Why Davos REG clients have a reason to smile

The executive team of Davos Real Estate Group (Davos REG), led by the CEO of Davos Financial Group, David Osio, recently launched the long awaited Davos cap calculator mobile app. It is expected to be a game-changer in the real estate industry, with it containing features that will definitely ease the lives of asset owners under Davos REG.

Davos REG is an independent company, just like many other independent companies under Davos Financial Group. The financial group was formed with the aim of providing financial advice in major economy sectors, including real estate, banking, and corporate planning. It has established branches in cities such as Lisbon, Geneva, and Panama City. These branches have been strategically placed to enable the company to penetrate the international market.

The features in the calculator are impeccable. Not only does the app allow one to estimate the gain of his assets, but it also lets one to interactively chat with the agent that represents him, allowing him to send real estate reports and other crucial documents. Osio explains that such features will assist the company’s clients in terms of their financial capabilities. Another special feature that was integrated is the mortgage calculator. This will solve the problems that many real estate owners have in regards to their mortgages.

Davos REG has been significantly improving its services. According to Gonzales, in the months prior to the release of the calculator, the company also focused on networking with international companies that had almost similar goals as them. This led them to partner with real estate agents in Spain. To add to this, the company has increased the number of agents that work with it, by almost 60%. This has manifested itself in the 75% increase in sales that the company experienced in the first six months of 2016.


About David Osio

The CEO of Davos Financial Group has established himself as an accomplished professional in matters of finance. He founded the company in 1993, with the aim of providing financial advice in different sectors of the economy, including the banking industry, and the asset management industry. In the two decades it has been in operation, the company has gained a good reputation in areas around Venezuela and Latin America. The success of his company can be attributed to the brilliant managerial portfolio he had built, serving in different executive positions in different companies prior to the founding of Davos Financial Group.

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David Osio and his executive team at Davos Real Estate Group launch its new Real Estate Application

David Osio is one of the most accomplished individuals in the United States. He is also the current CEO of the Davos Financial Business Conglomerate which is a licensed and independent business group. The company also has focused on the delivery of expert financial advisory services and comprehensive expert asset management. The Davos Financial Group, by serving their clients, has earned its first recognition as the expert financial advisory company in Venezuela. In the recent past, the company worked to expand their territories through their operations to have their services reaches a wider range of people in need of their services in Miami, New York, Panama, and Geneva.


While David Osio was accompanied by the Davos Real Estate Group Executive Directors Pablo Bausili and Gerard Gonzalez, they were at a forum to announce the launch of their new real estate application to assist their esteemed clients in the country. The Davos Real Estate company has also worked to announce the launch of their first ever real estate mobile application. The Davos Cap Calculator is an application that lets the clients establish the type of investment opportunity present for their capabilities, for this reason, they work towards the development of entities that help them manage a new ordeal in the managerial positions.


The Real Estate Application lets the clients choose from a wide range of option. For all the options they want, there is an estimated monthly income from this application. For this reason, they have the capability to make an informed decision about their investment choice shortly. The company is working towards the development of a program which will see the clients engage in a chat with the real estate agents to determine a better way to do business with the people in the United States. According to the agents in the area, we are highly excited because our work is to market the application rather than look for the people to invest in our platforms.


The Davos Real Estate Company is one of the independent companies developed from the Davos Financial Business Conglomerate based in the United States. The company, since its inception, has worked to unite the Venezuelan community through business deals in the United States. For this reason, it has won numerous awards in Venezuela as one of the best firms in the Latin America. The development of this useful tool remains one of the biggest development strategies to propel the company to success in the years to come.

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Bob Reina and Talk Fusion are Making a Huge Mark in the Video Communication and Marketing Industry

When talking about the leading video communication companies in the world, you can’t overlook Talk Fusion founded by Bob Reina less than a decade ago. Bob Reina developed Talk Fusion because, in 2004, he tried to send a small 10-second video email, but he could not find technology that would allow it. Reina is an authentic example of an entrepreneur who founded a company because of a personal need, and it has become a global success.


In 2007, Talk Fusion was born with only the one service, the award-winning video email. With his incredible tech team, Talk Fusion has grown from this one service to the all-in-one video solution package that includes Video Email, Video Chat, Live Meetings, Video Newsletters and sign-up forms. This state-of-the-art video program has spread worldwide and made Talk Fusion a leader in the video communication market.


Success and Responsibility


Bob Reina was in law enforcement before he founded Talk Fusion, and he is dedicated to helping people reach their goals both in the company and outside of it. His employees know that he lives by the motto, which is “with greater success comes greater responsibility.” As the company has grown, Reina has developed more responsibility in helping both people and animals.


Bob Reina not only supports his team in Tampa, FL with offers for non-profits and to win prizes for their success, but he has donated thousands of dollars to orphanages in Indonesia and contributed one million dollars to the Tampa Humane Society in need of a shelter to house strays. Several months ago, Reina extended his philanthropy to everyone he possibly could with a free trial offer.


Talk Fusion announced at the beginning of the year that they were offering their deluxe all-in-one solutions package for a 30-day trial with absolutely no financial commitments; no credit card authorization or down payment. This is unheard of in the business world, but Reina wants to give every individual and small business the opportunity to see the benefits of video communication advertising and marketing. In less than a decade, Bob Reina has become a leader in the business world as well as in helping other to succeed too.

How to Become a Successful UK Vintner

Vintners are very influential people in the wine making process. These professionals are trained to make wine, and they do this with the help of other individuals.

With proper experience and training, vintners make the best wines in the UK. The vintners are also in charge of making important decisions in the process of making wine. These individuals are responsible for maturing grapes, crushing, harvesting and fermenting activities. In most cases, this is how to become a successful UK Vintner.

The UK is respected because of the type of wine it manufactures. This is because the country employs the best vintners. These individuals are trained thoroughly to make sure that the clients get the best. In this country, these professionals must be very experienced so that they can get any employment opportunities. Their work is mostly physical, so experts say that they must be physically fit to handle the pushing, bending and lifting involved in the process. The vintners are allowed to conduct these activities outdoors or indoors, and they are not authorized to have any health problems.

The vintners can choose to acquire their skills while on the job, while other will prefer to go to special schools so that they can get the education they need about the profession. Both options are allowed in the United Kingdom, so these professionals can choose the option that suits them. Experts in the industry, however, say that the most important thing in the whole process is the experience of the professional. If a vintner does not have the experience, then it will also be tough to get any employment opportunities in the prestigious winemaking companies in the UK. If you are passionate about wine making, here are some valuable tips to help you.

Enroll for a Bachelor’s Degree

Most of the people who have been successful in the UK wine making industry are those that have the undergraduate degree. The degree can be from business administration. The vintners also have the option of choosing other degrees in the related fields. Experts say that choosing the core courses that are available in business administration is the best choice. Hospitality management is also paramount in the wine making business. A course in hospitality will help the professionals to beat their competitors. It is also advisable to major in topics such as distribution and production of wine. International wine companies and wine marketing is also substantial in the field.

Go for the Graduate Studies

If you are planning to join this competitive industry, then it is advisable to study for a Ph.D. program or a master’s degree.

View UK Vintners PLC’s Facebook page for more information.


The Lung Institute Helps You Live Life to the Fullest!

Imagine that you are walking up the steps or trying to play with your grandkids yet you feel like you are struggling for the breath of life or oxygen to breathe like a normal person. Have no despair you are normal it’s just that you are suffering from a chronic lung illness. Previously this would have gave you the option of going for a invasive and painful or life changing procedure but the Lung Institute has made the treatment process easier and less painful for you by using stem cell therapy.

The Lung Institute primary mission is to help improve the quality of life for those suffering from COPD and other lung diseases. They use the latest in cutting edge technology and couple that with expert care and treated options to make you feel right at home during the process. The Institute treats the whole patient starting with a comprehensive medical history done on each patient. This is followed by an examination of current conditions before processing any treatment plans.

According to lifestylesafter50.com, the Lung Institute uses the stem cell process that works by withdrawing and isolating st cells from your blood and then later reintroducing those cells into your body where they come to rest in the lungs. It helps to foster the body’s natural healing process. It also helps to limit inflammation throughout the body. The best benefit to the patient of all is that this process is minimally invasive and relatively painless compared to traditional procedures being done.

Check out the Lung Institute today and learn how you can live a better life today! They have a team of world class and renowned doctors with proven and researched treatment methods waiting to help you through this process of living a better life! The Lung Institute has offices in places like Dallas, Tampa, and Pittsburgh among other big cities to serve all of its clients effectively and efficiently. They offer free consultations and that could be just a phone call away for you! Visit us on https://www.facebook.com/LungInstitute/.


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Mike Baur And Swiss Startup Factory Help Client Start New Companies

The Swiss Startup Factory is known around the world for the incredible services offered to new companies, and leader Mike Baur has provided his clients with quite a lot of help ensuring their businesses are strong as they open. Opening a new business is quite difficult in the modern market, and Mike offers every customer guidance they cannot get elsewhere. This article explains how Mike Baur leads the Swiss Startup Factory to higher heights.


#1: What Does The Swiss Startup Factory Do?


The Swiss Startup Factory is a place where new businesses come for funding and aid with their construction. Building a business is difficult, and there are quite a lot of companies who simply cannot grow if they do not have funding. Mike helps each company find backing for their ideas, and he searches for backers who will appreciate the businesses he represents. He has many avenues for funding his clients, and clients need not do the work alone.


#2: Where Does Management Come Into Play?


Mike believes management of a business is as important as its mission and products. He helps every new client create a management structure, board of directors and rules for controlling the business. Management principles are quite important as a business cannot succeed without them, and Mike understands how businesses sink without proper governance.


#3: Does Mike Stay Involved?


Mike is a lovely man who remains involved with his clients as they become successful, but he does not place himself in the middle of the action. He prefers to stand back as his clients find success, and he shares information with his clients as needed. He understands his clients will perform well when they are given free reign to run their businesses with accurate information.


#4: Who Comes To The Swiss Startup Factory?


Clients at the company are lovely innovators who have ideas that need help to grow. They wish to build a brand that will help bring the world into better balance, and they want their customers to have easier lives. They may not be business wizards, but they have resources to call on when they call Mike at the Swiss Startup Factory.


The company has built up new brands every year that go on to become powerful businesses. They use their funding from Mike Baur and his staff to make their dreams come true, and they may return when new funding is required.

Enjoy Incredible and Priceless Classroom Moments with ClassDojo

Recently, ClassDojo, a free application, completed their series B round fund raising, by managing to collect $21 million aimed at assisting the app grow and expand. This app does not charge educators, students and parents for all the communication features it offers. Interestingly, it enables them maintain consistent communication about student’s social and behavioral development as well as activities at school. The constant communication between parents and teachers has assisted make teacher-parent conferences less surprising and easier. According to Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, the round funding will be used to hire more professional team members as well as identify crucial features that parents can use at the comfort of their homes. ClassDojo aims at giving parent the empowerment to easily participate in their children’s education.

Amazing Features of the App

This great application enables teachers to create favorable schedules for students and also allows student send both videos and photos of their class moments to parents. The growth of ClassDojo is aligned to more of an interesting social media account by the co founders. In 2011, they did a survey to identify areas that needed improvement in order to ensure teachers and student’s daily activities run smoothly. ClassDojo has become so popular since it is currently being used nationwide in about 2 out of 3 schools. Co-founders of this great app are not profit oriented. They look forward to creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools as well as ensuring communication between teachers and parents is simplified. All information about students is well secured by ClassDojo since privacy is one of their major concerns. According to ClassDojo co-founders, this app focuses on creating a community with great success.


ClassDojo is an amazing communication platform that is available through android devices, apple and web site. It is designed on grounds of simplicity and so generating codes for students is an easy task on this application. Parents and students are provided a pre-made template letter to assist those sign up on ClassDojo. The popular Class Story and Popular Story allows teachers and students share priceless and incredible class moments. ClassDojo aims at grounding up change within the education sector.

To learn more about ClassDojo, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ClassDojo.

IAP Worldwide Services: A Global Leader In Technical And Emergency Services

When governments, corporations, humanitarian organizations or the military need help with advanced technical and professional services, facilities management or global-scale logistics quickly, IAP Worldwide is one of the first companies they call. IAP Worldwide Services is an international leader when it comes to emergency response, power services, health and emergency services, facilities operations, engineering and maintenance and more. They have the trained staff, cutting-edge equipment and experience to venture into the toughest environments and deliver the most complex services.

The experienced professionals at IAP Worldwide are known across the U.S. and internationally for their ability to excel at providing air fields, power fields, communication technology and a host of other expeditionary infrastructure services. They know how to set up and maintain supply chains, network communications, utility services and create custom-engineered infrastructure. When you need aviation support services, facilities engineering, permanent or temporary power plants construction, management and maintenance done right, contact IAP Worldwide. They have a track record of excellence.

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Private and public healthcare institutions in Europe, the Middle East and the U.S. depend on IAP for solutions to their scientific, administrative, health, management and maintenance problems. IAP Worldwide Services also has a great deal of expertise with renewable energy services. The thousands of talented men and women working on projects all over the world in adverse conditions are the backbone of the company. However the visionary leadership of key executives like CEO Douglas L. Kitani, Peter S. Gleave, CFO Terrence L. DeRosa, Rick Nohmer and Robert Hargis continues to play a very important part.

Founded in Cape Canaveral, Florida in 1990, the company originally was called International American Products. In March 2005 the name was changed to IAP Worldwide Services. IAP was actually a combination of a number of companies. Together have created a company which can do almost anything, almost anywhere, at a moment’s notice. IAP Worldwide recently won two major contracts. One is a $61 million plus federal contract to handle logistics for the U.S. Naval Air Systems Command. The other is a $53 million contract to provide support for the U.S. Army’s Distributed Common Ground System with training, fielding and integrated logistics.

IAP Worldwide Services was also one of four companies awarded a Global Contingency Support Multiple Award Contract II. It’s an indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract for the Naval Facilities Engineering Command that’s valued at up to $900 million. These contracts reflect the respect the military has for IAP Worldwide.

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Accountability Is Part Of Business

The Atlanta Hawks of the National Basketball Association went through a tremendous period of emotional unrest during a short span of time. The team was in transition from one ownership group to the next. There were also internal workings that needed to be situated between the team’s current executive body and it’s former general manager. The Danny Ferry case placed a strain on the Hawks current owning body. Bruce Levenson was the controlling partner of Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC. It was up to Bruce to negotiate the sale of the team and also navigate the situation that brewed with Danny Ferry’s claim of wrongful termination. Levenson eventually settled with Ferry. However, he would take on a fight with another organization.

Bruce Levenson is suing the insurance company AIG. The claims of wrongful termination made by the team’s former general manager triggered coverage clauses within the policy according to Levenson. The ownership group expected to be covered for legal fees that were accrued doing the process.

AIG never took part in the legal proceedings involving Danny Ferry. The company refused to acknowledge that the policy was triggered due to legal actions conducted by the current ownership group or the defending party.

The sale of the team was eventually approved to an ownership group led by Forbes billionaire Tony Ressler. Ressler and his partners are not implicated in any aspect of the lawsuit between UCG founder Bruce Levenson and AIG. The Atlanta Hawks have been able to move forward without any legal complications involving the previous owners or management.

Danny Ferry is also no longer involved with any legal proceedings regarding the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment ownership group. He reached a contract buy out of 18 million dollars.

AIG maintains its position and has made no public comment in relation to it’s legal complications with Bruce Levenson.

Some of Sam Tabar’s Biggest Accomplishments

Sam Tabar has a solid background in corporate law, with a highly accomplished career in the finance world. Mr. Tabar has been able to successfully manage hedge funds in addition to his current successes in the legal field. His career has also spanned across the globe, including stints in Hong Kong with PMA Investment Advisors. He was also head of Asia and Pacific capital as an attorney for Schulte, Roth, and Zabel. His experience and diverse background means that many people have a lot to gain from all of the knowledge which he has acquired across his many years of working with investments and hedge funds.

He is also involved in a major startup hedge fund called THINX which is making investments in women in Asia and Africa. THINX is an investment in the feminine hygiene business which aims to empower women whom have access to very few resources. He has also been involved in the management of many different independent funds.

Sam Tabar was also recently named to a position where he is now the head of Full Cycle Energy Fund. This is a major part of the career which he has had in the fund management industry. His infrastructure fund has also been able to invest in the conversion of waste products to energy. These waste to energy power products are designed to help address the issue of climate change. Furthermore, clean and compact design of the waste conversion plants means that demand is invested into the low carbon energy production systems.

Sam Tabar has built a very distinguished career in the legal field. He has done so through a great mix of experience and work with institutional investors. With targeted investments in institutional investors, he has been able to successfully navigate the landscape that is the legal and institutional investment industry. The most important distinguishing mark is that the processes are designed around developing waste-to-energy projects.