Brad Reifiers’ Forefront Capital Advisors Picks Up The Philanthropic Mantle To Help Ex-Military Personnel And Their Families.

Last month, Brad Reifler’s Forefront Capital Advisors entered the philanthropic sector with a $3 million deal. Forefront Capital Advisors, a leading global commodities and the forex markets firm announced that it had partnered with Easter Seals Dixons Center to support its philanthropic work. Easter Seals Dixon Center is a nationwide philanthropic organization that supports ex-military personnel, and their families achieve better lives. This charity’s philanthropic programs involves the creation of employment opportunities for the ex-military personnel through partnerships with businesses and organizations countrywide. This organization also gives support to entrepreneurs among the ex-military personnel so that they can pursue their ideas and create more economic empowerment opportunities. The Easter Seals Dixon Center also conducts training sessions for the ex-military personnel to prepare then for the employment opportunities ahead of them.

Brad Reifler’s Forefront Capital Advisors donated $3 million to Easter Seals Dixons Center to fuel this charities projects all over the nation. Brad Reifler expressed his appreciation through Twitter to the nationwide charity for working hard to touch the lives of those who devoted their lives to the nation. He said that he is also grateful to the charity for letting him, and his Forefront Capital Advisors be part of its great work in the betterment of the society. Brad Reifler said that his Forefront Capital Advisors looks forward to continue working with Easter Seals Dixon Center in its future charity endeavors. Brad Reifler added that he is also fascinated by the fact that Easter Seals Dixon Center is enabling ex-military families to be economically viable. shows Brad Reifler is an international business and investments personality who for over 30 years has been working on lower and middle-class economic development. This investment markets expert and founder of Forefront Capital Advisors has been crusading for the opening of investment opportunities worldwide for the lower and middle classes to fuel economic growth and development. Brad Reifler has successfully been able to open great investment opportunities for this majority population and given them the capability to grow investment wise.

Brad Reifler studied for his undergraduate Economics and Political Science course at Bowdoin College. Brad Reifler then started his career as an investor and entrepreneur in 1982 by starting Reifler Trading Corporation an international firm specializing in derivatives. Under his management, this global derivatives firm was prosperous and was later acquired by Refco. Wikipedia shows Brad Reifler then started Pali Capital and led it for 13 years. He was the Chairman and CEO of this firm. He was able to lead the firm to a $200 million profit after a market expansion to United States, UK and Australia. Brad Reifler has been able to successfully invested in various notoriously volatile markets in the foreign exchanges sector throughout of his career. Be sure to check out Brad Reifler’s 5 Tips for Investment to see another side of Brad, as he provided free advice through Reuters to anybody looking to start investing.

Becoming an Investor at the Highest Level

Sam Tabar is a practicing attorney in New York who also doubles as a hedge fund advisor. His resumé is very extensive and impressive. He joined Oxford University in 2000 where he attained his MA and BA in Law. After that he attended Columbia Law School for his Master’s in Law, LLM. He was the Associate Editor for the Columbia Business Law Review for the period he at Columbia Law School.

Immediately after graduating from Columbia Law School in 2001, CrunchBase shows Sam joined Skadden as an Associate. Skadden is one of the most prominent law firms in the world with its headquarters in New York. While working at the law firm, Sam advised the firm’s clients on the formation and structure of hedge funds, side letters, private placement memoranda, investment management agreements, and issues concerning employment, regulatory and compliance. He left the firm in 2004.

The same year he left Skadden, he started working with Sparx Group (PMA), a firm based in Hong Kong, where he co-headed the marketing division. He dealt with all aspects of global marketing in this independent fund which is the largest in Asia-Pacific region. He was initially a counsel before he got promoted to the position of Managing Director as well as the Co-Head of Marketing. During his time at Sparx, he prepared a rolodex of more than 2000 potential and experienced investors.

After leaving Sparx Group, Sam joined Merrill Lynch (Bank of America) where he headed the Capital Strategy from February 2011 to September 2012. His responsibility was to advise the clients of the hedge fund. I his role also, he provided institutional investors with meaningful introductions such as endowments, pensions, foundations, large family offices and fund of funds. He was the overseer of the Asia-Pacific region and he managed to prepare a rolodex with more than 1,250 potential institutional investors.

In September 2013, makes the point Sam made a comeback in his legal practice by joining Schulte Roth & Zabel where he served as a Senior Associate. He continued to handle hedge funds as his responsibility was to give advice to clients concerning the formation and structure of hedge funds, private placement memoranda, employment issues, regulatory and compliance issues, and investment management agreements. He worked at the firm before leaving in March 2014.  Now in 2015 Sam has taken up the cause of FullCycle Fund, as the COO.

Thor Halvorssen Explains How Socialism Leads to Violation of Human Rights

In a recent interview in Fox News, Thor Halvorssen who heads the Human Rights Foundation spoke of how he believes that socialism is a violation of basic human rights. He said that it is possible to have countries with socialist governments that do not violate the basic human rights. According to Reddit, the structure of these governments can be perfect with different organs of government in existence with perfect separation of powers and with the human rights guaranteed in the constitution. He gave the examples of Sweden, Norway and Denmark that tend to have socialist governments but they structure is perfect and does not lead to violation of human rights.

Thor Halvorssen said that the problem with socialist governments arises when socialism is used by a dictatorial government or by people who take control of the government in disguise of helping the people in that country but instead end up serving their own selfish interests.

Thor said that many people are not aware of what socialism exactly means and that there could be many definitions of socialism depending on the perspective that an individual is looking at it. He opined that socialism can be bad depending on the way it is used by governments. He gave an example of Venezuela where socialism has been used to deny people their basic human rights.

Thor revealed that he has contributed the largest amount of money to the presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders, a democratic socialist. He talked of the difference between having a government with socialist policies which can be fine as far as the basic human rights are not violated.

Thor talked about the personal experience he has on violation of human rights in Venezuela. His father was a political prisoner, his mother was killed in Venezuela while one of his cousins is being held in prison in the country. He said that democratic socialism can exist without the rule of law and this can be catastrophic when the executive takes control over everything.

Raising Money Faster With Fewer Events

Raising more money with less events is the idea behind what Sanjay Shah does at Autism Rocks. It sounds like a really hip company that gives concerts, but it does more than that. The company creates concerts that people go to, and they give money for autism research. Autism is overlooked a lot in education today, and the charity is trying to help fund as much research as possible with gala events.

The gala events that are put on are all planned by Sanjay Shah to be as beautiful as possible. He wants all his guests to really enjoy their experience, and he hopes that every guest has such a good time that they give money in accordance with their enjoyment. He is making more money with less events by making each event more than worth the money.

He wants to make sure that he can fund as much research as possible, and he knows that he can make a big difference if he keeps planning great concerts.

The concerts are pop concerts that have been designed to give people an amazing time, and the concerts are given by great acts that people hear on the radio every day. The guests get to get up close and personal with the people that are giving the concert, and the artists meet with the guests after. These are one night affairs that give everyone a good time, and the artists like coming back because it is a unique experience for them, too.

It is a really easy way for people to give money to charity, and the company even takes donations online to make sure that they can fund their new concerts. All the people that come to the concerts get to have a good time, and their money goes to a place that helps kids who are still suffering from autism. Be sure to Follow Sanjay on Twitter to keep up with news and events he’s involved with.

Alexei Beltyukov On The Right Track With Solvy

Alexei Beltyukov is a Russian entrepreneur and philanthropist. However, he did not start out in business. Alexei was a well known and respected Russian hockey player who played over 100 games in six seasons within the Kontinental Hockey League. He left the world of hockey when he was just twenty years old, choosing to pursue a career in sports injury medicine. After completing his education, Alexei worked with several doctor’s offices and hockey teams within the Kontinental league.

Shortly after his retirement from hockey Alexei decided to leave medicine and follow his passion for business. He attended the Institut Européen d’Administration des Affaires (INSEAD) where he received his Master in Business Administration. Upon his completion of studies Alexei began several companies. He founded Endemic Capital which assists Russian startups with financial information and direction. He also began A-Ventures Limited whose aim was to assist companies who were suffering financial difficulties by injecting funds into their operations.

In addition to starting his own businesses he has held prestigious positions with many companies such as Renova where he was the Chief Executive Officer and board member. Under Alexei’s guidance he closed 27 deals and had a return on investments of 78%. He also served as president in charge of strategy and business development with Brunswick Capital. While with the company he launched Brunswick Railcar Leasing program that currently has a fleet of nearly 10,000 rail cars. shows Alexei also served as the Vice President of the Solkovo Foundation. He has worked with the Russian Government on many occasions offering guidance on economic support. However, he considers his greatest achievment the development of SOLVY, an online math homework helper.

Alexei Beltyukov launched the online website at EdSurge’s technology event in Los Angeles, California. Solvy allows teachers and students to interact with their academic lessons. Solvy will allow teachers to monitor their students progress as well as giving suggestions for the teacher to adjust the curriculum for those students. The unique platform allows the student to see the answer and various ways to solve the equation.

Alexei Beltyukov knows the importance of a good quality education. Since the launch of Alexei has employed several EdTech experts to keep the website relevant and efficient. has also been named the most promising startup in the world.

Talk Fusion Realizes Original Dream and More

Back in 2004, Bob Reina discovered a problem when he wanted to send a video email, but he found out the technology was not available at that time. Some people believed video email would never be possible at all, but Bob Reina was determined to make it happen. With an entrepreneurial idea in mind, Bob Reina grabbed a friend with genius experience in Information Technology, and the two of them developed a business with major staying power. Although the initial service was not video email, the company Talk Fusion has managed to add video email to its list of other provisions.


  • Video Chat – Instant streaming keeps friendly counterparts and business relations closer than ever.
  • Live Meetings – Gather a group of professionals and let them collaborate from a distance.
  • Video Email – Track and relay messages in a quick and easy style.
  • Video Newsletter – Send official bulletins in a visual format that allows better explanation of concepts.
  • Lead Capture – Forms and tools capture potential client interests and display the data in an easily understandable fashion.
  • Community Blog – Broadcast ideas in an organized way that initiates discussions.

Talk Fusion believes video media is the most efficient way of grabbing audiences and communicating thoroughly. The company has managed to gather a group of dreamers, technology masters, graphics designers, video producers and expert writers to connect people through innovations that improve lives.

Before establishing the idea that lead to the creation of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina was a police officer who graduated at the top of his academy class. Overall, he has more than 20 years experience in building marketing relationships. His past allows him to guide the Talk Fusion march towards introducing modern standards and innovations. Bob Reina often donates to conservation and civic projects, earning him an honorable reputation.

A Winter Fundraiser Launched by Ross Abelow

New York City residents can turn to qualified attorneys to help them when they are experiencing a problem that requires legal help. These attorneys have proved time and again that they are qualified to help meet the needs of their clients. Most attorneys in New York have worked hard to help their clients defend their rights and win legal cases. Many New York attorneys have reached out to the community by doing volunteer work and raising money for important causes. For example, Ross Abelow has recently launched a campaign that will benefit straight animals in New York City.

Ross Abelow is an experienced New York attorney. He has more than 25 years of experience working as a family and matrimonial lawyer. He recently became a partner at a law firm that is named after him and his partner. He is keenly interested in helping his clients. He works hard to stay up to date on new laws that are being made and learning about new techniques that can be used to help his clients.

In addition to working with clients who hire him, many individuals have been able to benefit from the free legal advice that he has provided. He maintains a personal blog that addresses a variety of legal issues. At times, he has written financial blogs that benefit others as well. Individuals who are interested in benefiting from this advice can follow Ross Abelow’s Facebook and Mashable accounts.

Ross Abelow would like to get the word out there that donating to his winter fundraiser is an extremely important cause. Animals that do not have homes suffer when winter comes. The cold temperatures can even lead to animals dying when they are not able to find shelter. Ross Abelow would like to raise awareness about this problem. He hopes to raise at least $5,000. The money will be beneficial in expanding the space that is available for homeless animals and also to purchase necessary items in order to take care of the animals.

Many New York residents are surprised when they take an animal to a shelter and they are turned away. They may be forced to just put the animal back where they found it and hope for the best. Unfortunately, the animal usually suffers and may even die.

Slyce’s Financial Report and Fourth Quarter Results for 2015

Slyce, a premier firm in the visual technology industry, has experienced tremendous achievements since it launched its visual-search, and recognition application in February 2013.Its technology allows users to take a picture of a desired item, search and purchase it through their smartphone.

Vital Client Deals during the Fourth Quarter

Slyce announced a collaboration with SHOES.COM on August 12 2015. SHOE.COM is a highly growing online retailer in footwear. Consequently, the firm intends to use Slyce’s visual search and image recognition application to allow prospective clients visiting purchase any preferred pair of shoe through several clicks or taps.

In addition, the company later announced a partnership with the Urban Outfitters. The contract between the two entities is meant to boost mobile commerce. Consequently, clients are in a position to procure their favorite brand from any Urban Outfitters store in Europe, United States, and Canada.

Financial Highlights and 4th Quarter Results for the Year Ended 31 October 2015


It announced that its income for the year completed 31 October 2015 increased by a margin of 1784%. This was from the previous year’s $89803 to $1692292.Slyce proclaimed that the recurring revenue resulted from deployment and integration.

Quarter Revenue Results

The quarter ended with an increase in revenue by $1683, which saw the revenue results rise from $78560 in 2014 to $661458 in 2015.Consequently, the fourth quarter total results increased by 27%, which was higher than the third quarter.

Operating Expenses

Increased marketing initiatives and acquisitions by Slyce attributed to the rise in operating expenditure. The expenses rose from $6900310 in 2014 to $11639430 to 2015.

Quarter Operating Expenditure

The quarter expenditure incraes4d from 2014’s $2001060 to a total of $2946712 on the fourth quarter. Primarily, this was due to increased operations due to growth in sales initiatives.

Technological Advancements

On 14 July 2015, Slyce announced its newest technology in visual search applications, Craves. The Craves application is a fashion application geared towards facilitating shopping endeavors. In addition, it extended Pounce, its 3D application, to an android platform.

Origin Of The Human Rights Foundation And It’s Founder

The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) was established in 2005 by a Venezuelan film producer and human rights advocate, Thor Halvorssen Mendoza. The non-profit organization strives to encourage and protect basic human rights across the world. The company’s mission is to unite people across the world to defend human rights as well as to promote liberal democracy. On it’s website, it states that the organization adheres to the definition of what human rights are, which were dictated in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. They proclaim that they believe that everyone is entitled to speak freely, worship whomever or whatever they choose, as well as the right to associate with like minded individuals, the right to dispose of or purchase property as well as the right to enter or leave their own country.

In order to facilitate the organization’s efforts, HRF accepts donations on the basis that donors understand that the organization may investigate and research the circumstances of the funds of said donation. They also state that just because the organization accepts donations from various sources, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they endorse said individual opinions or views. Year after year, the foundation continuously receives donation from several sources, including the Bradley Foundation, John Templeton Foundation and the Brin Wojcicki Foundation.

Notable Campaigns
In 2007, the HRF produced and gave funding for a documentary film by the name of The Sugar Babies. This documentary discusses the exploitation that occurs in sugar plantations within the Dominican Republic. It basically highlighted the fact that some Haitians are brought over from Haiti to work in the Dominica Republic on sugar plantations as a modern day slave.

After the 2010 earthquake devastated Haiti, HRF organized a fundraising campaign amongst sports athletes and Hollywood stars for a food program which would benefit the children within the community of Port-Au-Prince. The program eventually provided 160,000 meals to children within the community.

Thor Halvorssen Mendoza was born in Venezuela to Hilda Mendoza and Thor Halvorssen Hellum. His father operated as the ambassador for anti-Narcotic Affairs. When Halvorssen started his first year at the University of Pennsylvania, authorities arrested his father while he was in the midst of investigating a drug cartel for bank fraud. His father was subsequently subjected to torture as well as a 74-day incarnation as a result of “trumped-up” terrorism charges.

Even though the Thor Halvorssen Mendoza established the non-profit organization in 2005, he has always been advocating for human rights. In fact, back in 1989 he organized an opposition to the South African apartheid. He continued to promote due process as well as individual rights due to the fact that his father became a political prisoner of Venezuela.

Wiki Writing, Editing, Monitoring, and Leonardo DiCaprio

Wikipedia is a popular online encyclopedia that virtually everyone uses to look up information on given topics. Scores of people research Wikipedia for the express purpose of learning about various people or businesses. Entrepreneurs who are interested in effectively branding themselves in the eyes of the public would benefit immensely from Wikipedia business page creation.

A Wikipedia page that chronicles various aspects of a particular business could prove to be enormously helpful as a promotional tool. The business might not be allowed to make direct pitches when they create a Wikipedia page, but the informational content is going to have marketing value for sure.

Individuals have much to gain from the publishing of a Wikipedia entry. A page designed to tell the biography of a person does help with establishing (or fixing) a reputation. By creating an online presence, it becomes much easier to shape public perceptions. Shaping impressions for the better is always a process sure to be helpful to any person in the public eye. Or, for that matter, taking such steps are advisable for someone who wants to be in the public eye. A Wikipedia page indexed by the search engines definitely is going to garner attention. 

All of these positive outcomes are predicated around the quality of the page. The page does have to be reasonably well written and interesting. Simply creating a lot of filler content won’t deliver desirable results. Those who have never written a Wikipedia page before are likely to struggle a bit when attempting to come up with content. Rather than suffer and struggle, hire a writing service. In particular, hire Wiki experts with a significant amount of experience creating material for Wikipedia.

Get Your Wiki is one of the top resources for having original, made-to-order Wikipedia content produced. This Wikipedia editing service is not only able to write and edit content, the company is also available for monitoring work thanks to their Wiki writers for hire. Essentially, monitoring entails checking up on the page to make sure no spamming or unwanted additions have been made. Most definitely, if a third-party has done damage to the page, it is wise to have the page fixed. A solid writing service would be up to this task.

Even the great actor Leonardo DiCaprio had to suffer the indignation of his Wikipedia page being spammed. An overzealous fan choose to add a lot of embarrassing content to his page.