Media Mogul Duda Melzer Thinks Brazil Is One Of The Most Entrepreneurial Countries In The World

In 2012, published an article about Brazil’s economic strength during the global recession. The largest country in South America growth rate was the envy of other emerging markets. Brazil’s media ran similar stories, about the workforce in Brazil and the amount of small business startups. More than 25 percent of Brazil’s workforce was self-employed in 2012, and small businesses accounted for two-third of private sector jobs. Brazil was the poster boy for emerging markets, but a recession hit the country hard a few months later, and the country has been struggling since then.

Duda Melzer, the grandson of RBS founder, Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho, is one of the people who believes his country is still one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world. Melzer runs the RBS Media Group these days. He is well-respected in Brazil’s media industry. Melzer has a Harvard MBA, and he picked up some U.S. media tricks while he was president of Box Top Media in New York. Duda also worked for Delphi Communications before he returned to the South of Brazil to work in the family media business.

One secret of Duda Melzer’s success is, he surrounds himself with knowledgeable people. Jim Collins, the student, and teacher of leadership talks about the ingredients that make great companies tick. He has been interacting with RBS since 1999. Melzer also has great respect for Harvard professor, John Davis and Indian businessman and actor, Ram Charan. But Melzer is the driving force behind the growth and profitability of the RBS group. According to, the RBS Group owns the media market in the South and Melzer has expanded the reach of the group by adding e. Bricks Digital in Sao Paulo. The company has an impressive online presence, thanks to Duda. If there is breaking news in Brazil, Melzer is one of the people who report it first.


Evolution of Smooth: Sweet Mint Lip Balm

Mint has several amazing benefits for the skin and lips. It has been around for centuries and is considered to be an ancient beauty secret. Not only does it feel amazing, it can soothe and cure irritated skin. This is especially true for the lips when the weather becomes cold and dry. This article will discuss the amazing benefits of mint and why it’s a good idea to use it on your lips.

Mint is one of the best ingredients to soothe burned or chapped skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce redness. It can also calm itchy skin. Mint also contains this substance called salicylic acid that can slough away dry rough skin, revealing smoother, fleshier skin underneath.

Mint also contains vitamin A. This nutrient is an anti-aging powerhouse and can reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This can mean plumper, younger looking lips.

It also contains menthol and anti-bacterial properties, making it a great ingredient to use it in cleansers and as an astringent.

It is a refreshing ingredient with a very powerful, but pleasant, aroma. It can be applied to sore lips to soothe them.

The Evolution of Smooth has a line of organic lip balms and “Sweet Mint” is one of the flavors. This balm is formulated with just enough peppermint oil to provide the calming benefits without being too overpowering, as peppermint oil can be highly irritating in large amounts. The peppermint oil found in EOS lip balm also contains several vitamins and minerals that can improve the look and feel of the lips overtime.

EOS lip balms are also organic and all natural. They are made will all natural oils and sweeteners that complement the mint aroma and flavor. This is the perfect lip balm product to use in the fall and winter seasons when the air is the driest.

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Securus Technologies Takes The Gold

PRNewswire recently did an article about Securus Technologies and their recent Stevie award. Securus Technologies is a company that deals with technology in the correction sector. Securus Technologies is also a company that deals with the technology that makes life easier for those individuals who are working in the law-enforcement sector. Securus Technologies services more than 3,450 different law-enforcement agencies, and they care for over 1,200,000 inmates all across America. Securus Technologies offers technology solutions in the following areas: incident management, communication, inmate self-service, monitoring technology, and public information.


Securus Technologies is a company that was able to receive the Stevie awards. The Stevie award is an award that is given to seven different programs across the world. This is an award that is issued to companies that have exceptional customer service and sales skills. The Stevie award receives more than 10,000 entries every year from different organizations globally. This award honors organizations that are all different sizes, and they recognize outstanding performance in the workplace.


Securus Technologies was awarded the best customer service training department at the 11th annual Stevie awards for sales and customer service. Since this is one of the top honors in the world when it comes to customer service, Securus Technologies is very proud of their achievement.


Stock Loans Offering an Alternative for Startups Financing

Every startup business struggles on the best approach to secure enough and adequate financing. Unlike in the past where small businesses only relied on unpredictable sources of funding, in today’s world having pros like Equities First small organizations and individuals have the chance to explore from other technological and modern lending services. At any point, stock loans make the way for some business visionaries to get the funding of their business. Keep in mind funding may not be the correct option for each new business. Funding your firm from other basic methods of lending such as individual reserve funds, charge cards, relatives and companions, micro-finance loans and retirement accounts may come with other monetary consequences.

In the entire world, small businesses get loans of more than $38 billion and that has been enabled by over 74 million business visionaries. The loans are given to firms and individuals who would not fit to take the bank advance because of low pay or poor credit, thusly misrepresenting their financial reputation. It is true that most new organizations battle to gather profits rapidly. However, by adding other factors such as big interests’ rates, the small businesses already get overwhelmed to continue with their projects. Fortunately, stock advances give a lower-intrigue alternative. In 2012, Equities First played out a crediting overview asking 400 funding officers within public associations on if they would suggest to other people to take stock-based loans and 57% of the respondents said yes.

As demonstrated by Equities First – stock loans applies equities as security for three years. For example, it applies when a person holds stock within Company X and believes the stock will gain an incentive in future. Rather than selling his position in Company X, the individual who is the shareholder trades the shares to a banking institution and gets the advance proceeds. Thus, with Equities First, any company can make a difference and more information click here.

Stock Trading Expert Jim Hunt

One of the leading stock trading experts is Jim Hunt. He has spent his whole career trading in the stock market and looking for the best ways to profit from various trades. Over the years, Hunt has gained a considerable amount of expertise which has allowed him to provide his knowledge to many other people. During his career, Jim has formulated a couple of systems that simplify stock investing as well as helping people make lots of money. The two main systems he has developed are Wealth Wave and Make Mum a Millionaire at . Each of these two systems has allowed many investors to profit from the stock market more consistently.

Jim Hunt has put together a very effective system known as Wealth Wave on This system allows investors to find stocks that are falling in value. While this may seem like a mediocre strategy, it is actually one that leads to high profits. Using this system will allow an investor to find stocks that are on the verge or reaching their lowest value. The investor will then purchase the stock and then wait for it to increase in value. Once it reaches its peak value, the investor will then sell it. This system helps investors get stocks at low prices and then make high profits within a few months.

Another one of Jim’s systems is Make Mum a Millionaire. This system emphasizes investing a small amount of money and then letting it grow in value according to In most cases, an investor using this system will usually invest 1,000 pounds and then let it increase in value over time. Eventually the invested amount will reach 1,000,000 pounds. As a result, you can become a millionaire using this system. Therefore, anyone who is looking to increase their wealth through investing will benefit by using this system.

Jim Hunt is part of a company known as VTA Publications. This company provides people with home study courses about investing. They will learn how to trade stocks using charts on along with learning about trading options. These courses will help them gain valuable knowledge on how to earn high profits from stock investing. Along with investing in stocks, VTA Publications also provides a course on retirement planning which will help investors establish financial security in their future.

Jason Hope Looks Towards A High Tech Future

You may know Jason Hope as the tech genius behind one of the world’s first premium mobile content providers, Jawa. However, Hope has delved into many other, highly successful pursuits. From starting a highly acclaimed search engine optimization firm to developing mobile app solutions for busy professionals, Hope has stayed both extremely busy and extremely relevant throughout his career.

Today, Jason Hope is spending a large portion of his time writing as a guest blogger for such sites as and his own blog, Lately, his interests have turned towards the boundless possibilities he sees in the coming implementations of the so-called Internet of Things. Hope says that, much more than simply an extension of existing technologies, the Internet of Things promises to be a revolutionary force which will completely transform the way that people, devices and the built environment interact with one another. Hope seeks to get young entrepreneurs and innovators thinking about the new directions in which this powerful and novel technology will be able to be pushed.

A futurist from birth
Jason Hope has been compulsively enraptured by technology since his earliest memories. As a young man, he read voraciously the likes of “Wired Magazine”, “Popular Science”, “Nature” and even technical journals like “The Lancet”. His intense interest paid off. After graduating from Arizona State University with a master’s degree in business, he founded his first startup, Jawa. His vision for Jawa was a company that would provide users of cellular telephones with premium paid content, like their favorite songs or ringtones. It developed an easy user interface that allowed customers to complete transactions in just a few clicks.

This may sound like just another tech company now. But what’s astonishing is that Hope was building this company in the late 90s, a time when far less than half of Americans even had a cell phone. The company went on to become one of the largest and, perhaps, the first provider of premium ringtones.

Hope’s sagacity didn’t fade. Today, he writes blogs, runs his portfolio of companies and proselytizes readers to the benefits of embracing future technologies.

Mortgage Expertise with Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar serves as the current president of TDL Global Ventures, which is an enterprise dealing with real estate. Todd also serves at Legendary Investment as the senior vice president. Among Todd Lubar’s main objectives in life is ameliorating the better person in him every day. He firmly believes that with that he will be able to add value to everyone he comes across. Todd Lubar resides in Bethesda, Maryland with his wife and their two children.

Todd Lubar has worked with several mortgage firms prior to moving to the demolition sector. He managed to develop a robust business relationship with individuals in the real estate and mortgage sectors. Lubar features an extensive network base with affluent people in the various fields he has served. With such reliable connections, Todd Lubar has managed to expand and grow his business efficiently. Todd Lubar has acquired a broad knowledge and various skills and experience in his field of specialization. Having been in the trade for more than a decade, Todd Lubar noted a niche, which was less explored and he decided to explore it. He developed a new firm called Legendary Financial LLC, which is an affiliate to the Legendary Properties. The financial group enterprise functions as a lending institution for both businesses and individuals.

To date, Todd Lubar has made full utilization of the liquidity properties to finance and fund the large market base of borrowers. Todd Lubar has engaged himself in over 7,000 transactions since his firm was first incepted. With these huge numbers, Todd can possibly take almost any loan type. He has made various critical decisions founded on the market financial and market conditions. Initially, Todd Lubar worked as a loan originator in the industry. He has served at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. At the entity, Todd Lubar quickly learned the basics and representation of mortgage banking. He developed know-how and skills in the mortgage sector and developed a reliable relationship with varied real estate agents in addition to financial planners. Todd Lubar additionally acquired a leadership position in the Legacy Financial Group in 1999. The position enabled Todd Lubar to expand his competencies to broker loans. Todd Lubar has significantly contributed to the growth of the mortgage industry. According to , for many years, Todd Lubar has been the recipient of the top 25 loan originators.


Your Business Needs Stock Based Capital

In the event that you have stocks or different securities that you have the plan to offer as security for low rates credits that does not need sale of stocks or transfer of title, then Equities First Holdings is a licensed and full regulated company with experience of at least 14 years. The company specializes in offering stock loans to starts business and people using their stock as guarantee. It is undoubted that securing the conventionally loans in today’s hard economic times is a big challenge and that is where a smart firm with lending experience like Equities First Holdings comes in.

Benefits of Stock Financing

A biggest aspect concerning a stock loan is that you still hold your whole portfolio after your principal and interest are fully settled. By accessing the Equities First services you can reap other benefits that entail sustaining of contractual ownership, keeping ownership of the appreciated benefits, retaining your rights to vote and retaining your entire tax benefits.

Working with experts

With Equities First Holdings, taking care of your stock loan, you’ll be combined with an all around promoted business loaning foundation that has admittance to incomprehensible assets. As opposed to those who treat customers like account numbers or ordinary clients, the financial experts take the necessary time to realize what you and your business require to deliver and also surpass your desires. Our primary target is to ensure you get the best amount of loan-to-value.

Connect With Us

There’s no requirement for you to pitch your stocks and get the capital to continue funding your business. You can get in touch with Equities First Holdings professionals and permit them to make your life and that of your business easier. Trading ownership shares within your business is among the great ways of raising funds. And considering the benefits that come with equity financing, it is vital to contact financial experts in Equities First Holdings and get out of the challenges associated with bank loans.

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Video Marketing Tips By Bob Reina

If you have been keeping up with marketing news, you probably heard about the 30-day free trial by Talk Fusion. Just recently, the CEO and Founder of the company came back to the scene with an article. Bob Reina, who is known for his prowess as an entrepreneur, published a second article on the MarTech Advisor’s website. This was his second guest post within a year.

Bob’s article, which is titled “Video Advertising Trends of 2017,” highlights some of the video marketing styles that the world experienced in 2016. He also talks about the impact of these trends on the marketing scene in 2017. The article, which was requested by MarTech Advisors, was posted on their homepage, where it is currently hosted.

With the article, Bob Reina wishes to inspire people who want to take their businesses to another level using marketing techniques that actually work. The reality, as he puts it, is that human beings are visual and the best way to market products and appeal to them is through video marketing.

Bob Reina also suggests product ideas to his audience. He targets IT professionals and companies offering IT solutions. He pitches these ideas after analyzing recent consumer trends and the popularity of video advertising.

About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a company which offers video marketing solutions to businesses and individuals from all over the world. When the company introduced Video Email back in 2004, their CEO and founder had a vision. The industry was untapped and presented huge potential in terms of growth.

Presently, Talk Fusion is one of the leading providers of video marketing solutions in the United States and beyond. With their innovative products, their customers have been able to take their businesses to another level. Their products are marketed by independent associates in 140 countries. They also have a 30-day free trial for those who wish to try their products before buying them.

If you wish to benefit from the tips by Bob Reina, read the article on MarTech Advisors homepage today!


How Bernardo Chua Redefined Network Marketing

Originally from the Philippines, Bernardo Chua moved to the U.S. when he became president of Gano Excel USA, the firm he work for prior to founding Organo Gold in 2008.

Organo Gold’s primary product is organic coffee enriched with Ganoderma Lucidium, a mushroom extract widely used in ancient Chinese medicine, however, the company also sells teas and personal care products, also containing Ganoderma Lucidium.

According to Ad Week, Bernardo Chua’s business model, selling Organo Gold’s products through independent distributors, benefits men and women from around the world who have an opportunity to operate their own business selling products to health conscious consumers.

Each month, more than 4,000 new individuals decide to join Organo Gold’s network marketing program, either to sell products in-person or through their own personalized replicating website. Independent distributors can earn even more by developing a sales team of their own by personally sponsoring new distributors.

Besides being co-founder of Organo Gold along with Shane Morand, Bernardo Chua serves as the company’s CEO. Under Chua’s outstanding leadership, Organo Gold became the 55th largest direct selling company worldwide as determined by sales in less than ten years.

In his home country, Chua is something of a legend; he is continually going back to the Philippines to receive awards, including Direct Sales Company of the Year, the Dangal ng Bayan Award and a National Shoppers Choice award.

When Bernardo Chua accepted the Napoleon Hill Foundation’s Gold Medal Award, which honors those who motivate by example, he stated, “When we created Organo Gold, we set out to redefine network marketing.” Chua’s independent distributors would agree; he took a basic product that people consume everyday, and then upgraded it with gourmet beans and Ganoderma Lucidium, to make it even easier for individuals to sell.

Chua founded OG Cares as well, a foundation dedicated to improving the lives of children worldwide by helping them cultivate leadership skills.

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