mobilizing the vehicles of global capitalism. Social justice, freedom, human rights and democracy are some key areas OSI explores. A published author, Soros expands on his ideas of economics, politics among other studied interventions. An outspoken political activist, Soros earned notoriety from his countless op-ed pieces and personal contributions. What’s more, he lectures about human rights, education, U.S. world issues/affairs, political freedom, etc.

Important Considerations When Treating Your Dog To Beneful

One of the top brands of dog food that I like to recommend is a premium brand called Beneful. I have been operating my pet store now for about a decade, and I always tell folks who come in about their brand because it is nutritious for dogs. They also have some foods like Chopped Blends that look rather tasty. Chopped Blends from Purinastore’s Beneful is cut into small pieces. It’s a wet food that is covered in a juicy sauce that dogs just love. They have a bunch of different kinds of Chopped Blends to pick up the next time you are in a pet store. You can also buy their products online though the website.

Top Dry Dog Foods From Beneful

The type of dog food that you end up buying depends on what type of dog you have. For instance, if you have a smaller breed of dog, then the best food for your dog would be Beneful Dry Dog Food Incredibites. This type of dry food is made with either real beef or real chicken, and it comes in smaller kibbles, so smaller breeds of dogs will have an easier time with their meals. All Beneful products are available online thru

If you have a large breed of dog, then you have some more options to choose from in terms of the type of Beneful that I would recommend. If your dog is having trouble maintaining a healthy weight, then I would highly suggest purchasing Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Weight because it has a lower caloric content, but it still has great flavor that dogs enjoy. This food is made with real chicken, real apples and real vegetables.

If you have a puppy, then you will want to wait before you try out the dry foods that I just mentioned. You should start your puppy out on a food that will support their growth into a healthy adult dog. I recommend picking up a bag of Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Puppy for your little furry friend. This food has special ingredients that support brain and eye development in young dogs.



Highland Capital Management Will Participate in Argentina’s Return to the International Bond Market

James Dondero, the president and CEO of Highland Capital Management, oversees more than $19 billion in assets. Highland Capital has a diversified investment portfolio, but Argentina bonds were never part of that portfolio until 2014. That’s when Dondero started to see another major crack in the Argentina’s government. The management style that President Christina Fernandez Kitchener used was the old Peronist style, and it wasn’t working. In fact, James Dondero told that it hadn’t worked in over 20 years.

James Dondero knows a lot about global investments. He is considered one of the best credit and equity managers in the industry. The company he founded in 1992, Highland Capital Management, has been honored by several associations for the work the company has done in various sectors of the industry. Highland Capital’s Healthcare Fund is well respected in the industry, and the company’s other sectors; energy, consumer, technology are equally respected.

Highland Capital investors didn’t want anything to do with Argentina because of the country’s default record. More than one hedge fund was burned by Argentina’s decision to default on bonds over the last fifteen years. James Dondero was smart enough to stay away, but in 2014 his attitude toward Argentina bonds changed. The energy sector fund was being torn apart by oil prices, and Dondero needed an investment to offset those losses.

Mr. Dondero studied Argentina’s economy and the decisions the government made, so he knew investing in Argentine bonds was extremely risky, but he had enough faith that the Kitchener administration would not come out on top in the 2015 elections. Highland Capital made its first big investment in Argentina’s debt in 2014. Dondero knew he made the right decision.

Mauricio Macri, the son of a wealthy lawyer and a civil engineer by trade, defeated Kitchener in 2015. Macri vowed to get Argentina’s economy moving in the right direction again. One of the first things Macri accomplished as president was reissuing bonds to the hedge funds that had been battling Argentina for payment for more than fifteen years. His next step was to rebuild the central bank and the finance ministry. Then he announced a $12 billion bond offering that would be available in April 2016. Jim Dondero told that Highland Capital would buy a major portion of that debt.

No one knows if Argentina’s reintroduction to the international bond market will work. But Dondero thinks it will, and he is usually right about things like that.

Find Friends Just By Laughing On Skout

What does it mean to laugh around another person? Laughing alone can mean that you enjoy having fun. There is certainly nothing wrong with laughing by yourself. People laugh alone when they watch movies, and some people laugh alone when they think of something funny. It is okay to laugh alone, but it is also a very enjoyable activity to laugh with other people. Laughing with another person will often help both parties engage more in the conversation. It draws attention to an intellectual side of the conversation because laughter shows that something someone said or did is quite interesting. Laughter can also be a personal trait that shows a certain side of your personality. It shows that you are not afraid to let loose and enjoy life.

Laughter reduces stress, and it also helps people live happier lives. People who laugh often are often healthier individuals. In order to show their appreciation for laughter and bringing people together for joyous communion, Skout decided to conduct a survey of their user population. They actually surveyed 3,000 people who use Skout on their opinions around the subject of humor and laughter. This information was published on PR Newswire, so you can see all the details on their site (link provided at the end of this post).

Skout’s Survey Results Indicate Laughter Attracts Friends

Attracting attention and new friends on Skout is easy if you are able to show the best parts of yourself on your profile. It helps to be honest with what you write, and you should always be honest on your profile about what you are looking for on the platform. People use Skout for a variety of reasons, so you can use it to find new friends or develop other types of relationships. It’s easy to use, and it’s free to be a part of the Skout community.

Can you remember the last time you laughed? The team at Skout found out through research that users who post pictures on their profile of themselves laughing are having an easier time finding new friends. Statistically, the users that post a picture of themselves laughing are more than 400 percent more likely to see that their profile is favorited by another user. It feels great to make new friends on Skout, and it feels even better to join them in laughter. Here’s that interesting PR Newswire article.

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Madison Street Capital Progress Contributed By Its Esteemed Chief Executive Officer

Certainly the huge success for the company since its initiation can be related to its esteemed chief executive officer Charles Botchway. Botchway is the lead in the firm managing the activities and advisories of the firm he is also the founder and chief executive officer of the firm overseeing all the activities and operations of the firm. He explains how Madison Street Capital ensures that the clients are improved once they come into contact with them. They understand clients by telling them facts about their mid-sized business. Apparently Charles has identified the success of a manufacturing client who approached them for capital to expand the business but in the process, the midsized owner passed on leaving his sons under the duty of the firm. In return, the firm was able to help them identify another creditor and in return, they reported huge success after a year.

Botchway explains challenges that entrepreneurs in low and mid-sized firms. They face tough times with little profits and trying to avoid taxes which could affect them largely in future after they start making huge profits. In addition, Charles advises on saving profits, monitoring finances and records because it will matter highly in case the firm wants to develop in future. In addition, he is positive that emerging companies are performing greatly in the market despite the tough economic times, all is required is precautions on records and figures in the firm.

Madison Street Capital is a global midsized investment banking firm which majors a lot in mergers and acquisitions of a company. The firm has an ability to assist over 200 clients every year in advisories and valuations and financial, strategic assistance. Over time, Madison Street Capital has been helping firms by connecting them to esteemed creditors and connecting complementary buyers and sellers. For every startup or already established Madison Street Capital have the answer to important moves in the company. If it’s a new project for the firm Madison will advise correctly on what he project and the transaction mean for the future of the firm.

With offices in Africa, North America, and Asia Madison Street Capital has dedicated itself to open discussions with clients. They tell facts and are incomparable to advisors who would say what is pleasing. Madison professionals ensure that once a mid-sized firm is in contact with them; their whole strategy brings a great shift for the firm. The professionals are seasonal, and Charles has ensured they give working recommendations. In addition, Madison Street Capital help firms undergoing depression or recovering from disaster surpass it smoothly. The firm is also a great advisor for all hedge funds.

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