Jeff Yastine: Writing Articles for Doing Business

Many people wanted to become traders and investors; however, only a few know how they will manage their finances. For people like Jeff Yastine, it is vital that these newcomers in the field of investment are given essential pointers so that they are guided accordingly and would succeed in the area that they have chosen. He was a successful broadcaster for 16 years, serving as a correspondent and an anchor for the PBS Nightly News, but he decided to leave the world of broadcasting to become a writer for the Banyan Hill Publishing company, where he believes that his written articles could reach a wider audience. He joined the publishing company back in the year 2015, and he currently writes articles for three newsletters, including “Total Wealth Insider,” “Winning Investor Daily,” and “Sovereign Investor Daily.”Check at to know more.

 Jeff Yastine has more than two decades worth of experience in the field of investing and trading, and he used his extensive knowledge about managing finances to help the public with their money. One of the most important things that he experienced during his career as a news presenter was to be able to interview successful business people, including the likes of Warren Buffet, and learning so much from their hard work. He remembered some of the pointers that were shared by the billionaires of the present generation and took note of it so he can use it later on. Jeff Yastine will then share these pointers on his articles for the Banyan Hill Publishing company.

For many newcomers in the field of trading and investing, reading an article from Jeff Yastine is making a difference. Those who do not have any idea how the system works now develop their approach on how to beat the system. People who are also scared of investing huge amounts of money in the past are now more confident about their performance at the stock market. Jeff Yastine’s work inspired a generation of new traders, and he felt flattered that most of these people are claiming that his write-ups have helped them significantly with their newfound careers in the field of investment and trading. Expert business people are also thanking him for being able to foresee what will happen to the economy, and what the experienced business people and investors should do in case they are placed in a different situation. Many businesses have been saved thanks to his warnings about the economy.




Jason Hope predicts Internet of Things tech may revolutionize air travel

As one of the most prominent entrepreneurs in the state of Arizona, Jason Hope has been a leading advocate for the adoption of Internet of Things technologies. Jason Hope saw the value of technology early on. He created a number of highly successful startups, including Jawa, the first successful premium content streaming provider to mobile devices. With this company, Hope was able to beat industry giants like Apple and Google to the premium content streaming business by more than 10 years. He is largely credited by industry observers as being the founder of the premium content streaming model.

Recently, Jason Hope has taken a hiatus from his busy schedule of running his internet tech empire to discuss a wide range of topics, including the role that the Internet of Things will have in the future of American technological development.

One of the more interesting topics that Jason Hope hit on was the ways in which the Internet of Things will soon be radically transforming air travel in the United States. Hope says that the Internet of Things is already helping make air travel more pleasant. But he says that the changes that will soon be coming will be truly revolutionary.

Jason Hope points out that, currently, the security protocols that have been put in place since the September 11th attacks cause an unfortunate amount of time to be required in traveling by air. Hope says that this makes regional air travel impractical in many cases, and it makes local air travel completely untenable.

But Hope says with technology like autonomous air taxi drones, local and regional air travel may become the norm very soon. Just as one example, Hope says that traveling by air between two cities that are much closer than about five-hour drive from one another makes absolutely no sense in the current environment. Because of the significant amount of time that travelers need to spend in airports, going through security checkpoints and having their luggage checked in, and the amount of time necessary at the destination airport for such things as renting cars, Hope says that regional air travel below the distance of about 300 miles simply is not practical today.

Hope says that autonomous drone technology could quickly change that, completely eliminating wait times at both the origination and destination airports and making travel times shrink by as much as 90 percent. Hope says that autonomous drones will be almost exclusively driven by Internet of Things tech.

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OSI Industries Meets And Exceeds The Needs Of Its Customers

For well over 100 years, OSI Industries has been a trusted source of quality and service to its customers. This Global organization began as a single meat market in Illinois. Its founder, Otto Kolschowsky, was a German immigrant and new to the country. He had arrived in the United States only two years before he started the company in 1909.

OSI Industries is a food producer and distributor to the food service industry and the fast food chains. It is a privately held company and it currently has over 10,000 employees worldwide. These include locations throughout North America, Europe, and Australia. The headquarters of this global company are in Aurora, Illinois. Customers have come to depend on the consistency of the quality products they receive from the company. It is considered a premier distributor of meats, fruits, vegetables, and dough. When McDonald’s opened its first hamburger store in the 1950s, OSI Industries gained their business as one of its primary distributors, and they remain so today. Additionally, the company has amongst its client list such well known fast food chains as Burger King, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza, Subway, and Starbucks. OSI Industries provides them with high-quality Solutions. The company provides hamburger patties, hot dogs, bacon, chicken tenders, chicken patties, and vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes and more. Bread and dough are also available. All of the products are produced with the highest standards, and within the most state of the art equipment in its award winning facilities.

The executive team of the company takes pride in consistently filling the ever-changing needs of their customers. They have added additional products in order to be more of a “one stop” supplier to fast food chains they serve. They have increased the production of chicken products to keep up with the growing demand. The company has been expanding its number of facilities in Europe, and most recently in Australia. The management of OSI Industries plans for continued expansion into new worldwide markets.

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Anil Chaturvedi the Banking Sector Guru

India’s investment climate has changed since 2014 after the new government took office. This can be attributed to the government efforts through reforming domestic policies such as the tax environment and reducing complexity in the business environment to increase investment opportunities. This has therefore called for European businesses to be interested in investment opportunities in India.

For such a partnership to exist and to be mutually beneficial, investment seminars with speakers such as Anil Chaturvedi, who is the managing director of Hinduja Bank (Switzerland) have been held over the years. The seminars aim to discuss further the investment climate and how to make it robust for long-term goals.

Anil Chaturvedi strong background in the banking and investment sector has earned him the right to be an honored guest in such seminars. His intuition based on his experience provides insights to change the investment climate for the better.

His major professional milestones maybe said to have started in 1987 at the State Bank of India where Anil Chaturvedi became a manager for development and planning. This position, which he held until 1991, involved strategic planning and implementation. The highlight of his career was receiving an award of Man of Year for his success in this position. Anil later joined the ANZ Grindlays Bank, New York where he was elected vice president and senior representative for US operations.

Anil Chaturvedi was among the Top Financial Advisors (2007-2010) while working at the Bank of America-Merrill Lynch. For 18 years, he worked with BOA-ML as the managing director until 2011 when he became part of the Hinduja Bank as with the same title. His role in Hinduja is to offer an advisory arm to enable the prosperity of the European and Indian corporates. Anil Chaturvedi also focuses his experience towards the South Asia and Middle East markets to give European businesses advice on how to take advantage of investment opportunities in India.

Anil Chaturvedi aggressiveness in the banking world is not only tied to his Wall Street and years of experience in the sector. His educational achievements in attaining an MBA in financial management at Delhi University and a Bachelor of Arts Economics Honor at Meerut University have also facilitated his success. Anil Chaturvedi continues to push through the Hinduja’s bank agendas on investment opportunities up to date.

Jeunesse Global offers distributors real economic opportunity

Although it’s been compared to a multi-level-marketing business, Jeunesse Global founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis prefer to call their latest billion-dollar venture a direct-selling company. And that is a difference with a real distinction. Jeunesse Global current has some of the most popular health and beauty products in the world within its catalogue. The company has invested tens of millions of dollars in research and development over the last decade, creating some of the most revolutionary products in anti-aging, vitamins and energy and weight-loss supplements that the world has ever seen.

This is the key distinction between Jeunesse Global and other opportunities for those looking to own and operate their own businesses. Jeunesse Global products have a nearly decade-long track record of virtually selling themselves. With products of this popularity, choosing Jeunesse Global is an easy decision for those who are evaluating business opportunities with the intention of making a serious run at wealth creation.

The Jeunesse Global business plan allows independent business owners up to six different unique and largely uncorrelated income streams. This means that Jeunesse Global’s largest distributors aren’t just millionaires, they have real protection built into their income. If one downline in a given region underperforms or folds up their business, another downline in a distant region will continue earning. At the same time, recruitment operations can deliver strong earnings for distributors who wish to pursue that avenue for income generation.

But the ultimate reason that all of these great revenue-making opportunities can be offered in the first place is the fact that consumer demand for Jeunesse Global products remains at stunningly high levels. The company reports that it has been having difficulty keeping up with demand. Products like the company’s Nevo energy drink, which is the first all-natural alternative to Red Bull, have been flying off of distributor’s shelves with such speed that it has forced Jeunesse Global to beef up its logistics operations. And the company’s anti-aging products are, likewise, proving to be such enormous hits that supplies are often being exhausted by demand.

All told, Jeunesse Global is delivering what customers want. And this keeps its distributors in the black.

Sujit Choudhry Writes About the Troubles Democracies Face

Strife exists in all societies. Even societies with legitimate constitutional systems deal with strife. In a democracy, different factions emerge. The populace doesn’t always agree with its members. A normal level of strife can be expected here. Unfortunately, political turmoil can rise to great levels under certain circumstances. In his book, “Constitutional Democracies in Crisis,” Professor Sujit Choudhry discusses the problematic landscape.

Addressing A Current Issue

In his work, Choudhry points out one of the greatest threats to democracy involves a democratically elected leader turning to authoritarianism. Sujit Choudhry addresses the current situation in Poland as an example. In Poland, the ruling Law and Justice Party has made sweeping changes to the law. These changes alter the previous constitutional framework while strengthening the party in future election cycles.

Poland isn’t the only nation in which such things occur. Nor is the occurrence of such events solely a modern trend. However, such actions seem to be occurring more commonly. In time, political landscapes in various other countries may politically evolve in a manner similar to Poland.

Sujit Choudhry refers to these scenarios as “democratic backsliding.” ( The colloquialism refers to a leader or legislative body gaining power through democracy and, soon afterward, diminishing and decreasing democratic processes. The purpose of doing so hardly comes off as mysterious. Curtailing democratic processes entails maintaining power without having to face voters. Ironically, democracy becomes the conduit for authoritarianism.

The strife created by attempts to game the political landscape certainly doesn’t sit well with those disenfranchised. Revolutions occur under such circumstances. Sujit Choudhry does suggest the most viable way to address threats to democracy involves employing peaceful protests and demonstrations. For an interesting interview, check

The peaceful pressure put on those in power can impact a change. Certain, widescale protests draw media and international attention. Peaceful protests also create a positive picture of those engaged in the activity. Violent protests, on the other hand, becoming dangerous and self-defeating exercises.

Choudhry also suggests the courts may play a significant role in addressing authoritarianism and illicit governmental acts. This is possible when the courts act in a virtuous manner. If the courts become corrupt, they present no assistance.

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2018 May Be The Best Year Yet For The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers are the first artists to be recognized for their bewildering efforts in the dance/electronic music category. The DJ/production duo began the year on a high note releasing hit songs and doing collaborations. They released their single “Sick boy” in January that has more than 136 million views on YouTube currently. In February they released “You owe me” that was rated number 4 on the billboard and “closer” a song they had collaborated with Halsey. “Everybody hates me” followed the hits in March and even though the video wasn’t out yet, the audio track hit 9 million views in less than a month.

The pair is growing really quick and is delivering to their fans more than they are expected. In the Ultra Music Awards in Miami, they had a spirited performance giving a set of six brand new songs, a hard dubstep and their commercial hits. Within the same month of “Everybody hates me” release, they won four awards with iHeartRadio Awards. They were honored with awards for Best Collaboration, top dance artists and the best dance album.

On 21st May, they were recognized by the Billboard Music Awards as the best artists in the dance/electronic act and the duo dedicated the award to Avicii, the Swedish DJ who succumbed to mental illness. Taggart, one half of the Chainsmokers told the crowd that Avicii had inspired them and made them believe that pop music was something they could do. He added that he hoped Avicii had found peace and they would dearly miss him.

The first time they mentioned Avicii was when they were asked to present Luis Fonsi with an award together with Halsey, the featured singer in their hit “closer.” They said that his death was a massive blow to the EDM fraternity, having lost a mentor and a great artist. Halsey reminded everyone to love and support their friends and family struggling with mental illnesses. The pair that met through their present manager is grateful to the support its fans are showing internationally and have an incredible ability to excite them by doing live instrumentals and great vocals.

Why Paul Mampilly Warns Apple Stockholders

Paul Mampilly, a highly successful investor has been outspoken about some things with Apple. With all of the great creations they have come up with, how could it be a negative thing? Some say that Apple could not possibly be successful long-term, but is that really true? There are many theories as to why Paul Mampilly has encouraged investors to steer clear of Apple and consider other tech companies. What’s the big deal?

One of Mampilly’s positions on this company is that they have gone as far as they can go. It isn’t all that unusual to see someone doubt the logic behind why a company wouldn’t be successful long-term, especially if they have reached the pinnacle of their market. In a recent article, Mampilly was using words that put a significant mark on the company. In one instance he used the term “doomed”, and at another time he said, “once-great”. There are many words that people may use to describe Apple, but they aren’t usually in this tone. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly has brought some attention to the forefront with Apple, including the information that Berkshire Hathaway dropped more than $19 billion on Apple stock. One of the most well-known investors of our time, Warren Buffet, has maintained that Apple takes up most of his investment money. Overall, when Mampilly is looking at the statistics and hard numbers, what he is using as a guide is the here and now. He maintains that those investors who drop large dollar figures on Apple are those who use the past as a guide.

There are many assumptions that could be made about Apple and how their stocks perform. Assumptions can also be made regarding those who invest with Apple and what they can expect. The innovative thinking of Steve Jobs and his foresight to see how effective his design work was for Apple, made it abundantly clear that the company had nowhere to go but up. Additionally, his ability to make devices attractive and simple to use were also important when it came to the future of Apple.

Paul Mampilly no doubt has opened the door for investors to make their own decisions. While he raises a good point, everyone has to choose for themselves which path they’ll take on investing. Following the advice of Paul Mampilly leads us to answer the question of whether or not we can trust this tech giant.



Bruno Fagali: How To Choose The Right Lawyer For Your Legal Issues

Are you encountering a complicated legal problem in your business? Perhaps you’re thinking about getting a good lawyer to advise and guide you properly. In Brazil, Bruno Fagali is well known for rendering outstanding legal representation and advice to clients.

It is important to be aware that not all lawyers can represent you effectively. You want a lawyer who will fight for you and work as hard as they can to obtain a good outcome for you. Therefore it is crucial that you get a lawyer that is good at guiding or representing clients.

If you are an entrepreneur or a corporate executive and need a good lawyer in Brazil, it is extremely important that you do your research. There are many lawyers and legal offices that offer to provide good service to clients. Do you want to hire one of the most reputable lawyers in the industry? Then check out Bruno Fagali.

Having a competent lawyer by your side, will give you confidence that your case will be resolved effectively. The services of a reliable attorney like Bruno Fagali, will certainly help you to be aware of applicable laws in your field.

When it comes to choosing a lawyer for advice or representation, you need to consider reputation and experience. Bruno is a highly rated lawyer and he has vast experience in his field. Bruno has handled tough cases for numerous individuals, companies and organizations and he comes highly recommended.

There are many occasions when an entrepreneur or professional should consider hiring an attorney to address business-related matters. If, for example, you are dealing with a breach of contract issue or other complex legal case, it’s crucial to have a powerful lawyer by your side.

Consulting a competent attorney like Bruno, will assure you that the situation will be resolved appropriately. As an expert who takes steps to protect his clients’ rights and their business, Bruno Fagali will review the case thoroughly to understand the circumstances and then come up with the right strategy to handle it.

Banyan Hill is providing shelter for investors in an imminent financial turmoil.

Banyan Hill is providing shelter for investors in an imminent financial turmoil.

Many investors that are seeking to create wealth and have a prosperous financial future are now turning to Banyan Hill Publishing. Banyan Hill Publishing was launched in the year 1998 under the name The Sovereign Society and later changed its name to Banyan Hill Publishing in the year 2016. The primary focus of the organization is to give clients advisory services when it comes to protecting their assets, making investments and business building. The team of Banyan Hill Publishing is composed of experts that have served as hedge fund managers for an extended period and have sound knowledge about global markets. View to know more. Banyan Hill is built around the vision for helping most of the citizens of the United States obtain financial freedom and stand out from the financial worries that dread the markets today. The market has enjoyed a period of relative calm, and many investors are wondering when the next economic storm will hit and bring the market to its knees. Just like the way the banyan tree can withstand the storms due to its ability to maintain a firm posture because of the additional trunks, Banyan Hill Publishing is confident that together with their clients, they will remain steadfast. Customized investment strategies developed by the team of experts to suit a client’s financial goals are what makes Banyan Hill stand out from other financial advisors. Ian King first started out as his small desk working as a clerk for the renowned firm that deals with mortgage bonds the Saloman Brothers. After that, Ian King joint the department that dealt with the issues concerning the derivatives of credits at a firm called Citigroup. Also, Ian King worked for the hedge fund firm that is based in New York Peahi Capital serving in the position of the head trader. Ian King joined the Banyan Publishing team in the year 2017, and he brought to the table his skill set about cryptocurrency. Ian is the chief editor of the renowned Crypto Profit Trader that provides clients with advisory services and a state of the art strategy for investment in cryptocurrency. Furthermore, Ian King makes his contribution weekly to the Sovereign Investor, and he brings his readers up to speed with the latest trends in cryptocurrency. Ian King is experienced in the industry of financial markets have been in the business for over two decades. He also takes part in the cryptocurrency trade and gives insights about the trends in the crypto world.