When Kyle Bass Opines, His Hedge Fund Declines

There’s a hedge fund manager in Texas named Kyle Bass. The man is from Argentina and has close ties to socialist despot Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who presides over that country. No one knew his name until he successfully predicted the sub-prime lending crisis that later led to the collapse of the stock market. Bass was instantly elevated to the status of financial celebrity, and everybody started listening in closely.

Since then, however, Bass’ predictions haven’t had the same weight behind them, and his hedge fund seems to perform less satisfactorily every time he makes a high profile media appearance. Besides the fund itself being riddled with controversy, Bass seems to take this poor performance in stride and continues keeping multiple “irons in the fire”, as the saying goes. One of the hottest of those irons is CAD.

CAD, which stands for the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, is a snake in the grass if ever there were one. Using the sentiment and ignorance of those sick or dying, CAD gets petitions signed, facilitates lawsuits and whatever else is necessary to make big ticket pharmaceutical companies drop the price on drugs they sell. In some cases a price reduction as high as ninety percent has resulted. That’s a substantial loss for the pharmaceutical company in question. Such losses end up diminishing the value of their stock, in fact, and who is there to short sell his holdings and make millions but Kyle Bass?

What has happened here is that UsefulStooges say that Kyle Bass has used special interest group CAD to manipulate the stock market in his favor. He’s done it legally, furthermore, and these actions have had such an impact they’ve given US congress a bipartisan attitude against him.

So far, Bass operates a shady hedge fund, manipulates the infirm in order to bleed millions from high-profile organizations, and has close ties to a despotic socialist from another country. In fact, Bass’ ties with Kirchner are so close he won’t even criticize obviously poor decisions from her end. The best example of this would be Argentina’s recent financial history. Kirchner’s responsible for Argentina defaulting twice in the last thirteen years. That’s not just bad economic decisions; that’s historically bad economic decisions. Yet Bass, who’s fortune comes from predicting poor economic outcomes, advocates de Kirchner. Many have speculated he’s her lackey, and that piece of the puzzle puts the rest in perspective.

What does this mean to the reader? It means be very careful when listening to Kyle Bass, because he’s probably got a trick up his sleeve.

The Freedom to Talk with FreedomPop

Are you tired of the over priced international cell phone bills you receive. If you are, chances are you really would like a new phone service that you can use while traveling. After all, your plane ticket shouldn’t cost less than talking on the cell phone. That is why FreedomPop is here to help you out. The company has made a name for itself creating low cost wireless services for individuals throughout the United States. Now, as the company has grown, it is setting its sights onto offering services for world travelers and international services as well. So, if you want to save some cash, this might be the service for you.

For starters, FreedomPop is offering a global hotspot service and international SIM card. The global hotspot makes it possible to connect to WiFi spots around the world at any time. This is a $49.99 service currently, and with it users gain access to these hotspots. When connected to a hotspot, users of the service can make phone calls, text message and access the Internet as much as they want without any sort of limit.

When someone is in an open area, they do have 200 MB a month while on the plan to use. This is good for texting and making some phone calls. For anyone who might want to place more phone calls or access the Internet at a greater rate, all they need to do is purchase additional data from the company. 500 MB is only $10 more and it can be used whenever. This way, for someone who does need to access the Internet but can’t connect to a hotspot, they still have an option.

This is a growing service and while it is only available in 25 countries currently, it is going to expand to over 40 by the end of the year, with more and more countries coming under the fold to work with FreedomPop.

Corporate Structures Need Compliance Officers Such as Helane Morrison

Ask any engineer and they will tell you that any type of infrastructure needs a support system in order to be successful. In a way, it is the same concept in the corporate world. Corporate structures need a number of things in order to keep them strong. They need highly competent executives, good liaisons, and good leadership. One oft-overlooked area that the corporate structure needs would be that of a compliance officer. Highly competent compliance officers such as Helane Morrison are extremely dedicated to their job even though they are not the highest paid member of the team. The reason is because they realize that they are every bit as important a piece of the structure as the CEO or the Vice President. They are the glue that holds everything together and holds all of the pieces accountable. 

Helane Morrison is one such compliance officer and is highly qualified for her current position. She has a B.S. in Journalism from Northwestern and a J.D. from UC-Berkeley. Before her current position as the chief compliance officer of Hall Capital Partners she was head of the San Francisco Branch of U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. 

Morrison understands the unique issues that can arise as a result of her job. One such issue would be that of the glass ceiling that exists in the corporate world. Morrison knows that she needs to be dedicated to the cause and to be as assertive as possible and those are qualities that we can admire. She realizes that she needs to be the watchdog in order to ensure that ethical behavior continues even in the toughest of times. Throughout her career, she has helped women everywhere by “shattering the glass ceiling” that all career-driven woman will unfortunately encounter.

Like you and me and everyone else in the corporate world, Helane Morrison realizes that accountability is of the utmost importance in the corporate world. That is why her collaboration role with Hall Capital is so important. Day in and day out she serves an integral part of this world. Her main role is ensuring that each and every investment made on behalf of clients is as solid and ethical as possible. 

Morrison has developed a two-pronged approach to compliance issues. First of all, she has put together an “examination staff” that painstakingly studies all of the investment records of the entities associated with her firm.

Helane Morrison is truly leading the way in shattering the glass ceiling in the corporate world and ensuring that honesty, integrity and ethical practices rule the day. 

Learn more about Helane by visiting her Wikipedia page.

Introducing Coriant’s New CEO

In this global era of increasingly complex telecommunications, one company continues to stand out from the rest. In 2013, Coriant was founded in an effort to showcase the transmission technology department of German giant Siemens. With additional technology introduced from Tellabs and Sycamore Networks, Coriant was uniquely positioned to become a leader in the field of telecommunications. It wasn’t too long before Coriant became independent from its parent company, seeking to dominate the market for optical transmission hardware and software.

The world knows that innovation in telecommunications changes the way we communicate, and such innovation requires a considerably qualified leader. As Coriant’s new CEO, Shaygan Kheradpir is in a unique position to change the face of the telecommunications industry. With an educational background in electrical engineering and an array of employment experiences with high tech companies, Kheradpir has a strong history of taking initiative in product development. As an early leader at GTE Laboratories, he developed a niche in network routing, management and control. After GTE merged with Bell Atlantic to form Verizon Communications, Kheradpir progressed from serving as president of Verizon’s e-business division to becoming the company’s first CTO. He helped Verizon emerge as a global player, broadening the services it offered and also automating its operations. He also introduced a thirty day prototype cycle to speed up product development and testing, as well as “iobi,” a feature which helped to simplify the company’s management of address books and caller ID.

Further experiences as Chief Operating Officer of Barclays and CEO of Juniper Networks testify to Mr. Kheradpir’s legacy of leadership. While working at these companies, Mr. Kheradpir focused on cutting costs as well as research and development.

With such accomplishments, it is not difficult to understand why Mr. Kheradpir is well qualified to serve as Coriant’s new CEO. With the development of even higher transmission capacities and cutting edge networking technologies, the telecommunications industry is always changing. Perhaps it is Mr. Kheradpir’s ability to adapt which has allowed him to continuously lead in the face of such competition.

Check out Shaygan’s LinkedIn profile

Queens of Drama: Continues To Excel In New and Exciting Ways

It is likely new cast members will be joining other ladies on Pop’s reality series Queens of Drama when it begins airing again. Although no new names are posted officially, calls went out last summer for two well-known soap stars to join the show producer and actress Donna Mills in Season 2. Six to 10 episodes were scheduled for filming last fall, so there’s no telling what these women have in store for viewers this time around!

To catch you up, the show is a docu-drama that puts actresses together where they work both in front of and behind the camera to create and pitch a hot, new successful prime-time drama. Last season, Mills hosted a party last season to tell the ladies she has pitched the show to a network without involving them. Naturally, there is as much drama in the reality show as there is on the actresses’ prime-time pilot set.

Crystal Hunt, who has been on the series since it aired in 2015, will be back to work with other daytime and prime-time television actresses, including Emmy award-winner Vanessa Marcil and popular television vixen Joan Collins, on the project in hopes of developing a steamy show to air. Hunt works on the reality show in Los Angeles where all the cast members participate in every aspect of filming, producing a new prime-time drama they will eventually pitch to networks.

Hunt, a Clearwater, Fla., native and IMDb member has acclaimed success since she was 17 years old when am agent discovered in her in the Actors Workshop in New York. She soon began her professional acting career “Lizzie Spaulding,” a troubled teen character on the soap opera Guiding Light. Hunt later played the memorable character of “Stacy Morasco” on One Live To Live. She also has been in several movies, beginning with the family-film The Derby Stallion starring Zac Efron and then worked with Amanda Bynes in Sydney White, a romantic comedy based on the Snow White fairy tale.

Her Instagram acting clips indicate Hunt also showcased her acting talents in the 2014 movie 23 Blast, an inspirational, true story of high school football athlete facing irreversible blindness and was in the Magic Mike sequel Magic Mike XXL. Even with her California success, Hunt is still heavily invested in her family, friends, and church in the Tampa, Fla., area, and loves car races and trucks.  For a bigger breakdown check out Crystal Hunt’s metacritic which lists all movies and review scores for each role.