Many More Mergers and Acquisitions in 2018, Says Jeff Yastine

As a highly experienced financial journalist, Jeff Yastine knows how to watch out for the latest economic, investing and business trends. That is how he is able to help the readers of his newsletter from Banyan Hill Publishing, Total Wealth Insider.

All the signs point to greatly increased merger and acquisition activity in 2018. In recent years, companies have largely chosen to grow through organic growth. That is, by using their cash flow to expand their marketing to sell more products and to bring out new products. However, that trend has peaked. The company that tracks M&A data, Dealogic, already reports November 2018 was the second busiest M&A month since they started recording it in 1995. And that was before the new tax law was passed. Deloitte surveyed the executives of 1,000 private equity firms and major corporations. 40% of them identified M&A as the most important activity of the coming year. Two-thirds of respondents are sitting on cash that’s already ear-marked for M&A deals. And two-thirds expect the buyouts or mergers they carry out in 2018 to be larger than ones closed in 2017. Read more about Jeff Yastine at for more info.

Jeff Yastine says the safest way to profit from this increased M&A activity is to buy shares in the exchange traded fund that specializes in buying the shares of companies that have already announced mergers and acuisitions. That IQ Merger Arbitrage ETF. It was developed by New York Life Investment Management LLC. IndexIQ Advisors LLC actually runs it. This ETF’s share price has gone up 24% in the past five years. And it’s up 5% just this year, indicating the volume of M&A activity the year promises to bring to Wall Street.

However, Jeff Yastine writes, the most profitable way to profit from M&A is to buy the stock of companies that are likely targets, then hold on until the deals are announced. As speculator interest in these companies increasses, the market price goes up. And when it is bought up, the acquiring company usually winds up paying more than the stock market price. That’s because they’re decided the company as a whole is valuable to them because its operations will in some way enhance or make their business more profitable.

This M&A activity is already underway, Jeff Yastine tweets. Look for it in aerospace, chip manufacturing and the pharmaceuticals industries. The stock of Akamai Technologies has already gone up in anticipation of a buyout.

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Market America Receives Youtube Top 100 Award for Motives Cosmetics Channel

Offering popular consumer items such as cosmetics, jewelry, nutritional supplements, electronics, cleaning supplies, water purification and automotive products, Market America has built a reputation as a distributor of high demand marketplace goods.

Founded in 1992 by current CEO and President JR Ridinger and his wife, Loren Ridinger, the company has experienced strong market acceptance and rapid growth, expanding its presence to Europe, Asia, Central America, Australia and the Pacific Rim.

The company has successfully grown by building one success atop another. In 2010, Market America acquired the comparison website, and was able to further enhance their recognition within their market niche. The purchase added’s database technology to Market America’s distributor network, resulting in a highly synergistic business restructuring.

The company has received recent recognition for the popularity of its Motives Cosmetics line, earning a ranking among the most popular Beauty channels on Youtube in 2017. In earlier announcements this January, Market America accepted the Top 100 Beauty Youtube Channel Award, recognizing the channel’s subscription base and volume of high quality videos available.

The Motives Cosmetics line has done very well, having received coverage in popular glamor publications including InStyle, Allure, Vogue and People Style Watch.

Describing its successful Motives line as revolutionary and cutting edge, the cosmetics are worn and used by some of the most popular celebrities, photographers, make up artists and models. Motives has been received as a cosmetics line that allows more personal creativity, with its customers expressing themselves by mixing day and evening looks and embrzcing more confident make up styles.

Motives is a larger part of the broader Market America customer vision. It’s a journey to self discovery that helps people reach their full potential. With inspirational content tied to financial empowerment, the company has built an extremely successful business model that has reached, inspired and changed the lives of its customers and business partners alike.

Market America founder, Loren Ridinger, the creator of the Motives line, describes her decision to create the product line as her vision of empowering its customers to look and feel beautiful internally and externally, providing them with the opportunity to live the type of lives they have always wanted.

The Largest Meat Manufacturer In The World

Being the largest of anything is the world is an incredible accomplishment. The international scene is taking shape as advanced nations and those emerging continue to grow. The future of business will therefore resemble the work of the OSI Group. This agency is a leader in the food processing industry and specializes in meat products.What makes the work of OSI Group possible is the leverage it has through a number of top, corporate-level clients. These clients include names like Pizza Hut, Papa Johns and McDonald’s. You don’t have to be a genius to understand how names like Subway and Burger King can bring in tremendous money when you’re in business with them.

Meat Processing In A Factory Line

OSI Group acts as a middle-man to the needs that food-industry brands have. Corporate level business takes into account mass production and mass quantities. Producing these quantities is only possible when brands leverage the help of other agencies and the skills they specialize in. The OSI Group specializes in producing the meats that food brands need.The process begins with a source of beef, poultry or fish. The next step brings these produce sources into a factory. The OSI Group operates with over 55 factories world wide. These locations process meat and “to order.” The specification of “made-to-order is important and enables the products of OSI to readily meet the standards of its clients.The beef Burger King uses in its products, though beef from a cow, has a specific combination of ingredients as well as percentages in meat to fat ratio. These details are found in the cooking vaults of the major corporate restaurants. The differentiation these meat products have are often secrets that make a product sell.

The Future Of OSI

Being a middle-man in the distribution of meat lets OSI operate within the international industries. This is possible for a number of reasons. The international platform for business is expanding. The global economy is also entering a unified First-World status. There is a long distance to go for many nations, yet they all seek the products of a modern world.The modern foods of America are now accessible to many developing nations. The OSI Group can be found in Asian countries like China and the Philippines. The expansion this meat processor is undergoing is a result of the available market around the planet. We also have to consider how popular American restaurants are.This popularity requires that the OSI Group offer its services abroad.

Jeff Yastine Is A Voice To Listen To

 Director of Newsmax Financial Newsletters, Jeff Yastine recently spoke to Newsmax about the many initial public offerings that many Asian companies like Alibaba are rumored to be coming out with in 2018. Jeff Yastine says that buying new shares is dangerous at a time when a lot of companies are coming out with IPOs. The reason is because the market is sensing that a lot of people want to purchase stock, which can inflate the price, which is the worst time to purchase such stocks. Investors are more wise to ask themselves how much upside is left in the market, and chances are great that the upside is rather limited during this time.

He advises that investors should look toward some of the acquisitions and mergers that are rumored to be happening in 2018 and place your bets on those individual stocks. Mergers between two strong companies can grow the stock price directly on the heels of that merger, and investors can see some nice returns rather quickly. Read more about Jeff Yastine at Bloomberg

Jeff Yastine is the Editiorial Director at Banyon Publishing and the editor of Total Wealth Insider, positions that he has held since 2015. He has over 20 years of experience as an stock market investor, who has reported on a number of financial stories over the years. He contributes to many publications, lending them his expertise in trading, to include Winning Investor Daily and Sovereign Investor Daily.

Jeff has 16 years of experience as a news reporter and anchor for PBS, where he dissected the financial market for their Night Business Report show and broke down investment strategies and news for the public. He is an Emmy-nominated reporter who gained notoriety for his work in 2007 reporting on the infrastructure crisis in the Unite States. He has one of only a handful of financial experts who spoke out on both the tech bubble and the housing bubble before they occurred. In 2002, Jeff and a handful of journalists won an award for Excellence in Financial Journalism from the NY State Society of CPAs. His experience and knowledge is nearly unmatched in the financial industry today. Learn more:


Jeff Yastine Reveals Regtech Investing Opportunity

The legendary “Satoshi Nakamoto” designed Bitcoin to free people from the demands of government regulation.

However, while many governments are researching and embracing the blockchain technology behind Bitcoin, and Venezuela is even planning to introduce its own blockchain currency based on its gold and oil reserves, other governments have, predictably, reacted with hostility. So far, the United States government has welcomed the innovation, but made it clear that it will not tolerate the use of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for illegal purposes, such as the Silk Road marketplace for controlled substances. And the IRA says that profits realized through the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies is taxable as capital gains. Read more about Jeff Yastine at to know more.

In short, governments show no sign of going away. President Trump has eliminated some business rules and regulations, but many still remain. And some companies see the situation not as a problem, but an opportunity. These new companies specilize in helping other companies stay on top of their legal compliance issues. Now obeying the legal rules is not just the specialty area of lawyers, but of an entire emerging industry in the high tech world. It’s called regulatory technology, or Regtech. And it’s a hot, little-known area for savvy investors to make money in.

Jeff Yastine joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015 as an editorial director. Before that, he spent two decades as a financial journalist. He was even nominated for an Emmy award while he was correspondent and anchor on PBS Nightly Business Report. Now he edits the newsletter Total Wealth Insider for Banyan Hill, where he writes about value stocks that are close to taking off in price. He writes every weekly for Sovereign Investor Daily and Winning Investor Daily, two other Banyan Hill publications. Follow Jeff Yastine at

The regtech companies use such tools as advanced software, blockchain and artificial intelligence. He’s identified 80 companies in this emerging new field. They are especially active in the most highly regulated fields, such as insurance and banking. Most of them are still privately held startups. International banks must deal with extensive government regulations in many different jurisdictions. These regulations require a lot of paperwork and controls designed to stop money laundering and corruption. They will spend $70 billion this year to ensure their compliance, and that will grow to $120 billion within three years, so this is a major market.

And the regtech companies can keep the banks up to date for $300,000 instead of the $10 million the banks spend issuing their own legacy systems. Learn more:


Securus Technologies Acquires GovPayNet For Processing Payments For Government Agencies

For anyone who has someone they love behind bars serving time, you already know how expensive it can be to talk to them while they are on the inside. When you make a payment to speak to your loved ones, how can you be sure your information is safe?


Securus Technologies has been involved for many years in a variety of ways for inmates and inmates safety. In recent times, Securus Technologies has purchased GovPayNet in an effort to expand its reach in payment service for government agencies. They will provide the consumer with ways to process payments for many government services like court fee’s, fines and then even costs associated with bail and other services. They will provide the resources for debit payments and credit card payments.


In more than 35 states, GovPayNet is involved with more than 2,300 different agencies. They cover more than 25% of the United States Territory. GovPayNet has been the main source for government processing of payments for more than 20 years. The business had begun when an ex-sheriff decided to help assisting other enforcement agencies by handling the cash form of bail payments with credit card payments.


GovPayNet has been involved in many areas of payment related expenses for inmates. They have been the business to deal with for the cost of probation oversight as well as restitution and the costs associated with electronic monitoring such as house arrest. They are also involved for traffic fines as well as criminal fines. They assist in payments for impounds and towing.


Securus is headquarted in Texas with more than 3,500 in public safety as well as in law enforcement and corrections. They provide for over a million inmates throughout the North America region. They have been committed to servicing and protecting all involved in emergency response.


Aloha Construction Can Help With A Property Inspection

Residents of Illinois have the ability to get a free property inspection through Aloha Construction. For the year of 2018, Aloha Construction is offering each resident a free property inspection in under 72 hours. Aloha is doing this because of all the success the company had in the year 2017. Aloha wants to give back to the community, and property inspections are on the rise now that the housing marketing is becoming busy again. Whether you are buying a home or selling one, a free property inspection is a gift that will be remembered forever.

The Aloha Construction website is already filled with testimonies from all around Illinois from people who took advantage of the free property inspection. These people claim to have saved over 500 dollars, which happens to be a big saving in today’s time. Generously, Aloha has even offered a second property inspection for people who own more than one property.

A great incentive for acquiring a free property inspection is the fact that future services from Aloha Construction come at a discount. Aloha was once known for solely building structures. Today, Aloha works on individual houses and more. People who receive the free property inspection have the ability to save approximately 40% on any single construction project.

Though the free property inspection is geared towards residents of Illinois, Aloha Construction is working on setting up a headquarters in several other states. Once a headquarters is in place, a free property inspection will be available in those states, too.

Aloha Construction can be contacted by email, by phone, or online via their instant chat service. This is a first come first serve offer, so it’s important to contact Aloha as soon as possible. This offer is expected to go into 2019 and even 2020. The more Aloha makes, the more Aloha wants to give back.

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OSI Industries & Sheldon Lavin: A Winning Combination

When it comes to winning combinations, there are numerous tandems that can be named to the list. Winning combinations can also come in any field of work. Ham & cheese, Joe Montana & Jerry Rice, Jordan & Pippen and many more. When it comes to the food service industry, OSI Industries & Sheldon Lavin is the dominant tandem of choice. This company has grown at a dramatic rate throughout the decades and there seems to be no slowing down anytime soon. OSI Industries’ name says it all. It’s an industry onto itself because it provides so many wonderful services. This includes processing, management, development and sourcing. You won’t find best food provider that has such proficiency or find a food provider with this much capability.

On the other hand, Sheldon Lavin has done his part ever since taking over as the company’s CEO. Lavin is also one of the company’s chairmen. This guy is well-respected in this dynamic business, and he has a strong background in finance. This background has helped OSI Industries reach new plateaus that were once thought to be unheard of. In 2016, Lavin won the Global Visionary Award, which goes to the person that displays perseverance and persistence in achieving his or her goals. Who could’ve been a better choice? Lavin has a strong resume of success as well as a strong reputation for getting things done. OSI Industries is like a reflection of this guy’s essence. Progressive and efficient is the name of the game and OSI Industries demonstrates this notion to the highest degree.

This company started out back in 1909 as a meat market. As of today, OSI Industries has evolved into a global, wholesale food provider. It has some of the most advanced-facilities in this exclusive field of work. State-of-the-art would be a better name, and OSI has high-tech factories in China, in Poland, in Canada, in Brazil, in Austria, in Australia, in Japan and in Hungary. What more can you ever ask for? In other words, OSI Industries is at the top of its game, and its best days are still ahead of where it is today.

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Jeff Yastine Identifies A New Sector Of The Economy That Should Be Looked At By Investors

As the editorial director of Banyan Hill Publishing, Jeff Yastine oversees the financial publications that this company publishes. He also has his own financial publication called Total Wealth Insider. His specialty is finding opportunities to invest in that others have missed. He has been a financial journalist for many years and was once nominated for an Emmy in writing. When he uncovers a value stock he writes about it in Total Wealth Insider.

The latest opportunity that Jeff Yastine spotted was in a new tech sector called regtech. This sector helps companies deal with government regulation. Government oversight can be exceedingly expensive for companies to deal with, especially when it comes to the insurance and financial industries. He wrote that companies in the financial industry alone spent around $65 billion each year so that they don’t break the law. If the regtech industry didn’t exist this would rise to $118 billion or more in 2020. Read this article at to know more about Jess Yastine

Using technology such as artificial intelligence and blockchain the companies in regtech are on the cutting edge of helping companies reduce the amount they spend complying with the rules. The companies in this sector are still pretty small companies, most of them being still startups. The names of some of these companies are Taxometry, ComplyAdvantage, and OnRule. Most are still private ventures although a few have had an initial public offering.

Jeff Yastine says that as regtech catches on companies in every industry will spend less complying with government regulations. He uses the example of banks having to confirm the identity of new customers opening a checking or savings account. This is because the government is concerned with things like identity theft and tax evasion. He says that each bank spends around $11 million a year just for this. Using a regtech company will reduce this cost to $300,000. View Jeff Yastine’s profile at LinkedIn.

The authorities in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Singapore are now making proposals that they start to cooperate with companies in the regtech industry, Jeff Yastine wrote. If these plans go through these companies will become major players before too long as thus a great investment opportunity. Watch:




Dr. Mark Mofid Strives To Care For His Patients Like He Would For His Family

San Diego doctor Mark Mofid hopes to shake the negative reputation of gluteal augmentation. Whenever the procedure is mentioned in the news, you often hear horror stories. Reports of lost limbs, fake doctors, and implant flipping have dominated the headlines. Mark Mofid believes those are worst case scenarios done by unqualified doctors.

Mark Mofid made it clear to Plastic Surgery Practice that his procedures are done with safety in mind:

“I place only intramuscular implants, and I never overdo it even if patients try to push for larger implants.”

Gluteal augmentation is a procedure that enhances the size of one’s buttocks. It can also fix some deformities in that area. When done correctly, the desired results comes to fruition. When done poorly, you get the nightmare stories as mentioned before.

Mark Mofid earned a bachelors degree at Harvard University. He followed that up by attending Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. There, he obtained his medical degree. He specialized in plastic surgery as well as general surgery. Mofid has his own practice in La Jolla, California.

Mofid is known for many aspects of plastic surgery. These aspects include facial rejuvenation, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, liposuction, chemical peels, and much more. Mofid told Sharp Healthcare that he values his patients, which is why he does everything in his power to limit mistakes during procedures:

“Frequently patients will tell me, ‘my life is in your hands’ before we go into the operating room and I respect that. I try to do everything I can to deliver the kind of result that I would for my own mother or my own sister or someone who’s extremely close to me. And I do realize that what I’m about to do is in many cases the most important thing that’s ever happened to that person.”